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An offering to the gods of SEO

An offering to the gods of SEO

I’m so tired I can’t think. Brother Cat is driving me crazy with his neediness, nonstop meowing, and roller-coaster emotions. Other things are happening too. But to make the gods of SEO happy, I must post tonight. SEO is search-engine optimization. Back when I wanted to sell books, it was important to have high search-engine rankings. I don’t know why I do it now. But since I’m too tired to think, I’ll post some of the e-mails I’ve gotten recently, along with completely unrelated visual imagery and audio.

The Call of the Mud-Bloods!

Moses married his pet donkey named ‘Sheba’ didn’t he? And just look what they produced! But not as gross as the horde of Mongolians masquerading as Israelis. There they are, murdering Arab children and laughing and dancing on the tiny bloody bodies. The Mongol blood tells, doesn’t it? You’re not a mud-blood, are you? That picture of you waving a hatchet would look wonderful on that new book about to be published outside the country. I hope they spell your name correctly this time.


(Directed by Israeli Noam Murro.)

Bits and Pieces

Tommy with a lust for gore,
Crushed his mother in the door.
Papa with a humor quaint
Said “Really Tom, you’ll wreck the paint.”





Why do you hate stalkers, please don’t, are they sending you the same stalkers, over and over..?

Don’t you worry, help is at hand!

I’ve have loads of ‘m, in all shapes and forms, age-gap?

Not with my! bunch, I do see a few, who are in fact, the One and the same person, witch at first, I didn’t want to be seen.. ” being-Stalked ” under those conditions, so…

I filed a complaint… tForward it to the ” head - Fagg ” or who ever is in charge, demanding better material!

I was almost getting a little bit mad, …being treated as some ” first year round ” stalkedtender “!

I’ve been doing this for a long time, and been a very good sport , even though I do saysomyself!

But… there is a limit, to everything…. and by golly, .. I was almost loosing it there! And that’s not what this ” faggotery ” ( stalking ) is all about! Anyway, my prayers (to Buddha) were heard, and now, it’s-just-sheer-joy!!

I respond to all the ” childish ” comments, for instance: ” Are you Marroccan? ” I dropped a few times that I didn’t like to be called marrocan, lol !

So know ” the Fagg’s ” ( stalkers ) got a few of those ” pointers ” to needle me with!

If I could only be once, at one of those briefings f.e:

(all so called ruff actors, blacks, whites, and the inbetweeners, Fathers, ok ..most are infact pedophiles, but let’s not split hairs, right now, bouncer type, or byker-gang type of dudes.. drinking strongs, lot off p*ssy, even though, they love ‘man-ass just the same, but it makes them feel powerfull, having all thatattention from the girlees, ok, most of them perform hardcore beastiality, aside from also , being p*ssed in the mouth from 10 of those ” T.V. - Ruff-necks”… it’s just the girl next-door!

Then, (I’m trying to picture it).. a bodybuilder type, asks polite, to pay attention..meeting adjourned!

Fellas …. you know what Stevie (me!) really does nàt like ??? Ruff-necks in choir mode : ” Nooooooo?! ” Answers firmly : ” Being asked, if he’s from Moroccan heritage !!!

Ruffnecks: woooooooy, YES! that’ll show’im!!

Some ruffians shouting: ” can I ask him wwheb I seen him , pleeease? ”… Only girls, or the fag who won the first price, for being the most gayest individual of the Amsterdam gay parade, would be busy, with such a typical ‘girly-plan’, whisper, whisper, giggle , giggle…

A real man, ( as I am ) would not, 1st of all not have the courage, let alone, brainpower, to get his head arround, something so silly as that!

Timmy , you can make use of my email address, when in touch, we’ll see what we can get arranged, to help you out with your ” stalkers problem ” ! If anything, and if worse comes to worse, you can always use ( borrow, mind you, I want’m back! and in good condition please, don’t be dragging them into no forest, or what have you!

Keep up the spirit ( well keep it down, for the stalkers sake, … They appreciate that. a lot, ! fagg’s as most of ‘m are… Once in a while, I give One a clap, in the Face.. not to hardn and anyway, they are used to that, from there Hardcore porn-abuse sites! Not to mention : Jerry Springer .

Timmy, I hope that you keep the spirit low, 😉 ! and I am here for you (re, stalking issues)

Regards Timm’o



Ruthless Rhymes for Heartless Homes No. 68

Down into her drinking well
(that the plumber built her)
Poor Mrs Wictor fell:
We must buy a filter



For f*ck’s sake Wictor - both you and Thunes drive me to f*cking despair - you really do.

I f*cking love you guys , but you’ve both reached a point in your lives which you won’t survive-whole without some sort of intervention.

My first visit to your site Thomas was a joyous one - all of 2 weeks ago - firstly ‘cos I was glad that Scott had such a good pal , and secondly for the sheer gravity (and quality)of your own online presence - something you don’t parade or perhaps even understand.

So , what the f*ck has happened in the last 14 days to dis-empower you to the extent that you’ve totally lost control of your wits?

I did then, and still believe that you are way above that - but you seem to be doing your best to prove me wrong right now.

The most-recent clear message you’ve sent out to the world and the motives behind it was unnecessary when just a few chosen words to your best mate would have sufficed - and he already f*cking knows.

It would be a sh*t world without Scott in it - this I understand of you , and I know it’s a real shock.

However , don’t let it drag you back further than the contemplation of the actual occurred- event - please don’t. We all of us need the real Thomas , not some brainless crusader of doom.

There’s so much more you can do right now than to go inward and test the negative side of your imagination - and what a waste of a couple of days typing it all out , and sourcing all that violent content ,when you could at least have been helping sanitise Scott’s house instead to minimise the risk of post-trauma infections.

F*ck , that sounded like a guilt-trip , but you know what I’m trying to say - don’t you?

So do what you’re told for once. Stop thinking for 5 mins about everything but your immediates - and just f*cking blossom chum.

Forgive my familiarity and presumptuousness , but I only mean to help - and you did that for me a couple of weeks back , so thankyou.

Oh , and tell ST to stop wanking whilst lying-down - it’s really bad for the left-side of the heart - and it interferes with the ECG readings.



A really heart-warming story about you on the Internet this morning. It informs us that you married your Poodle bitch, Mamzelle, in a quiet ceremony at a Wiccan temple in Pasadena some time ago and later, got a very good price for the puppies. I understand you will be performing brisses using only your front teeth but won’t your beard get in the way? Will there be pictures?


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