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Cataclysm averted…but maybe not for us

Cataclysm averted…but maybe not for us

That which lacks a sense of self-preservation will not survive. The Middle East has avoided a cataclysm, but only because level-headed and skilled leaders worked hard to find solutions. Here in the West, the goal has been to make us stupid and malleable, in the name of expanding the power of government—both liberal and conservative.

Now we’re paying the butcher’s bill.

Brussels cataclysm

This happened in Molenbeek, Brussels, yesterday.

A car rammed through a police line and struck a woman, severely injuring her.

Play the first video again. Hear that clacking sound? It’s the cops impotently hitting the car with their tiny collapsible batons.

But that’s not all the cops did.

Belgium experienced its worst terrorist attack two weeks ago. Molenbeek is the epicenter of European jihadist terrorism. Islamic State cells proliferate there. In Molenbeek, a car sped right at the police…and the cops let it through. It then plowed into an innocent bystander.

Even now, the knee-jerk reaction of westerners is to protect Islam. This is the headline that went out all over the world.

Here’s one “grinning far-right activist.”

That’s either Redouane B. or Mohamed B., the two MUSLIMS arrested for the attack. THE POLICE WON’T GIVE US THEIR FULL NAMES. Two “far-right” protesters were also arrested for possession of Molotov cocktails, but the group denies the charge.

I found what I’m sure is the real story.

If those had been pale-skinned European men, they’d have lots of bullet holes in them. The cops saw that they were Arabs and held their fire. They’re also covering up the fact that Redouane B. and Mohamed B. had Molotov cocktails. The reasoning is simple: Belgians must “not give in to racism” even at the cost of their own lives.

And before going into Molenbeek, the cops traded in their high-powered sidearms for ancient, .32-caliber baby-guns.

Those pistols are 106 years old. The police were not going to harm Muslims, under any and all circumstances. Is that moral? Or is it suicidal superficiality? A self-induced cataclysm of fatuousness is destroying entire civilizations.

Belgium is doomed. I don’t waste my time on lost causes. Instead, I concentrate on the Middle East.

No cataclysm

The Arab League has begun the final operations to liberate Syria from all absolutist groups. Sunnis are killing fellow Sunnis to protect Alawites and Shi’ites. Azaz was a potential problem.

In Syria, the Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PYD) has two militias: the Peoples’ Protection Units (YPG) and the Women’s Protection Units (YPJ). The PYD is interested in consolidating power, which is why it has not allowed Iraqi Kurdish Peshmerga into Syria to fight against the Islamic State. Turkey opposes the PYD; what the Arab League therefore did was provide strategic special operators for the Syrian Democratic Forces, the Grandsons of Salahadin, Jaysh al-Thuwar, the Northern Sun Battalions, and now the Manbij Regional Military Council.

The Arab League create a way out for people who had painted themselves into corners. Units not affiliated with the PYD are currently taking Azaz back from Islamist groups that aren’t very different from al-Qaeda and the Islamic State. The video below was published today. It shows an aircraft over Azaz.

That’s an American McDonnell Douglas F/A-18 Hornet, but it’s not from the US Air Force. It has a false silhouette and canopy painted on the underside.

False silhouettes and false canopies are used to confuse enemy pilots during a dogfight.

No known air force paints its F/A-18 Hornets that way. Rumor has it that the United Arab Emirates secretly bought F/A-18s. Emirati pilots are famous for exceptional close air support (CAS).

Someone is assaulting Azaz, and someone is providing CAS. We don’t know who, which is fine by me.

Cataclysm non-inflicted

I’ve thought for a long time that the Arab League uses “Syrian rebel groups” as fronts. Now I’ve got completely indisputable evidence that this is true. The video below also shows that Arab League and allied special operators aren’t interested in killing. They just want to degrade the enemy’s offensive capabilities.

One way to avert a cataclysm is to invent weapons that are both stupendously destructive and capable of sparing lives. The Israelis have done so. EMPFAE ordnance is fuel-air explosives (also called thermobaric weapons) combined with warheads that emit nonnuclear electromagnetic pulses. The direction and intensity of the shock wave can be controlled.

This video allegedly shows the Army of Victory (Jaysh al-Nasr) firing an American BGM-71 TOW antitank guided missile at a Syrian Arab Army ammunition truck in the village of Ein Qantara, Latakia Governorate.

The missile is a BGM-71E-1B, also called a TOW 2A.

It has a tandem warhead for defeating explosive reactive armor (ERA). In other words, this missile has two high-explosive warheads that allow it to cut through thick steel armor. It’s absolutely deadly.

First, note the motorcyclist. The Truck is a Russian GAZ-66.

We can see that the operator who fired the missile aimed for the engine instead of the windshield.

It’s obvious that the intent was to disable the vehicle, not kill the driver and passenger. Phenomenal skill was required to hit the one place that would allow the men in the truck to survive.

Below is a fuel-air explosion. Since there’s no dirty gray smoke, it means that high explosives were not used.

Therefore a BGM-71E tandem-head missile did not hit the truck. The men who fired the missile on camera are actors.

After the missile strike, the motorcyclist can be seen emerging from behind the truck.

If a BGM-71E had hit the truck, a jet of molten metal would’ve come out the rear and killed the motorcyclist. However, trained soldiers would not have wasted an expensive BGM-71E on a truck. That missile was specifically designed to defeat explosive reactive armor, such as that seen on the Russian tank in the photo below.

The video is fake. Professional strategic special operators fired a TOW missile with an EMPFAE warhead.

Missed cataclysm

As the truck rolls forward, the driver’s door opens.

Then the front passenger door opens.

Here’s the driver or passenger.

He not only survived, he’s so uninjured that he was able to sprint.

I’ve seen multiple videos of men walking away from direct hits with these missiles. You’d think that just the kinetic energy of the casing would kill a person, but the new weapons are as destructive and non-lethal as possible. Even though they somehow don’t kill, they incinerate explosives, rendering them harmless. The truck burned; it didn’t detonate. There was no collateral damage.

In Molenbeek, the police didn’t shoot for fear of being called racist. As a result, an innocent bystander was severely injured, and terrorists learned how to carry out car bombings in Belgium.

In Syria, the best soldiers who ever lived are defeating the enemy without creating mountains of corpses. This is one of the reasons why.

Now, there’s two types of fighters in ISIL: foreign fighters and then local fighters. The local fighters, we’re seeing increasingly that they are conscripts. In other words, they are forced to fight against their will.

There is another category of local fighters, which is fighters who maybe aren’t committed to the ISIL ideology and the ISIL ideology and philosophy, but they need a job and so they’re fighting just for the money. And these two categories are the types of fighters that we see increasingly deserting, throwing down their weapons and running away because they’re—you know, they’re not, you know, committed the way the foreign fighters are.

Western security forces have decided that no Muslims must be killed, regardless of the threat they pose.

The Arab League and its allies are able to differentiate between Muslims who can be spared and Muslims who must be killed. Those judged irredeemable are relieved of their existence.

It’s called “taking the fight to the enemy.” The men who do it suffer no pangs of guilt.

Middle Easterners avoided a cataclysm by using their heads. Why is it impossible for the West to do the same?

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