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Cavemen don’t win wars. They make threats and then die

Cavemen don’t win wars. They make threats and then die

I’m not able to tell you when or how Israel will take action against her enemies. The Arab League completely flummoxed me with its military brilliance; therefore I gave up trying to figure out what was going to happen next. I think Israel was waiting for everyone arrayed against her to become cavemen. That moment is at hand.

Although intelligence predictions are not uniform, Israel’s security leaders tend to assume that it is too early to declare an Assad victory. The main conclusion is that the regime has stabilized and the likelihood that it will fall, as long as Russia is providing such extensive military assistance, has declined greatly.

The West has not formulated a clear strategy in light of Russian military intervention in Syria and is focusing on two defensive objectives – stopping the wave of refugees to Europe and preventing additional terror attacks by Sunni jihadist groups in Western countries. Although American efforts against ISIS in Iraq and Syria have borne some fruit, Washington and Europe are helpless in light of Assad’s improved position.

Israel’s position is that not only is there still something to be done in Syria, but that this involvement is essential to allow the less extremist groups to survive, to stop the regime’s progress and the rise in Iran’s standing.

Israel is now committed to military action that will forever change the region. Actually, I believe that Israel and Russia arranged for this precise outcome. Both sides would deny it, and they’d be telling the truth.

Putin would’ve said, “If I help Assad, will you interfere?” And Netanyahu would’ve said, “No. He’s your ally. Helping him is the honorable thing to do.”

And then Netanyahu would’ve said, “If we defend ourselves against threats coming from Syria, will you interfere?”

Putin would’ve said, “No. Nations have the right to defend themselves.”

Everybody knew exactly what everybody else was talking about.


Putin has to save face in front of his cavemen cronies. He has to show that he stood by Assad, whose current alleged success is hugely overstated. For one thing, Assad and the Russians are taking credit for victories achieved without their participation.

Units of Syrian national militia and Kurdish self-defense forces stormed the largest Daesh stronghold Syria, a source in the Syrian militia said.

BEIRUT (Sputnik) — Syrian national militia and Kurdish self-defense forces destroyed one of the largest Daesh strongholds in Syria:

“We, together with Kurdish fighters, defeated today Islamic State terrorists in Shaddadi and took control over the town,” the source told RIA Novosti.

“We struck from several directions. The terrorists did not expect our attack,” the source added.

These cavemen had nothing to do with the taking of Shadaddi.


The Kurdish Peoples’ Protection Units (YPG)—aided by air strikes from Combined Joint Task Force Operation Inherent Resolve—took Shaddadi. And now the YPG is showing the help its getting on the ground.

Shaddadi oil field was captured intact. That means it was a nighttime surprise attack. Sure enough, here’s night-vision footage of three helicopter transports.


Arab special forces landed out of earshot of Shaddadi, crept up on the oilfield, and killed the guards.

The title of the video is Kurdish YPG & Allies Liberate Shaddadi from ISIS, Combat Footage, 2016. Both the Kurds and their allies are now acknowledging the relationship; the only part left out is the identity of the helpers. The video above is the first time that the helpers have allowed footage of their helicopters to be published.

This is the smallest guided missile I’ve ever seen.


It’s only twelve inches (30 centimeters) long. The Raytheon Pike missile is billed as the world’s only hand-launched precision-guided munition.


This weapon is fired from the grenade launcher of a rifle.


The US military has not adopted it. Someone has either bought the Pike or built their own version. It produces the flattest explosion on record.




It’s another way to reduce collateral damage. Nothing goes flying high into the air.

Cavemen run, die tired

Even if the tiny missile above was developed by Israel, I’m positive that Israeli troops aren’t in Syria. An Arab special operator fired the missile. The presence of Israeli troops in Syria would cause problems for the Kurds and non-jihadist Muslims. That’s just reality.

The Arab League is showing us more and more of its capabilities. Below is a video of Islamic State cavemen hit by a missile, but there’s no gore. This footage was taken by the Arab special operator who called in the air strike.

A thermobaric or fuel-air warhead was used. You can see the cloud of vaporized fuel right as it explodes.


They hit the cavemen in the middle of a busy street. Nobody else was injured because the new weapons don’t produce shards of unguided razor-sharp metal.

I’ve now seen enough videos that I can say that the way these weapons work is that the size of the vaporized fuel cloud is controlled. A small, dense cloud of fuel will produce a short, extremely violent explosion. The shock wave won’t travel very far. A larger, more diffuse cloud of vapor will produce an explosion with a wide-ranging shock wave.

Cavemen think they’re invincible

What I’ve realized is that the Israelis and Saudis are first and foremost concerned with not repeating the mistakes that westerners have made in the Middle East. Therefore I’m pretty sure that there won’t be addresses to the nation explaining that the government of ______ was overthrown because _______.

Though I said I can’t tell you what WILL happen, I think its likely that in Syria, the Syrian Democratic Forces will either prevail “on their own” or formally ask that an expeditionary force of the 34-nation Muslim Coalition be sent.

As for Iran, I think there will be a crisis followed by videos of massive explosions, and then we’ll hear that the Iranians have hanged the mullahs. Both the Syrians and Iranians will be credited with making their own decisions. Nothing will appear to have been imposed on them.

Everybody’s talking as though Iran is now a responsible member of the international community. Total insanity. I’m not worried, though; the two videos above show that Iran is living on borrowed time. Too much of the world refuses to take Israelis and Arabs seriously. Israelis and Arabs use that to their advantage.

Years ago the plan was to build aircraft that fired laser beams. If an enemy put a missile next to a school, you’d zap a hole in the side of the weapon and render it useless without hurting innocent bystanders.

Well, Israel and the Arab League can now blow up terrorists on a crowded street without hurting innocent bystanders.

I think blowing up cavemen sends a more emphatic message than simply breaking their clubs.


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