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And you thought the lies about Israel were bad…

And you thought the lies about Israel were bad…

It’s a dangerous time in our history. It appears that almost everyone can be bought. The lies about Israel told during Operation Protective Edge were just the beginning. As far as I can tell, everything being reported about Yemen is untrue. My guess is that journalists and members of “human rights” organizations have been bought off by Iran, and then these creatures rationalize selling their souls with the following sentiment, which I’ve heard and read everywhere.

“The richest Arab nations are waging war on the poorest Arab nation.”

It’s like a slogan from George Orwell’s Animal Farm, something that can be chanted brainlessly.


The best place to start is this report by France 24, which I can’t embed. Watch it and then I’ll point out some things.

Doctors without Borders says that Aden is completely destroyed and has no way to deal with the endless flow of wounded. Then we’re shown a brand-new, clean, well-equipped, undamaged, EMPTY hospital.



What about the patients?

Houthi fighter.


Houthi fighter.


Houthi fighter.


Houthi fighter.


Houthi fighter in a clean, calm emergency room. No blood on any of the medical personnel.


Houthi fighters in a clean, uncrowded waiting area.


This child has a cast on his leg.


He has no other injuries. The chances that he’s the casualty of an air strike are zero.

Here’s more of “completely destroyed” Aden.


Supposedly there’s been very little food or water for five months. Why are all these people so clean and healthy looking?



I’ll tell you why: Because the entire world is lying about the actions of the Saudi-led coalition. The Coalition naval blockade obviously isn’t preventing food and water from entering Yemen. Look at the the water cooler in this clean, undamaged house.


Here’s something not widely reported about the blockade.

Yemen’s Foreign Minister, Riyad Yasin, has authorised the Saudi-led Arab forces carrying out Operation Decisive Storm to declare a naval blockade on all Yemeni regional waters.

The Foreign Minister issued a statement on 11 April from his current residence in the Saudi capital, Riyadh, in which he said only the passage of ships carrying assistance for civilians, the Yemeni resistance and popular committees would be permitted.

This guy said that Yemen is worse than Somalia.


He’s lying. The Somali Civil War has been going on for thirty years. It’s killed up to 500,000 people. We’re told that in five months of intense air strikes and ground combat in Yemen, about 4300 Yemeni fighters and civilians have been killed. If that number were real, it would show the incredible care the that Coalition is taking to spare civilians. In the six months of Operation Desert Storm, about 40,000 Iraqi troops and civilians were killed.

But there’s absolutely no way that the number of 4300 dead Yemenis is accurate. Everybody’s lying so lazily now. Look at this moronic report.

Saudi-led warplanes hit Yemeni port, aid group sounds alarm

Warplanes from a Saudi-led coalition hit Yemen’s Red Sea port of Hodeida on Tuesday, and officials there said the raids destroyed cranes and warehouses in the main entry point for aid supplies to the north of the country.

Hodeida, controlled by Iranian-allied Houthi forces, has become a focal point of efforts to resupply the impoverished Arab state, battered by five months of war that has killed over 4,300 people.

“Fighting, critical fuel shortages and restrictions on importing relief supplies have already helped to create one of the world’s worst humanitarian crises,” said Edward Santiago of aid group Save the Children.

“The bombing of Hodeida port is the final straw … The impact of these latest air strikes will be felt most strongly by innocent children and families,” he added.

Officials said the raids destroyed the port’s four cranes and also hit warehouses, bringing work to a halt. There was no information on what was in the warehouses.

The photo accompanying the report shows seven cranes, not four, and all are completely undamaged.


That’s because the Coalition didn’t bomb the cranes.

Brigadier General Ahmed Asseri, spokesman for the Saudi-led coalition, said the strikes on Hodeida were directed not at the civilian port but at a base where the Houthis had deployed anti-ship weapons.

“There is a naval base inside the port. This is where we struck last night,” he said.

And the Houthis are imitating another lackey of Iran, Hamas.

[Brigadier General Ahmed Asseri] said the coalition had on Tuesday given permission to three aid vessels to travel to Hodeida’s civilian port for humanitarian aid shipments.

Aid groups have previously complained that a coalition naval blockade has stopped relief supplies entering Yemen. The coalition, in which the United Arab Emirates also plays a big military role, has accused the Houthis of commandeering aid shipments for war use.

One of the most dishonest, corrupt, destructive “human rights” organizations is Amnesty International (AI). They’ve put out a report titled “‘Nowhere safe for civilians’: Airstrikes and ground attacks in Yemen.” It’s 100 percent nonfactual. They provide no evidence whatsoever for their claims that the Coalition is bombing civilian targets in order to…what, exactly?

AI says that they saw the fins of an American Mk 80-family bomb lying in some rubble.


It’s not possible to positively identify an aerial munition by gazing at its blown-off fins. This Iranian Saeqeh single-seat fighter is armed with perfect copies of the American Mk-82 500-lb (226 kg) bomb.


There’s absolutely no way that AI could tell whether the bomb fins were from an American Mk-82 or an Iranian copy. All they offer as proof is anecdotes. People claim that air strikes killed Grandma, all the kids, three aunts, and the cat. AI simply repeats the accusations as if they couldn’t possibly be false.

Someone explain to me the purpose of terror-bombing Yemeni civilians, especially with one bomb here and one bomb there. AI says that 141 people—the majority of them women and children, of course—were killed in eight air strikes. That works out to eighteen people per strike. If the Coalition wanted to kill and terrorize civilians, they’d drop napalm or masses of thermobaric bombs.

Also, why is there absolutely no video or still photos of the evil Coalition bombing Yemeni civilians? We can easily find amateur video of Syrian jets bombing the hell out of civilians.

“Human rights” groups and the Iranian mullahs have found common cause. This report by Iranian Press TV is hilarious in its transparent fraudulence. Clean, healthy, materially well-off Yemenis in undamaged surroundings complain about their terrible suffering.

“Relentless and indiscriminate area bombardment.”

Word for word, it’s exactly what these snake-oil salesmen said about Israel’s attack on Gaza. I’ll ask the same question I asked back then: Where are the bodies?

The Houthis, Iranians, and Russians are busy releasing videos that fool only the uninformed.

That’s blast damage. There’s almost no sign that metal fragments were sprayed in all directions, as you’d expect from an explosive aerial munition.


The video shows the aftermath of a precision strike on a weapons depot. Since there are no dead or wounded, the Coalition warned everyone to evacuate first. You can’t ask for more civilized behavior.

We can safely ignore everything the UN, the press, and “human rights” groups tell us. They’re lying. The Arab Coalition is not slaughtering or starving Yemeni civilians. In fact the Coalition is conducting itself with honor and great restraint. My guess is that within two years, the Middle East will be free of the mullahs, the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps, the Quds Force, Hezbollah, Hamas, al-Qaeda, and the Islamic State.

And to think that I once mistrusted Arab governments and believed every word of Amnesty International. This is how France 24 ended their report titled “French aid workers recount horror of war in Yemen.”

France 24

I can’t think of a better reaction to the “news” coming out of Yemen.

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