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Hacked again; up and running again

Hacked again; up and running again

Sometime last night my Website was hacked again.


My guess it was my post “Submission,” in which I explained that I never join groups and I refuse to give in to threats. I have a private server now, so we can track down the hackers by looking at the log books.

That information has been forwarded to the FBI…and someone else. Who? Well, they’re not the sort of people I’d want to antagonize. See, what nobody knows is what’s going on behind the scenes.

Recently some people tried to debunk the video of the Nakba Day killings, May 15, 2014.

I was asked several times to debunk it, but there was nothing with which I could work. Though the deaths looked fake to me, that wasn’t good enough. You need to understand that I don’t post anything unless I’m 100 percent positive that I’m right. My debunking relies on evidence, not wishful thinking. I did read a lot of stupidity masquerading as informed opinion about this case.

Though I shouldn’t be shocked, I am. Nobody seems to know that Israeli rubber bullets are fired from rifles loaded with blank cartridges. The cartridge has a primer, a casing, and propellant, but not a bullet.


To keep the soldiers and police from confusing live ammunition with blank, rifles firing rubber bullets are loaded with magazines that have the lower half painted red.


All the blather and conspiracy theories and accusations about the Nakba Day shootings are just the usual agenda-driven diarrhea. The CNN tape exonerates the Israelis shown. One Border Policeman fires.


The lower half of his rifle magazine is painted red. That means he fired a rubber bullet, and that means he didn’t kill the rioter. The soldier marked with the red arrow didn’t shoot. He’s a member of an army communications unit, and he was suspended because he wasn’t there to fire on rioters. As the camera pans to the right, a border policeman takes the soldier’s rifle, obviously so that he can unjam it.


Here’s a screen grab from Palestinian video of a Border Police officer at this position.


The lower half of his rifle magazine is painted red.

In the CNN video, the Border Policeman fires the rubber bullet at 1:53. However, you can hear a second shot at 1:54. That’s not an echo; it’s the fatal bullet being fired. There’s another shot at 2:03, probably fired by the same man who killed the rioter.

A Border Policeman was arrested after Palestinians gave the Israelis a bullet found in the backpack of one of the dead. The spent round was matched to the cop’s rifle. This man’s commander was also arrested for lying about his officer’s use of live rounds. The accusations that the Israelis all knew that live rounds were used but covered it up are spurious, of course. Not one—NOT ONE—report I saw on this debacle mentions that the policeman filmed by CNN has a magazine with the lower half painted red.

So spare me your outrage, you idiots. I didn’t comment on this because I couldn’t conclude anything. But I knew from the beginning that the cop shown shooting his rifle wasn’t the killer. To debunk a video or photos that involve the use of firearms or munitions, you have to have a basic knowledge of them. The Palestinians lie about everything—but that didn’t help me when it came to the Nakba Day shootings. I can’t say, “Because these people lie about everything, this must be a fake.”

It appears that a Border Policeman did use live ammunition against regulations. He’s being prosecuted for murder.

Israeli border policeman covers his head as he arrives at a remand hearing at the Magistrate Court in Jerusalem

Has any Palestinian ever been prosecuted by the Palestinian authorities for murdering an Israeli? Of course not. So it sticks in the craw to see the supporters of Palestinian terrorists point to this one case and say, “This proves our point.”

Actually, it utterly DISPROVES your point. The number of times Israeli soldiers or police officers have broken the rules of engagement are almost nonexistent. Every high-profile incident I’ve looked at so far has been a lie. The Nakba Day killings are the only ones in which it appears that an Israeli used live ammunition against regulations.

B’Tselem accusations read like a parody.

Since Operation Protective Edge began on 8 July 2014, Palestinians throughout the West Bank have held strikes, rallies, processions and demonstrations to show support for residents of Gaza and to protest the military’s actions. At some demonstrations, Palestinians threw stones and Molotov cocktails at Israeli security forces and burned tires; at one demonstration in Qalandiya, Palestinians fired live ammunition. Initial investigations by B’Tselem’s field researchers found that in many cases, Israeli security forces responded with live fire.

So now shooting at people who are shooting at you is wrong? And do you know what a Molotov cocktail can do?

The overwhelming number of atrocity charges made against the Israelis are bogus. Nothing comes of them. That’s how you know they’re lies: There’s no result.

Israelis always arrest and charge their own people who act illegally. They don’t cover things up, and they don’t make excuses. A lot of people think they’re too harsh on their own men and women, and that their rules of engagement are too restrictive. Valid arguments can be made for both sides of the issue, but here’s what you need to accept: Very soon, rules of engagement will be moot for the Israeli Defense Forces.

Soon war with Israel will not be possible. It’ll be obsolete. Can you really grasp how skilled Israeli military and intelligence are and how advanced their weaponry is? I can. That’s what I write about. These are the best, most moral fighters in the world. That doesn’t mean I’m a philosemite or Judeaophile. I’m not a fanboy. Nobody is up on a pedestal.


The Israeli Defense Forces are the finest military forces in the world, and Israelis and Jewish people don’t deserve the unhinged hatred directed at them.


I’ve been told at least a thousand times now that nobody has ever spent as much time as I have debunking lies against Israel. So far I’ve gotten over five hundred messages that say, “Don’t worry. You are protected.”

There’s no way of knowing if I am. However, I had tons of help deconstructing Operation Four Little Martyrs. When I searched for something on Google, the answer came in the mail the next day. It doesn’t bother me that I’m being monitored. My efforts have come to the attention of extremely capable people who don’t leave their friends hanging out to dry. I have the proof.

Have you noticed that the Kurds are suddenly making impressive military gains? Kurdish fighters are absolutely top notch. What they lack is high-tech military hardware.


Their friends have high-tech military hardware, which is now being used to protect the Kurds.

I hate war. It’s humankind’s ultimate failure. But in the last few months, I’ve made friends who are the best fighters in the world. What happens to me as an individual will stop nothing. It’ll change nothing. Each time I’m hacked or threatened, I gain readers. This is the viewership of just one post.


We all have free will. I choose to support Israel and debunk the lies about her. My knowledge of her capabilities allows me to figure out what really happened in particular circumstances, and then I write about it. You know what I don’t do?

I don’t shut down people who disagree with me, and I don’t threaten to kill them.

When you have truth on your side, you don’t have to coerce people into pretending that they share your point of view.

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