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The difference between Kurds and the Islamic State

The difference between Kurds and the Islamic State

Actually there are lots and lots of differences between Kurds and the Islamic State. An example is how the Kurds put their lives on the line for people they don’t even like, the Yazidis. It’s one thing to risk everything for those you love, but to rescue people who you traditionally disdain? That’s the definition of character. Most groups have problems with some other group. But how often do people put aside their feelings and do the right thing out of a sense of morality?

The main difference between the Kurds and the Islamic State (IS) is that the Kurds can fight like demons. They’re a warrior culture. Watch this video of Kurdish Peshmerga destroying several IS armored vehicles near Mosul, Iraq, using MILAN antitank guided missiles (ATGMs) and automatic cannons.

The red flashes you see are cannon rounds called “tracers.” They have a pyrotechnic charge in the base that allows the gunner to see where they go. Whomever was shooting at the IS vehicles and fleeing crewmen was almost certainly firing from behind an earthen berm, so it was indirect fire. He or she had to fire upward and arc the rounds down onto the target.

Don’t feel bad for the IS terrorists. They’re still beheading, torturing, raping, destroying, and stealing. German journalist Jurgen Todenhofer embedded with IS fighters for ten days, and they told him that they plan on murdering hundreds of millions in a “religious cleansing.”

They were enthusiastic about it, and I just cannot understand that,” said Todenhofer

He warned that the Islamic State “is much stronger than we think,” and that their recruiting has brought motivated jihadis from across the globe. “Each day, hundreds of new enthusiastic fighters are arriving,” explained Todenhofer. “There is an incredible enthusiasm that I have never seen in any other war zones I have been to.”

What is it that Todenhofer can’t understand? Human history is chock full of attempts to “cleanse” through mass murder. The “cleaners” are ALWAYS enthusiastic.


Does Todenhofer think they’re all sad and heartbroken that they’ve been “forced” to murder, torture, and rape?

I have no doubt that highly motivated jihadists are flocking to join the IS. The problem for them is that they can’t fight. In the video above, they sent armored vehicles against emplaced enemies without infantry support. That’s called “suicide.”

The Kurds use homemade tanks that a bunch of idiots laughed at a while back.



What the laughing idiots didn’t know is that the Kurds aren’t idiots. The Kurds don’t think their tanks are invulnerable rolling fortresses. Instead, the Kurds protect their tanks with infantry and heavy machine guns and cannons mounted on trucks. The infantry go in first and kill anybody possessing weapons that can destroy tanks. To cover the advance of the infantry, the gun trucks and snipers armed with .50 caliber rifles stand by to pour fire on the enemy. After the tank killers are themselves dead, then the Kurds send in their armored vehicles to mop up the final pockets of resistance.

Here’s a Kurdish operation carried out the way I described. The video repeats itself at 5:35.

In contrast to the Kurdish tactics, IS thinks just being in armored vehicle is enough, so they go forward without any infantry support, and the end result is this, the aftermath of the first video above.


The IS fighters have no real training. They are indeed enthusiastic murderers, but they’re helpless when they come up against men and women with military skills.

They’re like the Paris terrorists. The IS is doing a mass Coulibaly Dive.


Child pornography was found on Coulibaly’s computer. Some people say that this was a way for the terrorists to communicate covertly.

Baloney. They lived in the same city. They could communicate by meeting in a coffee shop. The reason Coulibaly downloaded child pornography was because he liked it.

He was a delusional narcissist who called a TV station to boast that he was standing over the corpses of four defenseless people he’d just murdered, but when the French RAID emptied their guns into his hands and arms, he didn’t like it, so he tried to run. He ended up on the pavement, looking like a Goliath grouper.


Do you know the other name of the Goliath grouper?


So Amedy Coulibaly was shot so many times in the face that he checked out as a Jewfish, and his IS counterparts in Mosul departed as burnt hot dogs. That’s what happens when you mess with the wrong people.

Why don’t we call off the global jihad? It’ll never be successful. There are too many skilled fighters who will refuse to submit. Now that the Kurds are getting modern weaponry, it’s the beginning of the end. How can you take over the world when you don’t have a navy, an air force, satellites, or the ability to carry out an armored assault?

While the retrograde IS gets turned into hot dogs, the president of Egypt—Abdel Fattah al-Sisi—became the first Egyptian leader to congratulate Christians on their New Year. It took place at St. Mark’s Cathedral in Cairo.

An Israeli told me that he hopes President al-Sisi has a lot of protection. Well, note the extremely alert and lethal-looking bodyguard behind the president, and at 3:48 observe the massive security presence. Islamic law forbids wishing non-Muslims well on their religious holidays, but al-Sisi is a reformer.

Isn’t letting others live in peace better than being given a fish face or getting roasted to death?

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