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Another reason you should never trust B’Tselem

Another reason you should never trust B’Tselem

B’Tselem is the “Israeli Information Center for Human Rights in the Occupied Territories,” as they call themselves in English. The organization a propaganda arm of the Palestinians. You should never trust them. Every single case they’ve used to beat Israel over the head is fraudulent. Their report of thirty-five people being killed in a four-story building is just another lie.

Here’s the utterly nonfactual press release B’Tselem issued: “Preliminary investigation: Apparently without warning, four-story building bombed while its residents were home, killing 35 and injuring 27. Most lethal strike on a single residential building in Gaza in many years, and probably ever.”

According to information received by B’Tselem, at approximately 7:30 A.M on the morning of 29 July 2014, the Israeli Air Force bombed a four-story apartment building in downtown Khan Yunis. The building collapsed, burying its occupants. Thirty-five people were killed and 27 injured (see below for the names of the fatalities).

The building was owned by a man by the name of Karem a-Dali and it was rented out to five families, totaling roughly 50 individuals. At the time of the airstrike a few of the families were hosting relatives who had fled homes located in areas considered more dangerous. To the best of B’Tselem’s knowledge, no advance warning was given before the building was bombed. The building was completely demolished and nearby homes were badly damaged. Rescue teams worked up to the morning of 30 July 2014. They retrieved the bodies of 35 people and extricated 27 people who had been injured, including some seriously injured.

This is how the building looked after the Israelis bombed it, according to B’Tselem.

Nope. That’s how the building looked after the Palestinians finished doctoring the scene. I knew that immediately, because the Israeli Air Force doesn’t have bombs that turn buildings into piles of rubble and move them across the street. The location of the house before it was destroyed is in the background, where you can see the smaller pile of rubble.

Here’s what the building looked like after it collapsed.

You can tell it’s the same place because of the wall and the orange-and-tan building in the background. Here’s a much larger view that shows the firetruck and wall from the photo above.

All those people are standing on the roof. Finally, here’s an image from an Arabic-language Website that shows how the front of the building appeared.

B’Tselem’s photo of the building is a lie. The Palestinians bulldozed the place. Why? To hide evidence, and to again pin an nonexistent “war crime” on Israel.

There are so many lies that it’s hard to sort them out. Bear with me.

1. No warning was given.

Actually, the IDF warned residents of Khan Younis to leave the city center.

Leaflets were dropped and phone calls were made.

2. The house was bombed at 7:30 a.m.

One of the people allegedly killed in the building was Wadah Abu ‘Amer, a senior leader of the Marxist Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (DFLP). For some reason people hesitate to call it a terrorist organization.


Whatever. I’m tired of those who insist on living in a fantasy world.

The DFLP disagrees with B’Tselem over when Wadah Abu ‘Amer died.

If anyone should know when he left this mortal coil, it would be the guy’s terrorist organization.

3. There were over fifty people in the house at the same time, and thirty-five were killed.

No. An Arabic-language Website tells the real story.

On Wednesday ambulance crews recovered the bodies of six martyrs from under the rubble of a house of the Abu ‘Amer family, in the area of Khan Yunis, which was subjected to Israeli shelling.

And transferred to the Nassar Hospital in Khan Younis were the bodies of the martyrs who are the owner, Ahmad Suleiman Abu ‘Amer, and his wife, Mona Haggag Abu ‘Amer, and their four children: Marh and Marwa and Yasser and Mohammed.

This crime against Abu ‘Amer and his family comes one day after the killing of his brother, Wadah Abu ‘Amer, his wife, and five of their children, in addition to two other relatives.

According to B’Tselem, Wadah Abu ‘Amer and his brother Ahmad Abu ‘Amer were both killed on Wednesday, July 29, 2014, in the same house. However, the above report says that Wadah Abu ‘Amer was killed July 28, 2014, in a different location. I believe that this is true, because there are absolutely no photos of a funeral for the thirty-five members of the Abu ‘Amer, Breikeh, a-Najar, and Mu’ammar families. The B’Tselem press release is dated August 1; therefore, the fiction of all thirty-five being killed at once was thought up on July 31.

B’Tselem put out a graphic that may explain what’s going on.

The big structure in the lower right corner represents the thirty-five who definitely didn’t die in one house. In the top left is the Abu Zeid family, followed by the Dheir family.

Here’s the funeral held in Khan Younis for the Abu Zeid and Dheir family members killed.

The bodies in the foreground are covered with the flag of Palestinian Islamic Jihad, while there’s a yellow Fatah flag on a corpse to the left.

My gut tells me that the lies about the Abu ‘Amer family deaths and the deaths of these other terrorists are connected. Note that in the Arabic-language article excerpted above, they say that Ahmad Abu ‘Amer owned the building that was destroyed. B’Tselem, on the other hand, says that someone named Karem a-Dali owned it. That’s almost certainly false.

4. Did the Israelis bomb the building?

I don’t know. The DFLP says that the Israeli Air Force bombed the terrorist organization’s headquarters on July 28 and then killed Wadah Abu ‘Amer on July 29. But the DFLP is certifiably insane. In the same interview, the DFLP claims that it destroyed an Israeli tank. The IDF lost no tanks in Operation Protective Edge. And then there’s this.

Like a child, he made up all those figures. Haaretz published no such article. The real number of combat fatalities for the Operation Protective Edge is sixty-six, and three soldiers committed suicide after the war.

The Israelis may have dropped an inert cement bomb that set off a weapons cache. There’s a round hole in the roof of the building.

But when I was searching for information, I came across a photo of a hole in the street in front of the demolished building.

That was not caused by an Israeli munition. Even more interesting, the photo has been removed from the page. All that’s left is that cached image.

B’Tselem, the DFLP, and other Palestinian sources say that Wadah Abu ‘Amer was killed on July 29, 2014. His organization announced that he was killed in the evening. But when they brought him to the hospital that night, he already had rigor mortis, and he had livor mortis or lividity in his face and arm.

He’d been dead for hours, lying on his stomach.

One of the deceased children they claim to have recovered on July 29 also had rigor mortis.

The green arrow marks a ruler-straight arm.

However, look at the child supposedly brought from the bombed house, before the Palestinians bulldozed everything.

She doesn’t have rigor mortis, which probably means that she died much later than the people pictured above.

If you drop a bomb on a house used as a weapons depot, this is what happens.

The intact building.

The bomb impact.

The roof breaking into big slabs.

The secondary explosions (red arrows) and the main force of the blast wave (green arrow) on the ground.

Don’t ask me how the Israelis managed to direct most of the horizontal pressure toward the one area where there were no dwellings. I’ve given up trying to figure out IDF capabilities.

But this building looks like it collapsed pretty much the way the weapons depot did in the video.

We all have eyes. B’Tselem said that nearby homes were badly damaged. That’s a lie.

Though I don’t know what happened, I’m sure that this building was not rented out to five families, and I know that thirty-five people were not killed in it. My bet is that Wadah Abu ‘Amer and his family were killed earlier; Hamas and the DFLP don’t get along. Then either the IDF bombed the second structure—owned by Wadah’s brother Ahmad Abu ‘Amer—or it was hit by a Hamas rocket. Accidentally or deliberately.

Since that building was a weapons depot, it blew up and collapsed. I don’t think there was anybody in it at the time, because this is the “rescue operation.” Look how frantically the Palestinians are working to save lives.

Just like in Operation Four Little Martyrs, Hamas provided corpses from the ranks their rivals, and the deranged, sanctimonious, destructive clowns of B’Tselem produced another report that has no bearing on reality.


I’m not the only one who doesn’t trust B’Tselem.

NGO Monitor has written a stinging critique of the report titled “Emotion not law: A critical reading of B’Tselem’s Black Flag report,”commenting:

B’Tselem’s claims regarding international law are marked by major omissions and distortions. It notably fails to state that under the laws of war, the presence of civilians does not render military objectives immune from attack. B’Tselem also does not explain why targeting Hamas fighters or Hamas command centers did not ‘effectively assist military efforts’ or ‘provide a military advantage’ to Israel. NGO Monitor notes that, as in the past, this publication fails to present definitive evidence that would justify the allegations.

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