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A death richly deserved

A death richly deserved

Amedy Coulibaly was the terrorist who took hostages at a Hyper Cacher (“Super Kosher”) supermarket in Porte de Vincennes on January 9, 2015. Coulibaly was a career criminal, a Muslim convert, and a first-class buffoon who had no idea what he was doing. He richly deserved what happened to him.


First, a note to the idiots contacting me on social media. Do you know how condescending it is for you to point out that several Muslims acted heroically during the two-day bloodbath in France? I’m not surprised by Muslim heroism. Unlike you, I view Muslims as human beings no different from me. I’m not head over heels because a Muslim saved people in the Hyper Cacher, and Muslims serve in France’s police forces. You don’t need to tell me, “Muslims are people too!” I know that. Apparently you don’t.

An especially moronic Twitter user asked me if I thought “all Muslims are bad.” I don’t think in such childish terms. In response I told him that I support the Sunni Muslim Kurds and Shi’ite Muslim Azerbaijanis 100 percent.

“What about all other peaceful Muslims?” he asked.

He thinks the Kurds are peaceful! The Kurds are WARRIORS, which is precisely why I support them. They’re killing vast numbers of terrorists as we speak. I like the Kurdish warrior ethos. What we need right now is killers, not vacuous peaceniks.


Social media can be such a waste of time.

Back to the the dead loser Amedy Coulibaly. On January 8, 2015, Coulibaly murdered municipal police officer Clarissa Jean-Philippe, age twenty-seven, when he found her investigating a car accident in the Paris suburb of Montrouge.


Wearing body armor, Coulibaly shot her in the head with an assault rifle. The unarmed officer died immediately. Coulibaly fled, leaving behind a piece of cloth with his DNA on it, which allowed the police to identify him within two hours. As a career criminal, his worthless DNA was on file.

So much for the “highly trained professional” meme.

On January 9, 2014, Coulibaly took over the Hyper Cacher in Porte de Vincennes. According to Turkish intelligence, his common-law wife Hayat Boumeddiene had fled to Syria on January 2.


Coulibaly was armed with two AK-47 assault rifles, a pistol, a dagger, and a large bag of explosives, and he wore body armor. He immediately killed four men, one of whom managed to take one of Coulibaly’s rifles but was unable to fire it.

The four dead are Yohan Cohen, twenty-two; Yoav Hattab, twenty-one; Philippe Braham, in his forties; and François-Michel Saada, in his sixties.

Two employees escaped and told the police how heavily armed Coulibaly was. This is important. Remember that. It shows you the difference between courageous professional warriors and infantile monstrosities who murder the defenseless and style themselves “soldiers.”

Coulibaly tried to boobytrap the entrance to the store but couldn’t figure how to do it. He called BFM TV and claimed that he’d been sent by the Islamic State to defend Muslims, especially Palestinians, and that he chose the Hyper Cacher because he was targeting Jews.

It’s well known that jihadists dose themselves with adrenaline, methamphetamine, and MDMA (ecstasy or Molly) before carrying out their atrocities. French radio station RTL recorded Coulibaly raving incoherently after he failed to properly hang up the telephone.

I think of those who had to put up with Bashar al-Assad in Syria. He tortured people. Nobody did anything for years. Then bombers, coalition of 50,000 countries and all that. Why are they doing that? There was northern Mali and Syria. They have to stop attacking the Islamic State and stop forcing us to unveil women and stop putting my brothers in prison for nothing.

Unfortunately for Coulibaly, the French sent the Recherche Assistance Intervention Dissuasion (RAID) to save the hostages in the Hyper Cacher. This is the National Police special-operations unit. It’s organized into ten-man assault teams. They’re armed with the Manurhin MR 73 .357 magnum revolver and extremely short Heckler and Koch machine pistols for close-quarter combat.


The video of the assault on the Hyper Cacher is extraordinary. It shows the superhuman skill of the RAID officers, as well as their courage. They knew that Coulibaly was armed with two high-powered assault rifles and explosives, but they chose their revolvers and short-range machine pistols in order to spare the hostages. In doing so they put themselves at great risk so that others could live. Their only protection was body armor, ballistic helmets, and shields.

With the keys given to them by the supermarket employee, they opened the front door, and Coulibaly began firing. Although he said he wanted to be martyred, he obviously had second thoughts, because after the police threw a flash-bang grenade, he tried to race past them.

It didn’t work out the way he’d planned. I recommend you watch this on full screen.

A lone officer runs into the market to flank Coulibaly.


He comes under heavy fire from two assault rifles, but he doesn’t stop.

Although Coulibaly begins shooting wildly through the window, the cops don’t even take cover.


Several officers were hit. However, they stood their ground to save the people in the store.

Coulibaly appears. The cops unload on him with their revolvers and machine pistols.


Then the officers toss a flash-bang or stun grenade into the market.


Despite his previous boasting, Coulibaly’s had enough. He makes a break for it.


And here we see the nearly incomprehensible skill of the RAID officers. As Coulibaly leaps between the two groups, each fires, hitting only the terrorist.


Some idiot on Twitter who claimed to be ex-special forces said that this video would make all terrorists in France breathe a sign of relief because it shows how incompetent the RAID officers are.

Okay, loudmouth. Let’s see you and one of your boozed-up buddies stand about fifteen feet (4.6 meters) apart and fire toward each other at a moving target going between you. The marksmanship required in this scenario is almost beyond belief. The RAID officers could’ve easily created a suicidal crossfire, but they didn’t because they train and train and train.

After Coulibaly goes down, he shows his displeasure by kicking his little feet as the cops fire into his head and face over and over.


The pistols have small lights attached to them to show the officers where their rounds are hitting.


After they drag Coulibaly’s carcass away, we can see that he was shot in the head so many times that his face has become a bloated carnival mask. I think this proves that he’d drugged himself. It took at least a dozen bullets to the noggin to make him be still.


He doesn’t have a single wound in his legs. The RAID officers concentrated their fire on his hands, arms, shoulders, and head. They disabled him, and then they killed him.

Strange that someone who murdered five defenseless people and called himself a holy warrior would try to run away when confronted by men who could fight back.

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