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Muslim immigration: the method behind Europe’s madness

Muslim immigration: the method behind Europe’s madness

I’ve figured out why Europe is allowing what seems to be uncontrolled Muslim immigration. It’s a huge gamble on the part of the Europeans.

We begin with the FACT that over thirty years ago, Europeans lost interest in reproducing. In 1985 I read that when people in a culture stop marrying, they stop having children. You can see that the European fertility rate dropped throughout the 1990s.

But then it started picking up again. The author of the piece from which I took the above graph says this.

However for the last decade – and in fact longer in some cases – the fertility rate has been increasing in other developed countries.

Spain and Italy in particular, while they have among the lowest fertility rate of Western countries, this has risen fairly consistently for the last decade.

The UK has seen fertility rise from 1.65 to 1.9, Australia has had a boom which has now flattened, and France’s fertility rate is now almost at replacement rate.

I have seen no good explanations as to why the fertility rate is increasing so consistently across developed countries, though I’d be delighted to be pointed to any.

It’s Muslim immigration. Without question. But notice that the increasing fertility levels out again. That’s because Muslims worldwide are having far fewer children than ever before. So this is what Europe thinks will happen.

In about forty years or so, non-Muslims will again be the majority in developed nations.

Just for fun, I’ll point out that counterbalancing the decline in Muslim births is…this.

Israel is bucking the global trend of a declining birthrate. That’s because Israelis are prosperous and happy.

But how does this all fit in with my theory on what’s happening in Europe?

Well, the Europeans want Muslim immigration so that their populations will be replenished, but they’re counting on three things to keep from being overrun by jihadist radicals.

a. The fertility rate of Muslim immigrants is falling dramatically.

b. State sponsors of terrorism and massive terrorist organizations will soon be gone.

c. European security forces have licenses to kill.

Europeans believe that since they can contain the threat of jihadist terrorism, Muslim mass immigration will result in more everyday Europeans, like this woman.

I grew up in a Moroccan family but I’m a Parisian girl. And the worst thing that happened to me, happened to this country and I’ve never felt so connected to this country than now. Those people died because they just wanted to live. They died because they wanted to enjoy music and a beer with their friends or because they were walking in the wrong street. Everybody is crying for the dead people.

She and her cousin work in a bar that’s owned by another Muslim. I’m sure they all drink.

To defeat jihadist terrorism, European security forces are being given unprecedented freedom.

[Director of RAID Jean-Michel] Fauvergue said sniper fire then hit a male terrorist who was firing at police but “despite this, the shots [from the terrorist] continued”.

He added: “Two theories – he was fighting for his life, or there was a third man inside. Our snipers thus launched grenades to saturate the space.”

The police used 40mm high-explosive grenades fired from launchers.

Commander Fauvergue said that they fired the grenades without even knowing who was shooting at them. The order was given to just kill everybody and end the standoff.

Muslim terrorists who immigrate to Europe thinking that they’re going to have a field day are in for a huge surprise. When Europeans feel threatened, they create death squads. After World War II, the British sent commandos into Germany to kill Nazis who’d managed to escape the official dragnet. Peter Mason personally shot sixteen war criminals.

“I am proud of what I did,” he said.

Several years ago I saw an interview with Mason. His squad kidnapped Nazis, took them into the forest, made them kneel, and read them Article I of Hitler’s Night and Fog decree, issued on December 7, 1941.

Within the occupied territories, the adequate punishment for offenses committed against the German State or the occupying power which endanger their security or a state of readiness is on principle the death penalty.

Then Mason shot the Nazis in the head.

There’s no question that the Europeans have the means and the will to carry out incredibly violent domestic security operations. What they’re really working on is the destruction of the entities that fund, arm, and train Muslim terrorists in Europe. This means the Iranian mullahs, Hezbollah, the Islamic State, and al-Qaeda. When all of those are gone, the possibility of large-scale Muslim terrorism in Europe virtually disappears.

I’ve seen a lot of circumstantial evidence that European troops will fight in the upcoming Middle East war. For example, on May 18, 2015, the US trained Italian joint terminal attack controllers (JTACs) how to direct strategic bombers. JTACs are air force personnel who embed with forward ground troops. Italy doesn’t have strategic bombers, but we trained Italians in Jordan how to handle such aircraft.

This was a very expensive exercise. My guess? The Italians will work with secret strategic bombers operated by Israel and the Arab League, which they converted from existing aircraft.

Then last month, the Israelis trained German Panzergrenadiers for three weeks. The Germans learned how to engage in tunnel warfare and fight an enemy who uses human shields. Panzergrenadiers operate in conjunction with tanks. The soldiers who the Israelis trained are from the 1st Panzer Division, designated the Intervention Force Division (Division Eingreifkräfte). These men and women are specifically trained for high-intensity combat.

The Germans took five armored vehicles with them. This was another hugely expensive exercise. There’s absolutely no way that they would go to Israel for training unless they were preparing for conflict in the Middle East. I was sure that Europe would sit out the coming war, but now I realize that the very future of the EU depends on destroying the Iranian mullahs, Hezbollah, the Islamic State, and al-Qaeda. So the Europeans will fight.

Shaping the battlefield

It’s apparent that the war has already started.

According to reports from inside the Iranian regime’s Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC), Qassem Suleimani, the notorious commander of the terrorist Qods Force, has suffered severe shrapnel wounds, including in the head, while at Aleppo’s southern front two weeks ago.

Qassem Suleimani’s vehicle that was there for him to oversee an operation by the revolutionary guards and a number of hired forces was targeted by the Free Syrian Army severely injuring Suleimani.

Qassem Suleimani is the most closely guarded human being on earth. He alone controls all of Iran’s extraterritorial military operations.

The chances that the Free Syrian Army got him are zero. It was the Israelis. His vehicle was obviously hit by an air-to-surface missile, possibly fired by a Heron strategic unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). This is an incredible victory. Iran’s ability to wage war has been dealt a severe if not mortal blow.

And Israel just announced this.

That was their training for the invasion of Southern Lebanon, which will be necessary in order to destroy Hezbollah. The CH-53 is a massive troop transport.

So Israel will take out Hezbollah. I thought that the attack on Iran would have to be a sledgehammer blow in order to prevent the Iranians from firing missiles, but now I don’t know. Maybe Iran fears the consequences of using its missiles. Here’s how many Arab League and allied special operators are in Yemen, which I’ve determined from reading dozens of articles.

1000 Saudis
1000 Sudanese
2100 Senegalese
1000 Qataris
1000 Bahrainis
800 Pakistanis
800 Egyptians
500 Malaysians
500 Mauritanians
400 Eritreans
1000 Emiratis
450 Colombians

They’re fighting with 36,000 Yemenis against at least 325,000 Houthis and their Yemeni, Iranian, and Hezbollah allies. Yet the Coalition and Yemenis loyal to President Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi have pushed the Houthis almost back to their starting point, at the cost of less than 1500 civilian lives. This is stunning military skill. The ground war began on September 12, 2015. In less than three months, men and women outnumbered almost seven to one have routed an enemy that adheres to no rules of war. The Houthis have every advantage, but they’re losing.

One thing I’ve learned from the Arab League: Completely ignore bogus accusations by “human rights” groups. Nobody in the EU is paying any attention to Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, or Medeciens Sans Frontiers. The Arab League has perfect—and I mean ABSOLUTELY PERFECT—operations security (OPSEC). I’m used to American wars with embedded reporters and ultimatums and UN resolutions and enormous quantities of video to prove that we’re not war criminals.

In contrast, the Arab League and its allies are not saying or showing much of anything. Their attitude is, “We’re the guys dropping the bombs. We know what we hit. We didn’t hit that hospital. Cram it. Next question.”

That’s how the Europeans will fight the necessary ground war. My gut tells me that it’s already in progress. The speed at which the French and Belgians carried out literally thousands of raids means that they had extensive plans all ready to go. As we sit here, I think extremely ruthless warriors are chipping away at our enemies.

WASHINGTON — Defections of Islamic State fighters — a closely watched measure by officials of U.S.-led coalition — have begun to thin the ranks of the militants in Iraq in the last month, intelligence reports and drone footage show.

Wholesale defections, sparsely manned checkpoints and elite foreign fighters pressed into mundane duty indicate that the U.S.-led bombing campaign and advances by Kurdish forces are eroding the forces of the Islamic State, also known as ISIL, said Army Col. Steve Warren, the top spokesman for the counter-ISIL coalition in Baghdad.

Top military officials estimate that the campaign has killed 23,000 Islamic State fighters, raising their death toll by 3,000 since mid-October…

Islamic State fighters continues to field about 20,000 to 30,000 fighters in Iraq and Syria, and they hold key Iraqi cities of Mosul and Ramadi, and large portions of Syria.

If these defections are happening, they have nothing to do with the US bombing campaign, because Islamic State terrorists use extensive tunnel and underground bunker systems. Someone’s going underground and killing them so effectively and brutally that the terrorists are now afraid.

The video of the crying Islamic State terrorist shows two special-operations soldiers equipped with FAST (future assault shell technology) helmets. You can see the mounting for the night-vision goggles (NVG) on the man in front.

He has handcuffs (red arrow), and he’s wearing Norwegian desert camouflage. There’s no doubt that he captured the terrorists either at night or underground.

How quickly could Europe respond militarily to terrorism? The Islamic State attacked Paris on November 13, 2015. On June 19, 2015, NATO declared the Very High Readiness Joint Task Force (VJTF) operational. Czech and Dutch air mobile troops with gunships; German and Norwegian mechanized infantry; Polish, Lithuanian, and Dutch special forces; Belgian artillery; and US helicopter transport. Elements of the VJTF can deploy in two days.

Do you think these guys can do some major damage?

NATO’s Exercise Trident Juncture 2015 was held October 19 to November 6 in Italy, Portugal, Spain, the Atlantic Ocean, the Mediterranean Sea, Canada, Norway, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands. Over 36,000 troops from thirty nations took part in the largest NATO exercise since 2002. The US military reported that although invited to observe, the Russians didn’t show up for fear that they would be approached by the press.

Tell that to Lieutenant-Colonel Andrey Smetanin, a Russian who speaks fluent Spanish!

Everybody’s playing mind games with Iran and the Islamic State, keeping them off guard so they won’t know what comes next. I approve.

Ever heard of Task Force K-Bar? Special operators who went into the caves and tunnels of Afghanistan in 2001 and 2002. They fought al-Qaeda hand to hand in pitch darkness. Because of their heroism, George W. Bush personally awarded them a Presidential Unit Citation during a private ceremony in the Rose Garden, December 7, 2004. Task force K-Bar is the only known military unit that had a 100 percent success rate during its existence.

They were Americans, Canadians, New Zealanders, Norwegians, Danes, Germans, and Turks. To this day the details of their operations are secret.

I’m confident that the Iranian mullahs, Hezbollah, the Islamic State, and al-Qaeda will be destroyed. Does this mean that Europe is making the right decision to let in hundreds of thousands of Muslim immigrants?

Well, the answer will depend on the immigrants and the European security services.

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