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The end of jihadist terrorism

The end of jihadist terrorism

People have expressed concern that I’m revealing too much by talking about my theory that the Iranian nuclear deal—formally called the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA)—is actually the most daring military deception operation in the history of the world. I believe that the JCPOA is designed to be so horribly suicidal that it will give the Sunni Arabs and Israel a casus belli to attack Iran. And I think I’ve found the proof that I’m right, in the form of statements by the Israelis and Saudis about their plans to eliminate jihadist terrorism.

Since Israeli and Saudi officials are speaking openly about what will occur, I could reveal a lot more detail about what I’ve learned from reading open sources and connecting the dots. However, the military forces of the nations involved haven’t released this information. Therefore I’ll refrain. What the Saudis and Israelis are saying should be enough to convince you that I’m right.

On June 4, 2015, retired Saudi general Anwar Majed Eshki and former Israeli ambassador to the US Dore Gold spoke to the Council on Foreign Relations in Washington, DC. The topic was stopping Iran from taking over the Middle East. General Eshki laid out in plain language how the Saudis will do this.

He ended his remarks with a seven-point plan for the Middle East. Atop the list was achieving peace between Israel and the Arabs. Second came regime-change in Iran. Also on the list were greater Arab unity, the establishment of an Arab regional military force, and a call for an independent Kurdistan to be made up of territory now belonging to Iraq, Turkey and Iran.

I was absolutely right. The coming war isn’t going to be about preventing Iran from getting nuclear weapons; the goal is ridding the Middle East of the most destructive actors in the region—the mullahs and the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps. My guess is that the Sunnis and Israelis will launch simultaneous attacks on Lebanon and Iran, using amphibious landings, air assaults, and mass parachute drops of airborne troops.

The model for the Arab forces that will do the fighting is the United Arab Emirates Presidential Guard, created in 2011. Commanding the UAE Presidential Guard is an Australian special-forces veteran, Major General Michael Simon Hindmarsh.


You may not be aware of it, but the Australian armed forces are among the best in the world. They excel at special operations. The UAE Presidential Guard is an amalgam of all branches of service. It has both conventional and unconventional capabilities.

Recently established, the Presidential Guard is expected by the country’s leadership to be the premier fighting unit in the U.A.E. Armed Forces. In accordance with this mandate, the Presidential Guard is currently training with various U.S. military personnel in an effort to build their knowledge of military training best practices. In fact, His Highness General Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the U.A.E. Armed Forces, specifically asked for U.S. Marine guidance in developing a warrior ethos for this elite unit of U.A.E. Soldiers.

The U.A.E. Special Operations Command (SOC), a unit of the Presidential Guard, is a small but effective force focused on the counter-terrorism mission within the U.A.E. The SOC is well-financed, trained, and equipped and currently has soldiers deployed in Afghanistan, the only Arab personnel undertaking full-scale operations in the country. The SOC is an elite unit of a few thousand troops, utilizing Black Hawk helicopters and Boeing Chinook transport helicopters to carry out their missions.

From what I can tell, the men of UAE Presidential Guard are the most highly trained soldiers ever. The US Marine Corps helped form and train the unit; the American army, navy, air force, and coast guard trained it; British commandos, Royal Marines, special forces, and the Royal Air Force trained it; the Australian special forces trained it; French special forces trained it; the Pakistanis trained it; the Malaysians trained it; and South Korean special forces trained it for two years. I’m sure it’s fighting in Operation Golden Arrow, the ground invasion of Yemen that began on August 4, 2015.

In 2014 Egypt created the Rapid Deployment Forces (RDF) based on the UAE Presidential Guard. It has commandos, mechanized infantry, armor, air defense, artillery, antitank capabilities, helicopters, reconnaissance teams, and jet fighters. In its short life it’s already undergone five training exercises with the UAE.


On July 31, 2015, Egypt and Saudi Arabia signed the Cairo Declaration.

Egypt and Saudi Arabia have signed a pact in Cairo aimed at boosting military and economic ties between the two Arab allies.

In a statement released after a meeting between President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi and Saudi Defence Minister and Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman on Thursday, Sisi’s office said the two leaders also will work to create a joint Arab military force.

Saudi special operators are on the ground in Yemen.


And so are female Yemeni special operators trained by the Saudis.


By declaring war on jihadist terrorism, the Arab League is being given a taste of what Israel experiences. Most of the reporting coming out of Yemen is flat-out lies. Without missing a beat, the press switched from being stenographers for Hamas to being stenographers for the Iranian mullahs, the puppet masters of the Houthis. This image is being used as an illustration of damage caused by a Saudi air strike in Sana’a.


It’s obviously not damage from an air strike because all the floors and ceilings are intact, and there’s no evidence of fragmentation. The walls were sheared off by a blast wave. And guess what happened the same day as this “air strike”?

SANAA: Two deadly car bombs hit the capital Sanaa and a southern city in Yemen on Tuesday, state news agency Saba reported, a day after air strike and clashes killed almost 200 people nationwide.

Islamic State in Yemen claimed responsibility in a statement posted online for the Sanaa attack, latest in a string of recent actions by the hardline Sunni Muslim group against Shi’ite Houthis who run the capital.

One of the explosives-laden cars detonated near a hospital in downtown Sanaa, which the news agency controlled by Yemen’s dominant Houthi group said killed and injured “numerous” people, while another killed around 10 people in al-Bayda, capital of a province in the country’s battle-weary south.

Car bombs! IEDs, just like in Gaza. Here’s something they didn’t have in Gaza.


Houthi antiaircraft artillery. Every one of those rounds came down somewhere and exploded. This is supposed to be the result of a Saudi air strike.


An aerial munition didn’t cause that. The bottom floors blew up, and the building collapsed in on itself. Hey, look here!

Saudi-led coalition spokesman Brigadier General Ahmed al-Assiri was quoted by Agence France-Presse as saying that the coalition did not carry out an attack and suggested that a rebel ammunition storehouse might have exploded.

First I examined the photo and recognized that an air strike didn’t do that damage. Then the Saudis said they didn’t bomb the building. I know who I believe.

Yemen is being hit with car bombs and massive amounts of ordnance fired by Houthis, but all the blame for the destruction is being placed on the Saudis. This is why the UN and “human rights” groups are worthless. They’ve reduced themselves to this.

What do the Israelis have to say? Well, someone found an Islamic State Mein Kampf in Pakistan, a blueprint for taking over the world. It’s childish wish-casting, since the Islamic State lacks the capabilities to dominate the globe. But here’s the most important part of the article.

In response to the document, a senior ranking Israeli official said that in the Middle East the world faces two threats – from Islamic State and from Iran. “We need not strengthen one at the expense of the other. We need to weaken both and prevent the aggression and arming of both,” he warned.

As is always the case, the Israelis WARN by saying exactly what they’re going to do. The coming war will destroy both the Iranian mullacracy and the Islamic State. Hezbollah will also be smashed. I believe the Saudis when they say they want peace and stability. Since evil people never stop on their own, they’ll have to be eradicated with a short, incredibly violent war. So be it.

A Saudi made one of my favorite pieces of art. Within our lifetimes, we may see the Middle East become a place of humor and poignant, whimsical beauty.

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