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A Friend Publishes a Book

Colonel Supotnitskiy has published his book Biological Warfare: Introduction to the Epidemiology of Artificial Epidemic Processes and Biological Lesions. The colonel sent me a pdf of the cover. Click to enlarge. He also included a photo of his wife Nadezhda seeing the book for the first time. She typeset the book, prepared all text, figures,…


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A nonsurvivable thomictor

The Website has been down off and on all day. I have no idea how long it’ll stay up this time. This may be my only opportunity to send out my thoughts. My unsolicited advice to authors? Go for the cookie-cutter Websites that someone can put up in five minutes. Better yet, go for the…


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The darkest nights approach

The darkest nights of my life approach. We can’t do anything to stop them. What will be, will be. I stopped going to church when I was eighteen. I’ve since made my peace with Catholicism. People like to say that they’re “recovering Catholics.” It’s supposed to be funny, but I’ve experienced too much pain myself…


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My first act of music journalism since 2002

My first act of music journalism since 2002 was completed with Scott Thunes, of course. I enjoyed it thoroughly. An excerpt: I used to be a music journalist. It was the best job I ever had, and I loved it. Unfortunately for me, it didn’t work out. A combination of factors—mainly my own problem with…


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My cyber self is born

My Extravagumbo Website—the one you’re reading—is finally online. Its nine months of gestation matched my own, and its course in life seems destined to match my own. Welcome to the world, cyber self! Fasten your seat belt, take your Dramamine, and strap on that cup. You’re gonna need it! Here’s the battle your daddy fought…


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A Pledge to not misunderstand

I just read a horrifying article by an artist whose work I really like. I did it as an experiment. The title of the article intrigued me. I generally never read anything by or about artists I like. Since they’re fallible humans, they say or do things that make me sick, and then I find…


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My First Interview

Meaning the first time I was ever interviewed. Bass Musician Magazine did the honors. Here’s an excerpt: In less than a year after he first appeared from out of nowhere on the forum, Wictor’s book Ghosts And Ballyhoo: Memoirs Of A Failed L.A. Music Journalist was released. It seemed that Tom’s fateful career at BP…


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Trees were unclean

My father hated trees. In his world, trees were unclean. He hated the leaves they dropped, and he hated the shade they provided. To him, shade connoted sloth and secrets. Shade trees in your yard meant you were lazy and had something to hide. A moral, upright man had no trees. The lawn of a…


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