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Feign disorder, and then crush your enemy and his supporters

Feign disorder, and then crush your enemy and his supporters

“Hold out baits to entice the enemy. Feign disorder, and crush him.”

Those of the words of Sun Tzu, author of the The Art of War.

There’s no doubt in my mind that Israel and the Arab League have created strategic special forces, dubbed “C6ISR forces” by IDF Brigadier General Gal Hirsch (retired). The term C6ISR stands for “Command, Control, Communications, Computing, Cyber, Commando, Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance.”

Here’s what Hirsch adds.

Special operations forces are, first and foremost, groups of special individuals, possessing unique strengths and resilience as well as unusual training. They benefit from high-standard selection and a particularly high degree of combat competence. They have at their disposal the latest cutting-edge weapon systems and most importantly – they possess a different, adaptive and creative character.

Weather and topographic challenges or the toughest opponent – these are no obstacle for the special operations forces. It is their natural environment and they are built to cope, to initiate, to adapt and to create something out of nothing – new ideas, new solutions, even if they are not exactly by-the-book. These forces are, indeed, what their title implies – “special”.


Special forces are highly competent in precision and accuracy using state-of-the-art technology, but can also import into the theater of operations massive firepower (in the form of air support and other types of fire support). The need to be able to handle hostage situations provides them with selective capabilities and a selective approach to planning and execution, as a minimum requirement and as a mindset in every mission and on every battlefield.

Special operations are normally surgical, precise and meticulously planned, so they do not include the employment of statistical weapons. This experience enables planning and execution of limited ground maneuvers characterized by selective, precise, cautious fighting, with minimum damage inflicted on the civilian population, with carefully calculated friction and with a minimum of errors.

Photos of special forces—like that of Bahrainis above—and open-source information on conventional armed forces have allowed me to take a stab at determining the organization of a C6ISR unit, many of which the Arab League has already inserted into Syria.

But first, your feel-good story of the day.

Let’s all feign sadness

On February 2, 2016, suicide bomber Abdullahi Abdisalam Borleh set off an explosive on Daallo Airlines Flight 159. The bomb was inside a laptop computer. Only Borleh was killed; two others were injured. The Airbus A321 was able to return to the airport.

Photos of the damage show that Borleh placed the bomb against the wall of the cabin, under the window.

Daallo Airlines Flight 159

Daallo Airlines Flight 159.2

All of that destruction was caused by explosive decompression, not the bomb. They found Abdullahi Abdisalam Borleh’s body on the ground outside the city of Mogadishu. It was missing the right hand and foot.

Borleh got sucked out! And the instant that his upper body went through the hole, the force of the wind folded him in half sideways—CRACK! Then he got shoved at top speed across jagged metal, like a piece of Gouda over a cheese grater.

Here’s a Borleh-smear down the side of the airliner.


He got to experience at least half a second of that while conscious.

Excellent. Hope it was worth it for him.

Saudis and Turks feign disorder

Everything we’re seeing now is military deception (MILDEC) by the Saudis and Turks. The Saudis feign being “bogged down” in Yemen, and the Turks feign antagonism to the Syrian Kurds.

However, Turkey is on record as saying that she will accept the eventual formation of an independent Kurdistan. This statement was made in unambiguous language. Turkey is establishing its bona fides by providing precision artillery fire for the Syrian Democratic Forces (QSD) in the Manbij offensive.


Turkey is not known to have precision-artillery capabilities. My guess is that Israel provided the Top Gun guidance fuse for 155mm artillery rounds.


Remember how Turkey had a red line, the Syrian territory west of the Euphrates? Kurds from the east of the Euphrates were not to be allowed into the west.

On February 10, 2016, US Army Colonel Steve Warren briefed reporters on Operation Inherent Resolve. Below is the only mention of Turkish-Kurdish friction (26:54 to 27:21).

Q: What can you say to convince the Turks that the US is not arming [Kurdish Democratic Union Party militia] the YPG?

A: Well I’ll tell you: The Turks are a NATO ally and a long-time close friend of the United States of America. And we understand their concerns, and we work very closely with them at the diplomatic levels to give them exactly those types of reassurances.

A week ago, I thought this problem would never be solved. Now it’s gone. Thank Saudi Arabia, Israel, the Kurds, and the Turks.

In the meantime, the Saudis continue their stream of mind-blowing announcements.

Saudi military spokesman Brigadier-General Ahmed al-Asiri said his country is prepared for a land war in Syria, the Saudi-backed Asharq al-Awsat reported on Tuesday.


Asiri’s statement to the London- based paper comes after his country announced last week its willing to send ground troops as part of the international coalition to fight Islamic State. The Senior Saudi defense official said that his country wants to defeat Islamic State.

He also announced Saudi Arabia would hold a large-scale military exercise called “Thunder of the North” with the participation of 21 Arab and Muslim countries. The exercise would enhance coordination and information sharing between the countries, Asiri said.

He added, according to the report, that “when participating countries feel that there are coordinated and interdependent efforts, the results of the exercise will be positive. We have models based on real experience of being in the Arab coalition in Yemen where operations are running excellently and positively.”

Now, there’s this.

The Turkish General Staff has two important considerations regarding the international community over sending troops to Syria.

The first of these two is that the United States has not made any preparations for ground troops to be deployed to Syria, as it knows a United Nations decision cannot be met due to Russia’s stance in the civil war in Syria.

The second was that the Turkish army would not set foot on Syrian soil without a U.N. Security Council resolution.

I believe the Turks. The fighting to remove the Islamic State, al-Qaeda, Assad, Hezbollah, and Iran from Syria will be done by Arab League, Central Asian, and Asian C6ISR forces. Strategic special forces. How are these units organized?

No need to feign

Open sources give me a good idea. A C6ISR force is based on a rapid-reaction, rapid-intervention, rapid-deployment, or expeditionary unit. Here’s the organization of a US Marine Corps Expeditionary Unit (MEU).


A MAGTF is a Marine Air-Ground Task Force.

The United Arab Emirates modeled its Presidential Guard on the US Marines, and then the Emiratis began training other Arab nations. After looking at the Egyptian Rapid Deployment Forces, and after seeing what Qatar sent to Yemen (Syria) in September of 2015, I conclude that this is the order of battle (OOB) of an Arab League C6ISR force.


Each C6ISR force has about 600-800 men. It’s entirely self-contained, highly mobile, and it has incredible firepower. The UAE was able to insert hundreds of armored vehicles into Yemen without being seen by anybody. There aren’t even satellite images of how the Emiratis did it.

And despite ten months of ground combat, there’s virtually no footage of the Arab League fighting in Yemen. If the Arab League doesn’t want you to see it, you won’t.

Since C6ISR forces use stealth and deception, I’m pretty sure that there won’t be any kind public buildup to the invasion of Syria. These units will simply continue going in. They can operate on their own, or they can join up with other C6ISR forces. Most importantly, they can handle anything they come across. The Russians won’t stop them; Putin’s been bought off, and he won’t risk video showing thirty of his rattle-trap bombers diving into the ground with their butts on fire.

Feign competence and die

Don’t believe this nonsense about how now the war is going in Assad’s favor. Just watch his men fight. In my entire life, I’ve never seen anyone blindly spray bullets this way. It’s like satire.

Those guys trying to kill the sky are the Syrian Arab Army Tiger Forces.

Colonel Suheil Al-Hassan of the Syrian Arab Army’s Special Forces Brigade known as the “Tiger Forces” (Qawat Al-Nimr) has become one of the most popular and feared officers in the this conflict, as his victories have birthed new life in an embattled army spread across Syria.


Following Latakia, the Colonel spent his time in Hama until he was awarded a special project by the Central Command in the fall of 2013 – he was tasked to train and lead a Special Forces unit that would work primarily as an offensive unit.

Colonel Hassan handpicked many of the soldiers that would later form the Tiger Forces[.]

Aren’t you sick of murderous poseurs? Admit it: Don’t you want every evil, blood-soaked, implacably destructive gasbag in the world to have his clock effortlessly cleaned by professional warriors?

This has to stop. Bring on the C6ISR forces. Turn them loose. There’s no more time to waste.

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