Thomas Wictor

A nonsurvivable thomictor

A nonsurvivable thomictor

The Website has been down off and on all day. I have no idea how long it’ll stay up this time. This may be my only opportunity to send out my thoughts.

My unsolicited advice to authors? Go for the cookie-cutter Websites that someone can put up in five minutes. Better yet, go for the free Websites that you can put together yourself.

This has really been a disappointment, to say the least. If I’d known getting this thing up and running would take so long, cost so much, and cause me so much stress…

I would’ve done it sooner!

Because I live for disappointment. In fact, I order everyone reading this to NOT buy my books. Those of you who’ve already bought them must send them back to me for a full refund. My plan is to be the only author in history to make negative royalties. What I want is for my name to become a synonym for catastrophic failure.

“The experimental aircraft wictored on takeoff.”

“Pakistan is in danger of becoming a wictored nation.”

Actually, that’s not fair to my siblings and cousins, since they share my surname. How about if we change it to “thomictor,” pronounced “thuh-MIKTER,” the th being soft, as in pathological.

“All four wheels of the Formula racer fell off in a spectacular thomictor witnessed by thousands.”

Much better. This is how you look during a thomictor.

Don’t laugh. I got stuck doing that. It’s my permanent expression now.

I like it.

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