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Fantasizing to death

Fantasizing to death

Somebody sent me two photos, asking if they’re real. They aren’t. These transparently fake images are all over the Internet, passed around from cultist to cultist as medication to keep the mind from functioning. What so many people refuse to accept is that pathological fantasizing leads to death. By denying reality, you suffer at the very minimum the death of your soul, as your life becomes a nightmare of lies. You die of illnesses that you pretended didn’t exist. Or you imagine yourself a mighty warrior, and better fighters give you a terminal lesson in how wrong you were.

Here’s the first photo I was sent.


An Israeli cop laughs as he points at a sixteen-year-old Palestinian he just shot. It’s too stupid for words—Nazi-level propaganda—which is funny because the image is called “Nazi Israel.” Anyone who compares Israel to Nazi Germany is projecting his or her attraction to Nazism. That’s no longer debatable.

In the photo the “dead” kid casts absolutely no shadow. He appears to be superimposed, and his left hand is a pickled pig’s foot. When we use the “equalization” function of photo-enhancement software, we see that yes, the image is a fake.


The “blood” on the kid was applied in two layers, resulting in the darker streak. The officer on the right casts a shadow that abruptly goes gray (green X), while the shadow of his left leg on the street appears to be as thick as a rubber floor mat. “Folds” in the sheet on the boy were clumsily hand drawn (red arrow), and the legs of another officer off camera to the right cast shadows that are light gray (purple arrow), as though his limbs were transparent.

And the laughing officer has a shadow that’s part black hole (blue arrow), sucking up all available light.

Agitprop for the doomed.

Here’s the second photo I was sent.


An Israeli Border Policeman pepper-sprays a Palestinian woman right in the snoot. Except the image is fake. The jet of pepper spray is animation.

Here’s what it looks like when you get pepper-sprayed at such close range.

Israeli border police officers use pepper spray as they detain an injured Palestinian protester during clashes outside Jerusalem's Old City

There’s massive backsplash, and you react instantly and involuntarily. Your eyes slam shut, and you gag.

Back to our poor victim of Israeli brutality.


The photo-faker put a little daub of yellow on her upper lip (red arrow) to simulate where the jet hit her, but as you can see for yourself, she’s not reacting in the slightest. That means she’s not being sprayed. What she is doing is grabbing the officer’s rifle as one of her fellow harpies tries to pull off his tactical vest. In any other country, a cop would shoot you for trying to take his weapon.

But the image is fake. Another real image shows people reacting violently when being hit in the face by pepper spray.


And another.


Here in the US, many of us have decided that reality is too unrewarding, so full-steam-ahead fantasizing is the order of the day.


“Stop the war on black America”? I had no idea that you fought wars against people by giving them generous social benefits and electing them president.

As a result of this insanity, the NYPD has become what it calls a “wartime” police department. All calls are answered by two squad cars, one to watch over the occupants of other. This means that the number of calls that receive a police response has been cut in half. People are now dying in reality due to a war that doesn’t exist even in the minds of the people making the charge.

No activists are actually interested in the cause. They’re interested in themselves. It’s all about fame, adulation, power, and a sense of purpose. They always claim that solutions to the problem in question are making no strides or have been derailed by evil forces. This is because if the boogeyman goes away, so does the anti-boogeyman activist.

Eventually what happens is that those who swear that they support a cause begin subverting that cause, just so that they themselves can have their faces on TV, be told they’re marvelous, and keep the money rolling in. Activism corrupts on all levels.

Fantasy leads to the death of everything you are, long before your body dies. Integrity, character, honesty, reliability, personality, and finally individuality all drop into the grave. Fantasist-activists become the cause made flesh, excruciatingly dull, trivial people who can only function in their fantasy world.

The darkest fantasy world currently in existence is the Islamic State. The reason it attracts so many is that it gives men license to do anything. They can murder, torture, rape, rape children, steal—all crimes are permissible as long as the criminal pays lip service to Salafist, jihadist Sunni Islam. For well over a year, the Islamic State was allowed to live out its fantasy unmolested. This made Islamic State fighters believe the claptrap they told themselves about their prowess.

The only people who really fought them were the Kurds, and they did amazingly well. This video shows why.

The Kurds are excellent fighters. Note the care in which they fire each bullet. They use machine guns as semiautomatic rifles. Even when their weapons are in fully automatic mode, they fire only two bullets maximum.

Kurds don’t live in fantasy. Recently they scored a major coup in the besieged city of Kobane, Syria, by killing an Islamic State commander—an emir—named Jundallah. He was a Chechen dreamboat.


From his papers they determined that he and other jihadists had gone all over Europe and Turkey, partying and posing for self-aggrandizing photos. Jundallah was close to Islamic State commander Abu Omar al-Shishani, a Georgian and current terrorist superstar. This photo was taken “standing in front of the Euphrates.”


Jundallah has the cocky arrogance of the stoners I knew growing up. They also wore watch caps and styled themselves intellectual, sensual, and libidinal masters of the universe.

“Like, your insecurity just falls out of every hole, dude. Where are your priorities? How can you adhere to these antiquated bourgeois values? It’s so funny. You’re stuck in your little time warp while life just passes you by. You need to get out and associate with people more on the edge of society, man. They can show you what’s lacking in your current pathetic existence.”

Well, here’s what the Kurds did to Jundallah, who no longer has an existence, pathetic or otherwise.


Not so cocky anymore. He’s got a bullet hole in his right cheek. That and the one open eye tells me that he didn’t go out in a state of tranquility, sated from all the murders and rapes over which he’d just presided.

The multiple articles I read today in six different languages said that Jundallah left behind evidence of drug trafficking and money laundering, which isn’t surprising since Abu Omar al-Shishani has a massive villa, a personal fortune, a harem, and a fleet of SUVs.

Somebody’s helping the Kurds now. Allegedly it’s the US, but I find that hard to believe. In response to the North Korean hack of Sony Pictures, the threat to bomb theaters all over the country, and the threat to follow theatergoers to their homes and murder them, we took down the North Korean Internet. It was another symbolic gesture, meant to represent firmness of action but in reality…a fantasy.

Due to the recent setbacks, morale among Islamic State fighters in Syria is said to be collapsing. They were smacked in the cheek by the bullet of reality and are coming to accept that they can’t fight.

Kurdish men and women armed with only light weapons held off tanks, armored personnel carriers, and armored troop transports while the “civilized” world once again made excuses for why it couldn’t kill savages who destroy everything and promise us mass beheadings and sex-slave markets in our own countries.

For too many westerners, the fantasizing has reached the terminal stage. We need to hand all our modern weaponry over to the Kurdish Peoples’ Protection Units (YPG). Form a Lafayette Escadrille of American volunteers to fly the planes and command the tanks, but give the Kurds the means to end this abomination. Properly armed, they could do it in months. And it wouldn’t cause them even a second of soul searching.


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