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Jew-hating criminal Peter Stahl responds

Jew-hating criminal Peter Stahl responds

A Jew-hating con artist and criminal named Peter Stahl took interest in me after I explained why I was glad to get out of the military-history milieu. It’s populated by lunatics and Jew-haters, of which Peter Stahl is both.


He wrote a foreword to his book The Bunche Report, illegally signed my named to it, and published it on Amazon. However, he very stupidly sent me the foreword under his alias Arthur D. Royster.


I had no idea what he was blathering about. Googling the first sentence of the foreword produced no results, so I told Stahl to send me a link or go screw himself. Since he didn’t send a link, I figured he hadn’t actually been dumb enough to follow through with signing my name to the forward of a Jew-hating book. However, Stahl is not going to be ignored! He therefore sent me two messages under his alias Michael Suslov.



This is the “dramatic” cover he sent.


This time I Googled “The Bunche Report Thomas Wictor,” and I found that Peter Stahl had indeed published a Jew-hating book with a fake foreword to which he signed my name. In fact he credited me as the author of the entire book. He included what he thought was my address and phone number, a blatant attempt to get me murdered, as he admitted.


It was a 99¢ e-book for imbeciles. Stahl had forgotten that he sells the same book under his own name on the Holocaust-denying site The Barnes Review.

Barnes Review

And when writing as Michael Suslov, he took credit for publishing it, thus confirming that Peter Stahl and Michael Suslov are the same person. I sent all the information to Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP), and the book was immediately taken down.

After I wrote my posts “Jew-hating Criminal Peter Stahl” and “The Hubris of Jew-hater Peter Stahl,” there was silence for a week, but today Stahl sent me three messages.

Here’s the first.


You can tell it’s Stahl because of the pompous, stilted style and the mention of nude photos. Stahl is fascinated by homosexuality. He brings it up in almost every message. Here’s an e-mail he wrote to his soul mate Prosper Keating.


I have no idea why Stahl sent me a copy of his communication with Keating.


Homosexuality and nude photos of men. It’s utterly mystifying to me why Stahl writes about them obsessively.


So I told him to go ahead and contact “competent authority,” and I addressed him as Peter.

His reply.


I don’t understand the approach. Since I’ve never been hospitalized for mental issues, what sort of reaction am I supposed to have? Does he expect me to angrily deny it? Being simpleminded, Peter Stahl thinks of mental illness in terms of straightjackets, lobotomies, and electroshock treatments.

And because I haven’t written him any harassing messages, he has nothing to complain to Earthlink or the “federal authorities” about. This is all a hallucination. The lawsuit he and Prosper Keating were going to file against me never materialized. Maybe their lawyer “Mr. Trotter” got sent to the bacon factory.


After telling me he’d block all future messages from me, Stahl sent this.


It’s a generational thing. Stahl is eighty-two; my father died at eighty-four. His favorite pronouncement was, “He’s some kind of a nut!” My father said that about anyone who didn’t stick to the topics of work, yard work, eating, driving, the weather, illness, trips to the doctor, trips to the emergency room, trips to the dentist, vacations, going to church, and how insufferable the neighbors were. Tying to discuss anything that wasn’t concerned with day-to-day existence made you some kind of a nut.

I never look myself up on the Internet, so I have no clue what anybody is saying about me. Back when I was trying to be a successful writer, I created a persona that I used in interviews and on my blog. It’s actually advantageous to be seen as eccentric when you’re trying to sell your “art,” for lack of a better term. But it all went to hell—as Stahl correctly notes—and I gave up on writing. Someday I’ll author a novel about discovering a monstrous secret, and I’m going to finish a book I started about assault troops of World War I, but other than that, I have no desire to do anything else professionally. I’m retired.

Oh, and I think I’ll write a novel about a man raised on a commune that has its own secrets. I’ve finished a chapter outline, and the ending is terrific. The challenge was to convey the utter horror of what happened without actually describing it. After several attempts, I figured out how. The title is unforgettable; I’m very proud of it. So I’ll write two novels and a final military-history book.

Then I’ll just collect postcards.

Stahl assumes that I’m Jewish. His assumption is due to his primitive, tribal nature. He can’t comprehend that I defend those to whom I have no connection whatsoever—unless you count my great-grand uncles Eli, Levi, and Abram Lower, all of whom were bankers.


They swore they were Catholic; no religion is recorded for their forebears. But they married Catholics, so even if these ancestral bankers were Charedim, I’m still not Jewish.

I didn’t accuse Stahl of lying about camouflage helmets; I said he’s too stupid to know that the Germans camouflaged their helmets in World War II.

As for thinking “very highly of the destruction the IDF wreaks on a daily basis on the undefended civilian populations of Gaza,” Stahl is again showing the low wattage of his intellect. A person can support a nation and the wars it wages without celebrating the resultant death and destruction. I recently learned something I didn’t know, for which I must thank Elder of Ziyon.

Of the Palestinian children between the ages of nine and seventeen killed in Gaza in the last war, 70 percent were male. That’s a statistical impossibility—unless the children were fighting. Image what kind of culture uses nine-year-olds as combatants.

Like all Jew-haters, Peter Stahl is indifferent to the fate of Palestinians. And his sanctimonious blubbering about “undefended civilian populations” rings a little hollow when you read another message he sent me when he was posing as Arthur D. Royster.


First of all there’s no such thing as a Russian journalist. Secondly, it’s Variola, not “Verola.” As I said before, professional con artists tend to be highly intelligent and woefully undereducated. Typically for a creature of his ilk, he wants Jews to die through the use of nuclear, biological, or chemical (NBC) weapons. Jew-haters always rave about nukes, germs, and gas.

What chaps Peter Stahl’s ancient buttocks is that the Jews have become the finest warriors in human history, while the Nazis made Germany the most thoroughly defeated nation of modern times. A quarter of all German housing was destroyed. More than 10 percent of Germans were killed. The victorious Allies formally abolished the state of Prussia on February 25, 1947. How many nations have had states abolished by the world?

Nazism is one of the greatest exercises in futility ever. What’s the appeal of this?


I’d always viewed myself as a failure. Then in June of 2014, thousands of Jew-haters began contacting me.

Until eight months ago, I had no idea what real failure is.


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