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Lying so that the money continues to flow in

Lying so that the money continues to flow in

I donate to a tiny number of charities that I’ve vetted thoroughly. Most are Jewish, since I won’t donate to charities that help people who persecute Jews. The charities to which I donate have my blessings to help whomever they want. I don’t donate to any “human rights” organization. The reason is that I can’t think of any that I haven’t caught lying. They lie for money.

Take Amnesty International, for example. Literally nothing they’ve written about the Saudi-led intervention in Yemen is true. Here are the latest lies.

Damning evidence of war crimes by the Saudi Arabia-led coalition, which is armed by states including the USA, highlights the urgent need for independent, effective investigation of violations in Yemen and for the suspension of transfers of certain arms, said Amnesty International in a new report published today…

The report reveals a pattern of appalling disregard for civilian lives displayed by the Saudi Arabia-led military coalition which declared the entire cities of Sa’da and nearby Marran - where tens of thousands of civilians live - military targets in violation of international law.

The second paragraph is a lie. Amnesty International wants you to believe that the Saudi-led Coalition declared that two entire cities would be bombed. It’s clear from the context that that is not true.

Starting today and as you all remember we have declared through media platforms and through the leaflets that were dropped on [Marran and Saada], and prior warnings to Yemeni civilians in those two cities, to get away from those cities where operations will take place. This warning will end at 7 p.m. today and coalitions forces will immediately respond to the actions of these militias that targeted the security and safety of the Saudi citizens from now and until the objectives of this operation are reached.

We have also declared Saada and Marran as military targets loyal to the Houthi militias and as a result the operations will cover the whole area of those two cities and thus we repeat our call to the civilians to stay away from these groups, and leave the areas under Houthi control or where the Houthis are taking shelter.

Coalition spokesman Brigadier General Ahmed al-Assiri spoke in Arabic, a language that’s notoriously difficult to translate into English. Even so, it’s obvious that Assiri meant that operations would be carried out everywhere in both cities. He didn’t say that the cities themselves would be leveled. If the Coalition wanted to destroy Saada and Marran, there’d be nothing left of those two cities.

Amnesty International bases ALL its claims on “eyewitness” accounts and fake photos. This building was allegedly destroyed by an air strike.

How the hell did aerial munitions blow up the ground floor without damaging the ceilings of the second and third floors? Did the Coalition jet come skimming in this high off the ground before releasing its bombs?

And the glass in the open windows on the top floor of the destroyed Yemeni building is still intact. That structure was not hit by aerial munitions. Someone on the ground floor was fooling around with an explosives cache and set it off. These are the guys who blow things up in Yemen.


They’re Houthis so high on khat that they wear only one shoe (red arrow).

Amnesty International goes on with its lies.

Cluster bombs, which are banned under international law, scatter scores of bomblets over a wide area.

No. Cluster bombs are not banned under international law. Only two weapons are internationally banned: poison gas and bacteriological agents. Cluster munitions were voluntarily given up by nations that depend on others to protect them.

To go along with the above lie, Amnesty provides a fake photo.

The video below is propaganda in the sense that the US never once used cluster munitions on civilians, but it shows how destructive one bomblet or submunition is.

Pepe Escobar is an idiot. The ban on land mines didn’t prevent the Houthis from creating such gigantic minefields around Taiz that the Coalition has had to bring in engineer units to laboriously clear the way. This is why it’s taking so long to liberate the city. Yemen signed the Ottawa Treaty. How strange that now land mines are being used in Yemen!

Back to cluster munitions.

If you step on a submunition from a cluster bomb, you’ll lose your leg. These weapons explode into jagged fragments. In Amnesty International’s photo, Mohammed Hamood al-Wabash has no wounds from fragmentation anywhere on his leg, and the sole of his foot is completely uninjured.

He has internal fractures from blunt trauma. His injuries were not caused by an explosive munition.

Gimmie money! Because gimmie!

Amnesty International often pairs with another serial liar, Human Rights Watch (HRW). In the case of HRW, it’s easy to follow the money trail.

Kenneth Roth actually has it much better than you might think. For one thing, he has no expenses. Everything is comped, as they say in the entertainment business. Roth is also on a permanent, lucrative speaking tour.

Here are some of Roth’s speaking engagements in 2014.

Four times at the Council on Foreign Relations
the Fletcher Forum of World affairs
the Ogden Lecture at Brown University
Georgetown University Law Center
New York Review of Books
Bingham Centre for the Rule of Law
Castan Centre for Human Rights Law, Monash University
Syrian American Medical Society 14th International Conference
The Sydney Institute
The Fletcher School, Tufts University, High Table Symposium
2014 Municipal Art Society for New York City
National Research University Higher School of Economics Faculty of Law
International Coalition for the Responsibility to Protect

That’s another $224,000. Minimum. Roth also writes books, for which he’s paid hefty advances.

So why does he look disgusted?

Ken Roth, Executive Director of Human Rights Watch

It’s because the price of his wealth and fame was his soul. Roth spreads transparent lies about Israel and the Coalition fighting in Yemen. Is he being bribed or blackmailed? I have no idea. From March 26, 2015, to today, a reported 5700 Yemenis have been killed, of whom half are said to be civilians. This very low number utterly debunks the accusation that the Saudi-led Coalition is showing total disregard for civilian life.

The Coalition has been fighting for eight months. During the six-month Gulf War of 1990-1991, about 40,000 were killed. In the eight-month war to overthrow Muammar Gaddafi of Libya, about 13,000 were killed or went missing. Some sources put the number at 25,000.

Do you know how many Arab League, African, and other troops are fighting in Yemen? Here’s the breakdown, which I’ve estimated from multiple sources.

1000 Saudis
1000 Sudanese
2100 Senegalese
1000 Qataris
800 Pakistanis
800 Egyptians
500 Malaysians
500 Mauritanians
400 Eritreans
1000 Emiratis
450 Colombians
15,700 Yemeni soldiers
20,000 Yemeni tribal fighters

These are their enemies.

150,000 Houthi fighters
100,00 Yemeni Republican Guard
75,000 Yemeni militiamen
(?) Iranian Quds Force
(?) Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps
(?) Lebanese Hezbollah

The Coalition is outnumbered seven to one, but it’s pushed the Houthis and their allies almost back to where they started. Despite the ferocity of the fighting, less than 3000 civilians have died. More than half of those were deliberately killed by the Houthis.

We had two world wars that killed a total of almost 90 million people. In 2015 the Saudi-led Coalition is doing everything in its power to avoid killing ANYBODY—civilian or combatant—yet the thanks these extremely honorable warriors get is to be lambasted by “human rights” organizations that resort to despicable lies.

It’s clear that Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch are terrified by the fact that modern, civilized warriors are now fighting the way “human rights” groups have demanded. If wars become less destructive, that puts Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch out of jobs.

So they lie and claim that things are worse than ever.


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