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Strategic special forces are about to go to war

Strategic special forces are about to go to war

In the summer of 2015, there were massive nocturnal military exercises held all over the American Southwest. However, these were not American troops. The Saudis have revealed who they were: Arab and Asian (and Israeli but shhhhhh) strategic special forces. These extremely lethal units are ready for combat. Their training is complete.

Yesterday the Saudis said that they’re willing to send ground troops to fight the Islamic State in Syria.

In reality the Saudis are already in Syria. Only professional special forces are capable of carrying out the operations that are routing the Islamic State. Also, the masked men photographed wearing uniforms of the Kurdish Peoples’ Defense Units (YPG) Anti Terror Units (YAT) are short, olive skinned, and extremely muscular.



The Kurds of northern Syria are tall, slender, and pale skinned. Compare the unmasked men with most of those wearing balaclavas.


You can usually tell trained soldiers by their stance.


It’s second nature. Involuntary. The men above are Emirati support troops, not combatants, but they still stand with their feet apart and their legs straight. Professionals with lots of experience carrying loaded rifles always make sure that they won’t lose their balance.

I commend the YPG for their pragmatism. It’s not the fault of the Kurds that they haven’t had the time or equipment to train for high-risk unconventional warfare. The Arab League, on the other hand, has been training nonstop for a minimum of five years.

The reward for pragmatism is an independent Kurdistan. By allowing Arab professional special operators to be attached to the Syrian Democratic Forces (QSD), the Kurds have defused what could’ve been a catastrophe: widespread armed conflict with Turkey. It’s clear now that Saudi Arabia and Israel were able to convince Turkey to allow the creation of a Kurdish autonomous region in Syria. The next step will be to establish such regions in Turkey and Iran, and then all four will unite as Kurdistan.

Strategic special operators

In previous wars, special forces were used for tactical missions and the training of indigenous troops. Israel and the Arab League, on the other hand, have organized special forces that serve as strategic assets. The key is advanced technology and training. What happened is that the Gulf Cooperation Council funded the Israeli development of new weapons, and then both sides trained vigorously to use them.

Here’s what the Saudis announced today.

Exclusively on CNN: Saudi Arabia and its allies rally of tens of thousands of soldiers to intervene in Syria. Turkey is the gate of the operation

Two Saudi sources familiar with the Kingdom’s plans to fight the Islamic State in Syria have revealed that part of the preparation consists of military exercises. The number of trainees may reach 150,000 soldiers, most of the men being Saudis. Egyptian, Sudanese, and Jordanian troops already inside the kingdom will also take part.

Morocco is committed to sending troops, as is Turkey, Kuwait, Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates, and Qatar. Two weeks ago the Saudis and the Turks were appointed joint leaders of the forces, which will enter northern Syria from Turkey.

The list of Asian nations participating includes Malaysia, Indonesia, and Brunei. These countries have established a joint command which they did not announce until now. It is expected that of these three nations, Malaysia will be the first to send its troops to Saudi Arabia.

Also Pakistan, Eritrea, Senegal, and Mauritania. They’re already in Saudi Arabia. Several months ago, the Malaysian Army Aviation acquired gunships with desert camouflage (bottom photo).


All of these strategic special operators have been training at the King Salman Center for Mountain Warfare and the Airborne School and Special Warfare Training Center for almost a year. Since the Saudis are going to discuss their plans with NATO, you can bet that European special forces will be taking part. Israel recently trained German panzergrenadiers in tunnel warfare and fighting an enemy that uses civilians as human shields.

The men who the Israelis trained are from Germany’s Intervention Division. They’re special operators whose sole function is to engage in high-intensity combat, and they’re…beardy.



Strategic special forces fight in secret

It’s not necessary to send 150,000 strategic special operators to Syria. My guess? Some will indeed go to Syria, but most will go…elsewhere.

In May of 2015, the US trained Arab and European joint terminal attack controllers (JTACs) how to direct strategic bombers. JTACs are air force personnel who embed with ground troops. The US sent two B-52 bombers that made a nonstop round trip from Barksdale Air Force Base in Louisiana to Jordan and back.

Exercise Eager Lion 15 simulated the bombing of heavy fortifications with antiaircraft defenses (red arrows).




The Europeans and Arabs don’t have strategic bombers. Why did we help train their JTACs how to direct strategic bombers?

Because the Arab League does have strategic bombers. They were converted from other aircraft. This was confirmed to me by an employee of Bombardier. He actually asked me about the conversions, thus verifying that they indeed happened. This is how the bombers will enter enemy airspace.

The best pilots on earth—Emiratis—will carry out the low-level missions that will require missiles to be fired horizontally. Israelis have said that they’ll fire missiles from great heights. Each wave of aircraft will be assigned different types of targets.

In the summer of 2015, Air France Airbus A380s began flying over my house. My brother Tim took this photo.


The airliners were traveling the JANET route to the Nevada National Security Site. Since there are no civilian airports in that direction that can handle the A380, I knew that the airliners had to be full of military personnel.

Over the summer, four independent eyewitnesses told me that they saw enormous live-fire military exercises at night. They were held in Apple Valley, California; Las Vegas, Nevada; Cheyenne Mountain, Colorado; and Killeen, Texas. All four locations are deserts with mountains and abandoned hard-rock mines.


These mines go down hundreds of feet. Many are reinforced with concrete.

To distract from these rehearsals, the US held Jade Helm 15, a series of military exercises that took place in Texas, Arizona, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Mexico, and Utah. A total of 1200 troops took part, but the government did everything it could to make conspiracy theorists lose their minds.


While deeply silly people went crazy over literally nothing at all, the US hosted the most violent and most international military exercises in our country’s history. These were air assaults of as many as 100 helicopters. According to my witnesses—three of whom are active-duty US military—the gunships were so heavily armed that the firing looked like a freeway at night.


The rehearsals went on nightly for two months. Imagine if the Jade Helm nutters had known about this.

Strategic special forces and Russia

People have asked me what Russia will do in response to the Arab League, Israel, and their allies ending the madness in the Middle East.

Well, nothing. Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir expressed concern over Russian actions in Syria.

Russian military operations have been intensified to influence the ongoing talks in Geneva. There are those who say that the aim is to improve the situation of the regime in the negotiations, and others say it is an attempt to provoke the Syrian opposition and push it to end the negotiations.

At around the same time, this happened.

A Russian military adviser has been killed in Syria by shelling from the Islamic State group, the Russian defence ministry told Ria Novosti news agency Wednesday.

The officer was training Syrian soldiers loyal to President Bashar al-Assad in the use of “new weapons” when he was “fatally wounded” on Monday, the ministry was quoted as saying. No details were given about where the attack took place.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a British-based monitoring group with a network of sources on the ground in Syria, said three Russian soldiers were also wounded in the attack, which it said took place in an area where IS does not have a presence.

Killed by the Islamic State in an area where the Islamic State doesn’t have a presence. WEIRD!

Putin likes to pretend that his soldiers aren’t useless. These are men of the 76th Guards Air Assault Division.


It’s supposed to be Russia’s best unit. The man on the right is terrified by unarmed, singing Ukrainians marching toward him. Depressed to the point of nearly losing consciousness, the officer on the left has to restrain his panicky underling.

On May 2, 2015, about fifteen Emirati Presidential Guardsmen were landed in Crater, Yemen. They fought approximately 40,000 Houthis for two months. The Guardsmen are said to have used Javelin antitank guided missiles.


I believe that the Emiratis were actually armed with new weapons developed by Israel. New weapons or not, these men had the courage to face astronomical odds.

That was fifteen strategic special operators. Imagine what 150,000 will do.

You know what’s extremely funny?


They’ve been goose stepping on our flag and screeching, “DEATH TO AMERICA!” since 1979. Guess which country will be conspicuously absent from the Joint Comprehensive Caving In of Certain Skulls (JCCIOCS), pronounced “Jixee Ox”?

You guys should’ve done some research, the way I did. Now it’s death to you.


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