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How to avoid being called a Jew-hater

How to avoid being called a Jew-hater

Lots of people want to argue with me about my Pallywood posts. That’s fine. Not a single one of them knows anything about munitions. Their arguments are, “You’re lying!” “That’s rubbish!” “You’re a paid Israeli agent!” and “You’re a Jew!” The same people insist that they’re not antisemitic. You know how to avoid being called a Jew-hater? Don’t write or posts things that indicate your hatred of Jews.

Today two different Jew-haters battled me on Twitter. Both are British or Irish. I went to one’s timeline, and his entire Twitter presence is devoted to attacking Israel. Nobody is as monomaniacal about Israel as British and Irish Jew-haters.

I’ll call the second, stupider Jew-hater “Kevin.” He vehemently denied hating Jews. The reason I told him he’d dropped his mask to expose the Jew-hate beneath was that initially he assumed that I’m Israeli, then Jewish, and then he said I belonged to JIDF. I had to look it up.

It stands for the Jewish Internet Defense Force. To assume that I defend Israel because I’m part an organized movement says everything about Kevin and nothing about me. Kevin the crowd-following non-Jew-hater has stuff like this on his Twitter timeline.


The photo on the left is fake. It’s a poorly made composite of a soldier, the woman and child, and the background. This image doesn’t exist anywhere except in this retarded meme.

Despite his monomania, Kevin has no factual knowledge about Israel, the Israeli Defense Forces, Gaza, or Operation Protective Edge. Kevin said that the IDF uses human shields. It doesn’t; someone told Kevin that, so he’s repeating it, but what he’s actually talking about is the Neighbor Procedure, also called the Early Warning Procedure. The IDF used to get an adult neighbor to try and talk a suspect into surrendering; Israeli “human rights” organizations said that Palestinians were coerced into doing this because they were terrified of Israeli soldiers.

To which I say this.


An IDF soldier e-mailed me about his time in the West Bank. He said Palestinians are “fearless and homicidal,” and God help everyone when there’s a camera around. Cameras make Palestinians behave like they’re on PCP.

I asked Kevin ten times to describe the Neighbor Procedure. He couldn’t. Instead, he simply parroted the charge that it’s the use of human shields.

Israeli “human rights” groups are as corrupt and dishonest as all the others. The Neighbor Procedure was clearly not the use of human shields, but it’s moot because the Israeli Supreme Court put a temporary injunction on it in 2002, after a suspected terrorist shot and killed the neighbor coming to talk to him. In 2005 the court banned the procedure altogether.

Kevin the non-Jew-hater denied that Hamas uses human shields. Tell that to this kid.


I’m sure he’ll be glad to know. If he’s still alive.

On Kevin’s timeline I also found these photos.





Anyone with an even slightly functional brain would know immediately what’s happening here. Why would they take off his clothes? The man dressed in the BOMB DISPOSAL SUIT is the giveaway.


Sure enough, the soldiers and cops intercepted twenty-three-year-old Mahmoud Sahah, a suicide bomber of the Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade, on March 8, 2002. The cops said they killed him because he was rubbing his bomb belt against the ground, trying to detonate it. I don’t care what Palestinian witnesses say. The Palestinians swore on a stack of Korans that the Israelis committed a massacre in Jenin on April 3, 2002.

There was no massacre. In addition, Israeli force was not indiscriminate. The Palestinians, “human rights” organizations, and the press lied.

This is what’s known as the “Durban Strategy,” and most of the world is part of it.

The Durban speeches and resolutions largely ignored the issues for which this conference was ostensibly called, focusing instead on branding Israeli anti-terror responses as “war crimes” and “violations of international law.” The Israeli government was unprepared. The defeat was huge, as were the consequences.

The Durban conference crystallized the strategy of delegitimizing Israel as “an apartheid regime” through international isolation based on the South African model. This plan is driven by UN-based groups as well as non-governmental organizations (NGOs) which exploit the funds, slogans and rhetoric of the human rights movement.

That’s the reason I ignore all accusations against Israel. They’re made by evil, Jew-hating slime.

People tell me I’m uncritical of Israel. Not true. In my opinion Israel is far too lenient with terrorists. This is how the cops in Dagestan arrest suspected terrorists.

Okay, there’s a middle ground between the Israeli and Dagestani approaches.

Kevin the non-Jew-hater also had this on his timeline.


I might be insane, but isn’t a Nordic knight the traditional symbol of white supremacy? And a message from former Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan David Duke? Might that indicate a tad bit of Jew-hate?

The master race. Supremacy positively hurls itself out at you.


Masterful taste in art too.

At some point Kevin the non-Jew-Hater linked me to a piece of what has to be satire.

Israeli soldiers use a Palestinian man as a human shield to plant an automatic shooting machine in a besieged house, in contravention to the Fourth Geneva Convention, during a military operation in the West Bank city of Bethlehem, 3 November 2006.

An “automatic shooting machine”? Is that like an “infernal device”? Whoever wrote that is a time traveler from a different century. And it’s revealing that photo is as small as possible. Here’s an enlargement.


If you’re going to use a guy as a human shield, shouldn’t you stand behind him? Also, the green arrow marks an electrical cord caught up in the rubble. This is what I mean about the Israelis being too lenient. In the middle of a counterterrorism operation, this man begged them to let him get some prized electronic device from his house, and the IDF sighed and said, “Oh, for— Yes. Fine. Just be quick, please. We’re having a gun battle with your cousin.”

There’s no such thing as an Israeli automatic shooting machine. The IDF has remotely controlled machine guns.


But humans operate them, and they’re guns, not boxes.

While looking for that image, I found more evidence of the rampant moronism that defines the anti-Israel movement.


That’s not a gun, you idiots. The “barrel” is bent, and it has no ammunition can. It’s obviously a flamethrower.

KIDDING! I don’t know what it is, but since it was put up by the IDF, that means it’s humane, ingenious, and necessary.

After telling me his fantasy of how Israel had been “caught lying about why it bombed hospitals,” Kevin the non-Jew-hater and non-white-supremacist left me with this.


To which I replied.


You stand with David Duke, Kevin. I’m with this guy.


Message to Jew-haters: Not worried.

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