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Jew-hating criminal Peter Stahl

Jew-hating criminal Peter Stahl

Peter Stahl is just another of the many con artists I’ve encountered in my life. He goes by the name Arthur D. Royster, a purported dealer in Nazi memorabilia, but he’s a fraud.

Yesterday I learned that Stahl had put my name on a new foreword to a book he titled The Bunche Report; the actual document is called A Summary of Zionist Terrorism in the Near East—1944-1948.

Here’s the foreword Stahl stupidly sent after he added it to his book, attributed to me.


I immediately contacted KDP Select, Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing. Today, when you click the link to Stahl’s book, here’s what you get.


They took down the The Bunche Report in less than twelve hours. That’s amazing.

Stahl publishes his books through Basilisk Press.

The site hasn’t been updated since 2013. Also, this is a lie.


Basilisk Press is Peter Stahl, who never served in the CIA. When acting as “publisher” of Basilisk, he goes by the name of Gregory Douglas.


The domain name is registered under the name of someone Stahl said was going to teach me a lesson. I won’t mention this person unless he starts harassing me too.

Another of Stahl’s rinky-dink ventures is TBR News. Here’s the “letterhead.”


Compare it to this.


Stahl is arrogant, so he underestimates his targets. He’s done extremely well at keeping his face out of the public eye, but he also bragged incessantly to me in his taunting e-mails about how popular he is in Russia. Therefore I translated “Gregory Douglas” into Russian: Грегори Дуглас. Then I did a Google Images search.

Behold Peter Stahl, in a screen grab from a Russian documentary.


According to his Website, Basilisk was started by three former CIA agents, but his self-penned description of the “publishing house” says “Douglas” is the sole founder. As Douglas, Stahl claimed that Robert Trumbull Crowley—former Assistant Deputy Director for Operations of the CIA—gave him the material for the book Regicide: The Official Assassination of John F. Kennedy. You can tell by the clumsy title that Peter Stahl wrote it, despite this blurb from Basilisk’s Website.


The stilted and ungrammatical prose is characteristic of Peter Stahl.


Professional con artists tend to be highly intelligent but undereducated. Stahl’s obsession with homosexuality dovetails into his scatological preoccupations. In every message he raves about homosexual acts and/or defecation. My guess is he had a prostatectomy and is incontinent. Also, Jew-hate is a spectrum disorder. Those who hate Jews tend to have giant, stinking carnivals going on in their heads.

Needless to say, Stahl’s book Regicide is another fraud.


Joseph Trento isn’t the only one who says that.

The most sensational part of the book is the last. These documents are supposed to be a record of actual meetings held by the conspirators from March to November of 1963. It was quite an extensive meeting. If one believes Douglas, the plot encompassed the CIA, FBI, Joint Chiefs of Staff, Lyndon Johnson, the American Mafia, Corsican hit men, and the Mossad. Talk about a grand conspiracy…

Besides the incredible thesis, there are other problems with this careless creation. For instance, Lyman Lemnitzer is listed as still being a member of the Joint Chiefs in April of 1963 (p. 92). He was not. Kennedy had replaced him with Maxwell Taylor several months before…

But there is more. The book says that “one of the assassins, the man who fired at Kennedy from nearly point blank range… ” (p. 100) Who can this possibly be referring to? With the present copies of the Zapruder film, it is obvious that no one fired at Kennedy from anywhere near point blank range… In another howler, Douglas has the Bay of Pigs invasion occurring in April of 1962! In the book’s index, the middle name of Allen Dulles is listed incorrectly as “Welch”, instead of “Welsh.”

I could go on and on. But the point is made. The book is almost certainly a fabrication.

In an interview as Gregory Douglas, Stahl makes the following imbecilic claim.

The Gestapo was not a Nazi organization. It was made up of professionals. For instance, when a complaint about a Jew was lodged, Gestapo internal memos indicate “an investigation is called for.” If the Gestapo was what propaganda says it was, then there would have been no investigation.

If a Jew was found guilty, of course, it was off to the camps. But if the accusation was found to be false, the accuser was arrested. All this is documented.

Peter Stahl is such a fraud that he’s rejected by Holocaust denier David Irving.


Stahl wrote to me as Arthur D. Royster. He took credit for publishing The Bunche Report, an admission that he’s Gregory Douglas. Since Stahl defamed me by writing a foreword to a Jew-hating book and signing my name to it, I have no problem repeating the information I’ve been sent about him. He can take me to court, and we’ll see who wins.

I’ve been told that Peter Stahl is a convicted felon who forged Rodin sculptures and has been involved in passport fraud and the counterfeiting of documents and currency. As Gregory Douglas, he wrote that he’s from a small town in Illinois, which matches the address and phone number I was sent. On the A.D. Royster Website, Stahl posts “Anatomy of a Fraud,” by Gregory Douglas. He pretends that it was written by someone else, but the interminable article showcases the turgid, stilted, pompous style of Peter Stahl.

There seems to be no question that it is relatively easy to make fake copies of original bronze works of art. Merchandising them, one can clearly see, calls for the cooperation of a willing expert. but in reading through the thick files of official documents, letters, notes, records of depositions and yellowing newspaper clippings, the reader is struck by what most certainly appears to be a pattern of very malicious manipulation of individuals and establishments.

“Anatomy of a Fraud” by Gregory Douglas appears nowhere in any periodical, despite the fact that Douglas is supposed to be an investigative reporter whose stellar work exposed the Rodin frauds.

People believe what they want to hear.

His lies as Peter Stahl had caught up with him, so he required a new name. Under the alias of Douglas Gregory he “sold” his story to R. James Bender Publishing and they published a series of books on the subject of Müller involvement with U.S. military intelligence. During this time the treasure hunters in Florida along with Douglas went to the Weissensee in southern Austria and searched for the buried Globocnik treasure. They did not uncover a single penny.

These are the known aliases Stahl has used:

Arthur D. Royster
Gregory Douglas
Samuel Prescott Bush
Freiherr von Mollendorf
Christopher Crowles
Bob Sonderby
Karl Kolchak
Walter Storch
Michael Hunt (Get it? Say “Mike Hunt” really fast.)
Peter Norton Birch
Peter Norwood Burch
Michael Suslov
Friederich Hasek
George S. MacAlister
Gregory Doulgas Alford

Stahl repeats himself endlessly. His favorite accusation is that someone was “thrown out of several schools for public drunkenness and molesting a student.” Like all Jew-haters, he’s fascinated by pedophilia. I believe that his rantings are compulsive confessions.

I spent all of last night researching Peter Stahl. As Arthur D. Royster, he’s an idiot who knows nothing about German militaria.


Those with even the most basic knowledge of Nazi militaria know that the Germans spray-painted their helmets in camouflage colors. This is one of the most famous photos from World War II; the Nazi soldier on the left wears a spray-painted helmet.


It’s incredible to me that anybody believed Stahl’s book Regicide. This excerpt of a conversation between “Gregory Douglas” and Robert Trumbull Crowley is hilariously idiotic.

GD: Well, if you want to off him, I’m not your man. I’ve truly done in a few in my life but I prefer the typewriter to the gun. I do have an Irish friend who is a hit man but only political. He worked for your people in Ireland. He led the team that did Mountbatten in ’79.

RTC: Oh, I know about that. They caught one man.

GD: The man who planted the bomb on the boat but not my friend. A very interesting story.

RTC: Are you planning to use it? He’s still alive I take it?

GD: Oh yes, and doing fine in the private sector.

There was no IRA “team” in the assassination of Lord Mountbatten on August 27, 1979. Thomas McMahon—one of the IRA’s best bomb-makers—placed an explosive on Mountbatten’s boat the night before. A gravedigger named Francis McGirl may have detonated the bomb by remote control, but he was acquitted due to lack of evidence. And why would the CIA assassinate Irish politicians? It’s too stupid for words.

A totally marginal figure, Stahl is confined to the weirdest corners of the Internet, such as the Libertarian Socialist News (LSN).

The document given to LSN as a background report on September 11 was produced by a convicted counterfeiter Peter Stahl, who is an informer for the federal government and currently living under the assumed name “Gregory Douglas” as part of a federal witness protection program.

According to information given to LSN today, the man who read the report to the Barnes Review conference has a lengthy arrest record including charges of fraud and counterfeiting currency. At various time he has used the aliases Peter Stahl, Samuel Prescot Bush, Freiherr Von Mollendorf, Peter Norton Birch and Peter Norwood Burch.

In the past, Douglas has attempted to sell forged German intelligence documents to historians David Irving and John Costello.

Now the 9/11 truthers find him not credible! But the Barnes Review—Holocaust deniers—doesn’t know that Gregory Douglas and Peter Stahl are the same feces-obsessed octogenarian.

Barnes Review

When Stahl gets excited, he loses control and becomes a kindergartener.


The final nail in Peter Stahl’s coffin comes from another Holocaust-denying organization.

Gestapo Chief: The 1948 Interrogation of Heinrich Müller by Gregory Douglas. San Jose, CA: R. James Bender, 1995. Hardcover. 283 pages. Bibliography, index, illustrations.

This book, and three others in the Gestapo Chief series, are based primarily on what the author claims are detailed revelations from Heinrich Müller, the Bavarian-born policeman who, from 1939 until 1945, was chief of the Gestapo, the Third Reich’s “Secret State Police” (Geheime Staatspolizei), a branch of the Reich Security Main Office (RSHA)…

Just what happened to “Gestapo” Müller has never been satisfactorily established. He was last seen in Berlin in April 1945, vanishing in the chaos and turmoil of the great battle for the German capital shortly before the end of the war in Europe. His corpse has never been found.

Half a century after the end of the war, an elusive American who sometimes calls himself “Gregory Douglas” emerged to present in Gestapo Chief what he claims is proof that in 1945 Müller escaped to Switzerland, where he was recruited by American intelligence. From December 1948 until 1952, “Douglas” contends, Müller lived in the Washington, DC, area, where he worked for U.S. military intelligence in the Truman administration, rising to the rank of U.S. Army brigadier general.

Perhaps [the first volume]’s most sensational “revelation” is that Hitler did not commit suicide on April 30, 1945, as those who were with him in the final days of the war later unanimously testified, but instead escaped to Spain. Müller insists that, with his help, Hitler and his mistress, Eva Braun, left Berlin on April 22, 1945, and flew from Austria on the 26th in a special four-motor aircraft that arrived the next day in Barcelona.

My view that the Gestapo Chief series is an elaborate hoax is based not only on an examination of the books themselves, but on lengthy telephone conversations with the author. From these talks, I can attest that “Gregory Douglas” is intelligent, loquacious, knowledgeable, and literate, but also amoral, evasive, and vindictive.

The man who crafted this series of books is a known fabricator of documents who has used a variety of names over the years, including Peter Stahl, Samuel Prescot Bush, and Freiherr Von Mollendorf. His real name, apparently, is Peter Norton Birch or Peter Norwood Burch.

Perhaps the most obviously suspect feature of the Gestapo Chief series is that the author will not permit any independent examination of his “original” documents.

During one telephone conversation, “Douglas” told me with some pride that his book would soon be coming out in German, and that the 1948 Müller interrogations were being translated into German. But how, I asked, was that possible, given that (as Gestapo Chief readers are told) these interrogations took place in German and the “original” transcripts are already in German. The normally suave and loquacious “Douglas” was at a loss for words.

What a moron. Your illegal little Bunche Report stunt backfired, Peter. I hope you live long enough to see IDF Chief of Staff Lieutenant-General Benny Gantz’s predictions come true. Which they will.

If a war breaks out, it will be long and difficult. It will require a strong home front, a hard fighting battlefront, and national unity, as we saw during Operation Protective Edge, and we will win… We will take Lebanon and knock it back 70 or 80 years, in all areas, and we’ll see how that plays out.

It’ll play out fine. The Peter Stahls of the world need another demonstration of the Jewish state’s unmatched military power. I say let’s see it.


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