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Relax. We’ll all be quite safe here fairly soon

Relax. We’ll all be quite safe here fairly soon

Relax. You’re quite safe here.

You’re not dreaming. Peace is on its way. Don’t give in to paranoomerah, paranoomerah. Ignore 99 percent of what you’re being told. Trust me.

Relax. We’re not arming the YPG

The Kurdish Peoples’ Protection Units (YPG) and the Women’s Protection Units (YPJ) in Syria together number about 15,000. The men are conscripted, and they serve for six months. Syrian Kurds have neither the numbers nor the training to defeat the Islamic State, the al-Nusra Front, the various other Islamists, the Syrian Arab Army, Hezbollah, the Syrian Defense Forces, the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps, the Quds Force, the Basij, the Afghan militias, the Iraqi militias, and the Asian militias.

Recently the Russians made this claim.

Pictures have emerged on social media which appear to show Syrian Kurds with an advanced US-produced anti-tank missile. A video allegedly shows a rocket blowing up an Islamic State truck. Washington has denied “providing the YPG with weapons.”

The footage shows a truck allegedly belonging to Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) on the receiving end of a direct hit from the missile.

The FGM-148 Javelin is a portable anti-tank missile, which was developed by the United States. It is able to lock on to potential targets using infrared imaging, which makes it a lot more effective than the TOW missile system, which militias fighting against IS had been using, as the TOW is heavier and requires a portable power supply.

This footage can be seen between 1:16 and 1:36 below.

That’s not an FGM-148 Javelin. Here’s the Javelin.


The Javelin is 43 inches (1.1 meters) long. For ease, we’ll say it’s 3.6 feet long. The T-72 tank above has a hull 22 feet (6.7 meters) long. A T-72 hull is thus six Javelins long.

Below is the Islamic State vehicle-borne improvised explosive device (VBIED) destroyed by the missile.


It’s a Toyota pickup with a double cab. The largest Toyota double-cab pickup is 18.4 feet (5.6 meters) long. That’s five Javelins in length.

The Islamic State VBIED is eleven missiles long.

This missile is less than half the length of an American FGM-148 Javelin.

The YPG didn’t fire it. Professional special operators from the Arab League and their allies are the only people on earth with access to this new weapon.

Relax. Turkey is part of the plan

Here’s a photo of Kurdish YPG and YPJ fighters with an FGM-148 Javelin in its launcher.

This was published to give the Kurds credibility. Still, I have to say it: Look at the belly on that man. Below are are fighters of Jaysh al-Thuwar, allies of the YPG and part of the Syrian Democratic Forces (QSD).


An effective unconventional warrior has to be in perfect physical condition because he needs to run, he needs to engage in hand-to-hand combat, and he needs to carry massive amounts of equipment. I’ve said for a long time that Jaysh al-Thuwar is a front group for Arab League strategic special operators. The use of the tiny missile pretty much confirms it.

Despite everything you’re hearing about Turkey, here’s what Special Presidential Envoy for the Global Coalition to Counter ISIL Brett McGurk says.

Number One: That was what we call the Manbij Pocket. It’s about a 98-kilomter strip of border with Turkey. It is the last remaining outlet of ISIL’s territory with the outside world. Turkey has done a very good job of beginning to close down that border.

This is Manbij.

How are the Turks sealing their border? With these.


We’ve been told that the Turks have been shelling the Kurds for ten days now. How many deaths have been reported? Someone is targeting Kurdish villages, but it isn’t the Turks. They’re pretending to shell the Kurds for a multitude of geopolitical reasons. Don’t listen to their words; what’s important is their actions.

The signature of a 155mm high-explosive fragmentation round is this.


Here is what we’re seeing in Kurdish villages.

Someone’s firing rockets or mortar rounds. It’s the Iranians, backed by the Russians. They’re trying to save Assad by goading Turkey into invading Syria. Iran and Russia are also trying to turn Sunni Arabs against the Kurds by saying that the YPG is cooperating with Assad.

Relax. Russia is screwed

Vladimir Putin can’t accept the fact that the Turks shot down one of his aircraft. Here’s Putin with Belarus dictator Alexander Ryhoravich Lukashenko.


On September 14, 1995, a Belarus attack helicopter shot down a hot-air balloon that accidentally strayed over the border during the Gordon Bennet Cup. American balloonists Alan Fraenckel and John Stuart-Jervis were killed. Two more American balloons came down in Belarus, and the four passengers were arrested, fined, and released.

Belarus knew that the hot-air balloons posed no threat; the Gordon Bennet Cup had told the dictatorship of the race in May and had filed flight plans. But Lukashenko killed Fraenckel and Stuart-Jervis in order to show off his “military might” and to see what the western reaction would be. Belarus has never apologized or offered compensation.

Putin tested the Turks by violating their air space with impunity, so Turkey shot down a Russian bomber. Vlad is now trying to get revenge. He wants to be considered as ruthless as his pal Lukashenko.

Well, the Arab League is coming to Turkey’s defense. A few days ago, the Saudis said this.

Moderate Syrian rebels should be supplied with surface-to-air missiles to defend against air strikes, Germany weekly Der Spiegel quoted Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir as saying.

The rebels are under attack from both the Syrian air force and Russian strikes. Jubeir said providing them with the rockets would “enable the moderate opposition to neutralize the regime’s helicopters and planes”.

Guess what?

Just today news reports also indicated that a batch of anti-aircraft rockets – US made ‘SAMS’ – were delivered to opposition groups fighting Assad and Russian forces inside Syria.

They didn’t go to rebels. Arab League strategic special forces will use them to shoot down Syrian and Russian aircraft when necessary.

Relax. The right people will win

Both Israel and Saudi Arabia wanted Russia to help save the Middle East, but Putin is an irredeemable mafioso. Therefore action had to be taken.

Russian officers trying to relax in Syria were hit with a BGM-71 TOW missile.

The Free Syrian Army didn’t fire that missile. For one thing, the “operator” was filmed at a different time of day than the strike. Also, the missile had a thermobaric or fuel-air warhead.

This weapon doesn’t exist.

Since Putin is stubborn, another message was sent.

Dozens of Russian generals at a military base near the eastern Syrian city of Latakia were killed Sunday afternoon in a deadly car bomb attack committed by two opposition factions, Ahrar al-Sham and Bayan movement, Syrian opposition groups reported on Wednesday.

According to the media office of Ahrar al-Sham, the two factions, in coordination with local jihadists who were located at the Russian military base, decided to bomb the car after they observed a gathering of senior Russian generals at the military base.

Wait: Was it a car bomb, or did they bomb a car? Get your story straight, fellas.

How many of us think that Syrian rebels managed to get a car bomb onto the most heavily guarded Russian base in Syria?

A new Islamist group called Jaysh Halab just formed in Aleppo. The first thing they did was attack Jaysh al-Thuwar. Remember: Jaysh al-Thuwar are allies of the Kurds. The Arab League supports the Kurds. Turkey supports Jaysh al-Thuwar with precision artillery fire. Therefore Turkey supports the Syrian Kurds.

And Jaysh al-Thuwar are Arab professional strategic special operators who now have air defenses. Here’s the known Jaysh al-Thuwar area of operations (AO).

They’ve done all of this clandestinely. Imagine what will happen when the Saudis and Israelis decide that the time is right to begin fighting in the open.

So relax. Everything is under control.

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