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Time to stop worrying about nonexistent “hurt feelings”

Time to stop worrying about nonexistent “hurt feelings”

What a difference five days make. The fact that downtown Cologne, Germany, is now a “no-go area” for women made me decide that it’s time to explain what’s happening in Syria. My little blog won’t change a thing anyway, and we need to puncture this deranged balloon of protection we’ve put around Muslim criminals.

I’m fifty-three now, so eighteen-year-old women are like children to me. This kid was sexually assaulted and had her belongings stolen in Cologne on New Year’s Eve.


If you haven’t been sexually assaulted, you’ll never understand why the Swiss psychiatrist Alice Miller called it “soul murder.” People react to the same experiences differently, depending on temperament. That’s why the crime is so dangerous. One person may recover from an assault, while another may commit suicide. Years of drug and alcohol abuse are often endured before the formal suicide.

The useless German cops and Cologne city council now say that 2000 Muslim men ran amok on New Year’s Eve, assaulting and robbing hundreds of women. There’s only one way to deal with people like this: They must be made to fear the consequences of their actions. Violence is the only answer.

A time for stupidity

Far too many Muslim “refugees” come from failed cultures of nearly universal incompetence and amorality. Western powers decided that we have to pretend that this deadly shortcoming doesn’t exist, because to be honest about it would hurt peoples’ feelings. And it would be racist. Being a racist is worse than being a rapist.

In early 2013 the US, the UK, France, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and eight other nations created the Military Operations Center (MOC) in Amman. The MOC is staffed by military officers who advised and armed Syrian rebels in Daraa Governorate.


As soon as I learned about the MOC, I knew it would be a joke. And I was right.

[T]his covert aid has been so limited, reflecting the Obama administration’s reluctance to get drawn into another Middle Eastern conflict, that rebels say they have come to doubt that the United States still shares their goal of toppling President Bashar al-Assad…

Rebels who have visited the operations headquarters say its decisions balance the interests of the main players: Saudi Arabia provides funding and pushes for greater rebel support; Jordan manages the border and urges caution; and the United States supervises, maintaining a veto on weapon shipments.

What happened was that around January of 2015 it became clear that the Community-Activist-in-Chief is pathologically risk averse. The Saudis, Emiratis, and other Arab League nations therefore began infiltrating special-operations units into Syria to kill Iranian and Hezbollah commanders, in partnership with Israel.

MOC was tasked with helping the Southern Front of the Free Syrian Army fight the Syrian Arab Army, the Iranian Quds Force and Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps, the Syrian National Defense Forces, and Iraqi and Afghan militias. The Southern Front was comprised of both secular and Islamist elements that had different goals. Since the US didn’t provide major weaponry or effective training, the Southern Front had no chance of winning.

After the Russians began bombing the Southern Front, MOC withdrew its support.

A time to dither

Many new weapons are being used in the Syrian civil war. It wouldn’t have been wise to hand them over to groups as unstable and untrustworthy as the Southern Front. The only answer was to embed more and more professional warriors with the units. Videos show that a long-range variant of the American BGM-71 TOW antitank guided missile (ATGM) is being used. It has a thermobaric warhead, meaning liquid fuel is vaporized and detonated, killing by shock wave.

The Hezbollah fighters in this pickup truck didn’t survive.

Thermobaric weapons kill by rupturing your internal organs. The red arrow shows where the passengers in the pickup sat.


Their brains were instantly liquefied.

This new TOW missile doesn’t exist. The only people the rebels would trust to be embedded with them to fire the new missiles would be Arab special operators. And keep in mind that the post you’re reading is a SWAG (scientific wild-assed guess). I have no active-duty contacts in any armed force.

On March 26, 2015, Saudi Arabia and eight other nations began Operation Decisive Storm in Yemen. We were told that the first Arab League special forces didn’t begin fighting in Aden until May 4, 2015, but this video of Saudi operators obliterating a Houthi armed convoy was posted on YouTube on May 1, 2015. The relevant footage appears from the beginning to 1:23.

Every time I watch that video, I find something else. What the hell is the munition marked with the red arrow?


A thermobaric bullet? Yup. That’s exactly what it is.

In both the war in Yemen and the war in Syria, Saudi Arabia and her allies are using science-fiction weapons. I’ve never seen anything like it.

It surprised me that the Saudis didn’t forcefully defend themselves against the transparently false accusations that they’re committing mass war crimes in Yemen. Then I realized that the Yemen conflict is a brilliant deception operation. While the goals of the war are real, the Saudis and their allies calculated correctly that by letting the UN, NGOs, and the press squawk about atrocities that weren’t happening, all eyes would be taken off Syria. To defeat Iran, Syria must be liberated. Yemen is secondary in importance.

The Coalition has video recordings of every air strike in Yemen. If someone wants to file war-crimes charges at the International Criminal Court, the Coalition will vindicate itself. Therefore “bad press” isn’t something to worry about. What does it even mean? Will the UN no longer like Saudi Arabia? Do you think the Saudis care?

A time to make loudmouths shut up

The Turks said that any Kurds west of the Euphrates River in Syria would not be tolerated. On October 11, 2015, the Syrian Democratic Forces (QSD) announced their formation, and three weeks later they launched a series of amazingly successful, unpredictable offenses. As of today, they’re extremely west of the Euphrates. It took them no time at all to get there.


The QSD is majority Kurd. However, the Turks said that everything is fine, because only Arab elements of the QSD are west of the Euphrates. All is well. The United States agrees.

Over the past 10 days in the Tishreen area northeast of Aleppo, [Operation Inherent Resolve spokesman US Army Colonel Steve] Warren said Syrian Democratic Forces have killed about 140 extremists while liberating dozens of villages and reclaiming more than 310 square kilometers of terrain.

“Soldiers of the Shams al-Shamal battalion, a prominent Arab fighting group in the SDF, are holding the west side of that dam, demonstrating the continued integration between Arabs and Kurds within the Syrian Democratic Forces,” the colonel said.

The SDF consists of groups of Syrian Kurds, Arabs, Assyrians, and other ethnic groups in northern Syria, all of whom are collectively determined to defeat ISIL, Warren added.

“As the Shams al-Shamal battalion holds the [Tishreen] dam, other forces are advancing to the south in the vicinity of Ein Isa. These troops have experienced some counterattacks west of Tishreen,” he noted.

To the north, the SDF are receiving harassing mortar fire, but in each case they have repelled all of ISIL’s attempts to regain territory or strongholds, Warren said.

The Shams al-Shamal Battalions (Kata’eb Shams Ash-Shamal or Battalions of the Northern Sun) were formed in early 2014.

We are acting together in areas where Kurds and Turkmens live within close proximity. Mostly around Afrin. A new agreement was reached between the YPG and the Turkmen forces there, uniting them under the umbrella of a newly formed group called Shams Shemal, or the Northern Sun.

Check the record. The Shams al-Shamal Battalions were Kurds and Turkmens until October 11, 2015. Now they’re Arabs. The Kurdish YPG Anti Terror Units (YAT) spearheaded the assault on Tishreen Dam.

Arab_special_operators _YPG


Both the Turks and the US say that the men wearing those gray coveralls are Arabs. Since the Turks have shut their pieholes about Kurds being west of the Euphrates, I think it’s obvious that yes, those are Arabs.

However, the Arab militias in the QSD have no special forces.

A time to get things done

You don’t have to support or like Saudi Arabia. Regardless, the Saudis are not dithering. They’re not interested in what the corrupt, hypocritical, uncaring, finger-wagging “international community” thinks of them.

On Oct 18, 2013, just one day after being elected to a two year term on the U.N. Security Council, the Saudi government unexpectedly turned down the seat. The reasons cited by Riyadh were the Security Council’s impotence in dealing with the Assad government’s continued atrocities against Syrian Sunni Muslims as well as its ineffectiveness in making any measurable progress in the impasse over the Israeli-Palestinian conflict or in ridding the Middle East of weapons of mass destruction.

They told the UN to shove it. Has anyone else ever done that?

The Saudi-led Operation Decisive Storm began in Yemen on March 26, 2015. Riyadh informed the head of US Central Command one hour before the aircraft took off on their missions.

It had to be done that way. Let’s go back to the Military Operations Center (MOC) in Jordan, which the US controls.

For a [Southern Front] detachment to obtain weapons, it must submit its detailed military plan to the MOC operations room. This plan is discussed and then the detachment waits for approval. The decision of initiating any military action is subject to the approval of regional and international powers, which is accompanied by a verbal circular to the tribal and national support networks in the Gulf to prevent any support for military actions outside MOC’s limitations.

There are fourteen nations in the MOC. After they’d all debated the request for weapons, the final decision was made by those who oversee the training of the Iraqi army.


“The highest levels of the US chain of command/levels of government” means President Obama. He’s demanding that men like those below—special operators who are not even American—come to him for approval of their tactics.

Can you better understand why the Saudis decided that it was time to stop the foolishness? They’re killing everyone in Syria who needs to be killed.

People are finally beginning to fear the consequences of their actions. And the dead have no feelings to hurt.