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Jew-hating lunatic publishes book under my name

Jew-hating lunatic publishes book under my name

A Jew-hating lunatic named Arthur D. Royster, real name Peter Stahl, has published a Kindle book under my name. It’s titled The Bunche Report.


Stahl is so addled and stupid that he actually sent me the incontrovertible evidence that he’s the author of this defamatory and completely litigation-worthy opus.


Don’t worry: The address and phone number he included in an attempt to get me murdered are not correct. Stahl is looking at outdated records. However, here’s a message for anyone who locates me and decides to pay me a visit: If you do, I’ll shoot you in the face with my .357 magnum.


I’ll do to you what the French RAID did to Amedy Coulibaly.



I load my pistol with special cartridges called “Critical Defense.”


They’re hollow points with a polymer cap that makes them far more destructive.

If I have to shoot someone, I want to make sure they’re dead. I won’t give you a warning; if you show up at my house or my brother’s house, I’m going to kill you. Fair enough?

What I’d appreciate is Arthur Royster-Peter Stahl’s contact information. I’ve been told that he’s over eighty and a pauper, so I’m not intending to sue. If anything happens to me, my brother Tim will need to know who to go after. When he’s done with Arthur Royster, he’ll fix Prosper Keating’s wagon. If you can send me his contact information too, I’ll be grateful.

So: Stay away, all crazies. Do you have any idea how easy it would be for me to shoot you? I don’t see you as human. Removing you from this plane of existence would give me no twinge whatsoever. I don’t care why you are the way you are. All I care about is you disrupting my life. My new rule is that anyone who messes with me physically must immediately die. There will no discussion, no escalation. I believe in massively disproportionate and preemptive action.

Here’s Arthur D. Royster’s moronic Website.

He cares about only three things: Nazism, Jews, and homosexuality.


He’s a perfect example of the Jew-hater. Depraved, fraudulent, and vindictive to the point of insanity. Think how sick you have to be to publish books under another person’s name. I’ve been living in his head twenty-four hours a day without even knowing it.

Though I’ve contacted Amazon and told them to take down the book, you can help me out by letting everyone know that The Bunche Report was written by Arthur D. Royster, real name Peter Stahl, a deranged Jew-hater and convicted felon who masquerades as a militaria dealer.

My sojourn over the past seven months has made me feel closer to Jews than ever. Like you I’m now targeted daily. I don’t write about it, but a lot goes on behind the scenes.

One way we differ, my Jewish brothers and sisters, is that I’m my father’s son. He was a man who never hesitated to use incredible violence if he felt the situation called for it.


Due to the constant harassment by Jew-haters, I’ve decided that the situation now calls for incredible violence on my part. If you approach me, you’ll die. It’s that simple. Blame yourselves for my reaction to you.

Arthur-Peter, you think you’ve cornered the market on hate? You have no idea.

But you just might find out.

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