Thomas Wictor

In Cold Sweat: Interviews with Really Scary Musicians



Part One: Gene Simmons, January 28, 2024

Chapter One: The Doctor Will See You Now

Chapter Two: Self-Defense, Girls, and God

Chapter Three: Shut Up and Talk

Chapter Four: So How Do You Guys Get Along?

Chapter Five: Encore! Encore!

Part Two: Peter Hook, August 12, 2023

Chapter Six: Relax, Mate

Chapter Seven: Those Things You Do

Chapter Eight: Don’t Be a Hero

Part Three: Jerry Casale, February 18, 2024

Chapter Nine: Botulism, the Bass, and the Blues

Chapter Ten: It’s a Beautiful World

Chapter Eleven: The Pelvis and Positive Thinking

Part Four: Scott Thunes, October 7, 2023

Chapter Twelve: Background Check

Chapter Thirteen: The ’88 Tour, Part One

Chapter Fourteen: The ’88 Tour, Part Two

Chapter Fifteen: Entropy

Chapter Sixteen: Compliment Me and I’ll Kill You

Chapter Seventeen: Antitechnique

Chapter Eighteen: And Don’t Call Me a Bass Player

Chapter Nineteen: A Series of Idiotic Questions

Chapter Twenty: Songs and Pieces of the Heart

Chapter Twenty-one: Artistry, Craftsmanship, and Low-Grade Moronism

Chapter Twenty-two: Pointillism and a False Ending

Chapter Twenty-three: Knowing When to Stop


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