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A convincing argument that they don’t hate Jews

A convincing argument that they don’t hate Jews

On July 13, 2014, I wrote a post titled “Everyday Berserkery,” about the sheer number of mental patients inhabiting the militaria-collecting community. It was one of the reasons I got out of it. To illustrate how demented, complicated, and feud-oriented it is, I mentioned some bizarre flap involving two guys named Prosper Keating and Arthur Royster (real name Peter Stahl). Well, today they’ve made a convincing argument to me that they don’t hate Jews.

Neither man is able to read, because here’s what I originally wrote.

All of this berserkery and Jew-hate is very familiar to me, even though I’m not a collector of militaria.

The obscure and meaningless flap involving Keating and Royster swirled with accusations of Jew-hate. That was my point: The milieu itself is poisoned with Jew-hate. Nowhere in the post did I accuse either Keating or Royster of hating Jews. Others did, but I didn’t.

This is Keating.


I said “I’d be surprised if Prosper didn’t look completely off his rocker,” but I was obviously wrong. Here’s what Mr. Keating wrote to me today, daring me to make it public.


Originally I wouldn’t have made it public because it’s too boring. Also, I never said that Keating was Arthur Royster. I said Keating’s comment appears on the discussion forum of A.D. Royster Militaria. I can’t explain how Keating took that to mean that I was saying he was Arthur Royster, but I’m sure Keating doesn’t know why he thought that either. My guess is that he’s usually drunk.

Arthur Royster made me decide to post Keating’s boring message. I’ll show you why in a moment.

Keating also wrote an interminable piece about my post. It’s boring-squared and paranoid, in that he thinks I’m trying to intimidate and discredit him. My post was about how I’m no longer involved in his creepy little world. What he does in it is a matter of complete indifference to me. He’s the reason I bailed. He did get one thing right.

The point Mr Wictor seems to be trying to make is that he gave up writing about military-related topics because his target market consisted of people who were berserk or deranged and he uses me as his example.

Keating posted two links on my Facebook timeline, drawing my attention to both his blog post and his demand that I make public his boring note to me.

Then Arthur Royster sent me a message explaining his position on my view that the militaria-collecting world is teeming with Jew-hate.


I slandered Keating’s wife? How? By pointing out that she’s married to Propser Keating? Will she sue me for making that dreadful accusation?

For whatever reason Keating and Royster then decided to include me in their private communications.



Think about this: Prosper Keating thinks Arthur Royster is helping him.

Again, this is why I fled that world. These two are representative. Keating thinks that a website NAMED AFTER ME is protecting my identity.

And no, I didn’t take or plagiarize anybody’s work. From my post “Everyday Berserkery.”

The [publishing] contract Lew and I signed gave us a year to finish the book. He didn’t write a single paragraph, but he went on two European vacations. After six months I knew what would happen, so I duped him into sending me copies of everything he had, which wasn’t much. After the deadline came and went, I cut off all contact with Lew and wrote the book myself.

My pretend co-author didn’t write a single paragraph. Therefore what, precisely, did I plagiarize? His thoughts? His fantasy of being a writer?

And what I did was trick him into sending me copies of the three primary sources he had: the history of the German flamethrower arm, the death book of the flamethrower regiment, and a chapter of a book on the German pioneer arm. Then I wrote German Flamethrower Pioneers of World War I. There was no plagiarism involved because you can’t purloin words that were never written.

After receiving the messages above, I wrote to Arthur Royster, thanking him for corroborating everything I’d said about the militaria-collecting world.

He replied.


I couldn’t find any reference to “Mr. Trotter” in the original post about the berserkery of the militaria-collecting world. “Mr. Trotter” sounds like a character from Mother Goose, doesn’t it?


So I wrote back to Arthur, “Who’s Mr. Totter?” This is Arthur’s actual reply.


Arthur and I had been having a conversation, apparently. He was providing all my dialogue. I have no idea what anything in the above message means. Arthur’s having mini-conversations within conversations. So I didn’t reply.

But Arthur wasn’t done!


Another thing to sit down and think about: Arthur Royster was a clinical psychologist. Yes, it’s entirely possible. A huge percentage of those in the mental-health field enter it to find out what’s wrong with themselves.

As I was writing this, another message from Arthur Royster came in.


The late psychologist David Viscott said that the sicker people become, the more generic they become. Jew-hate is particularly homogenizing. Those who hate Jews all say the same things, and they all have the same obsessions: pedophilia; homosexuality; mental illness; killing Jews with nuclear, biological, or chemical weapons; and the infantile faith that someday, someone will destroy Israel.

Although I don’t belong to the militaria-collecting world anymore, I still study military matters daily. Jew-haters have yet to accept that the Israeli Defense Forces have entered completely uncharted waters. The IDF are now literally invincible. Their skill is unmatched.

The Mexican army of the nineteenth century had a bugle call named “El Degüello.” It signaled that no quarter would be given. No prisoners would be taken. It’s also known as the “throat-slitting call.”

Israel’s enemies know that if the IDF ever plays “El Degüello,” it’ll mean the end of life in the Middle East as they know it. As an Israeli told me, “If Israel gets afraid, the world should be afraid.”

I know it’s hard for Israelis and Jews to remain positive. But this is what you always have to keep in mind.

1. The IDF keeps 90 percent of its capabilities in reserve. Israel can’t be destroyed.

2. The people who hate you are all like Arthur Royster, frenzied centrifuges of pathologies and repressed lusts. Arthur can’t even manage a coherent e-mail exchange. ALL the people plotting against you are of his caliber. ALL of them.

3. Jew-hate has run into a wall. The BDS movement is a flop, and nobody pressured Israel to stop Operation Protective Edge despite the unprecedented dishonesty of the press and the social-media Festival of Dead Children.

Prosper Figaro Keating (I forgot his name) and Arthur Royster told me that they’d spread my horrible slander far and wide in the militaria community. That’s like telling me they’re going to badmouth me in Burundi.

Both are also threatening legal action. Since I never called either of them Jew-haters, I don’t know what kind of case they’d have. I said Prosper looks nuts; here’s his Facebook photo.


We live in an era in which people expect to behave however they want, and nobody’s ever supposed to express an opinion on it. This comes from terminal narcissism.

Far worse things than “he looks completely off his rocker” have been written about me. So what? I don’t care.

Put on your big-boy pants, Prosper and Arthur. Learn to live with the fallout from your choices. You’re grown men who shouldn’t have to go running to Daddy just because someone said something about you that you don’t like.

And thanks for all the messages, Arthur. I couldn’t have asked for a better self-discrediting than you gave me. It was like your worst enemy hired someone to impersonate you as a foam-spewing, homeless deviant living in a sewer.

The militaria-collecting world is exactly like the feral-cat apocalypse I’m experiencing now. All the cats do is spray, crap, lick their genitals, and fight over territory. Our properties stink, which is why everybody is getting trapped and shipped out next week. I’m sending them to no-kill shelters.

Prosper and Arthur devote their lives to spraying, crapping, licking their genitals, and fighting. Go to it, boys. I’m not a part of that putrid scene anymore. These days I embrace everything that’s good, clean, nice, intelligent, and funny.

And I embrace those who protect those things.



Not one but two e-mails from Prosper Keating. He’s still unable to read. You can’t sue someone for something he never said. I blame an excess of holiday cheer for him being compelled to send two messages nearly an hour apart. Many tumblers of scotch were poured on the smoldering embers of resentment until they blazed up again.

Kudos to him for saying I support Israel because I’m a Nazi. I’ve been sort of stunned by the imbecilic meme that Israel is the new Third Reich, but this is the first time I’ve been told that Nazis support Israel. The mental gymnastics involved are breathtaking in their stupidity.

Anyway, Prosper Keating’s two utterly banal “Take that!” messages.



Update Two

Now Arthur Royster is belatedly getting into the act. For whatever reason he’s confessing in writing that he plans on committing defamation. Since he won’t be able to produce any messages from me asking that he publish a piece I wrote about deporting Muslims, we won’t even have to go to trial. He’ll have to settle out of court.

This is the caliber of person who hates Jews.


And here’s how much traffic Arthur’s discussion forum gets.



If a forum falls in the forest, and nobody comments on it, does it even exist?

Update Three

I explained to Arthur that his e-mail is a confession to defamation, which would mean an automatic guilty plea on his part. Basically my lawyer would simply name a price to Arthur’s lawyer. Arthur responded.


No, he doesn’t live in France. He lives here.


That’s why his threat to post a fake piece by me was just a long expulsion of intestinal gas through his mouth. In California the penalties for willful defamation are pretty stiff. Arthur hates Jews, but he loves his money, so he crapped out.

Of course. All Jew-haters are have nothing but empty little sacs. It’s axiomatic.

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