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Trust only me

Trust only me

In terms of current events, I mean. Trust me to not lie to you. I’m biased, yes, but I tell you that up front. And despite my biases, I won’t lie in order to convince you of something. Though I support Israel and now the Saudi-led Coalition, I won’t write propaganda about them.

I’ve been lied to all my life. Recently I was gypped out of a huge amount of money by someone who took advantage of my pro-Israel stance and my disability: I can be traumatized into dissociation. For my own protection, I can no longer enter into any kind of financial deal with anybody.

Therefore you can trust me! I’m not trying make money off of any of this. Ever notice that there are no ads on my site? I hate ads, and I hate publicity. My agenda is simply to inform and entertain. The end.

Tonight’s post is about the lies coming out of Yemen and the pathological need that non-Muslims have to minimize Islamic terrorism. First, Yemen. Here’s a video of Houthis destroying two Saudi M1 Abrams main battle tanks (MBTs).

They used the Tosun antitank guided missile (ATGM), an Iranian copy of the Russian 9M113 Konkurs ATGM.


Looks pretty bad for the Saudis, huh? Well, it’s all fake.

For one thing, the tanks were not destroyed in combat. Since the war in Yemen began on March 26, 2015, the Houthis have on several occasions used mortars and multiple launch rocket systems (MLRSs) to heavily shell military bases in Jizan, Saudi Arabia.

When this happens, the Saudis pull back from the bases. These are nuisance attacks with no military value whatsoever. The Houthis then make vapid propaganda films that show them shooting up empty installations. They also haul away a tank or two, as well as other vehicles. The Saudi tanks we saw being blown up were parked out in a field by Houthis, filled with explosives, and detonated. There are several ways we can tell that this is the case.

The Saudis don’t send out one tank to sit by itself next to a road.



Main battle tanks are used in platoons of four. Also, the Saudis and Emiratis are conducting a fast-moving offensive in Yemen, their tanks accompanied by infantry fighting vehicles (IFVs), mine-resistant ambush-protected vehicles (MRAPs), self-propelled artillery, and mechanized infantry in light armored vehicles. No Saudi tank in Yemen is driving around alone.

The video below shows the Houthis pretending to fight at another empty base in Jizan. At 4:49, you can see that they took possession of an M1 Abrams MBT.

The M1 Abrams has a very clever safety feature: sacrificial armor, also called blowout or blow-off panels.


The red X’s show the panels on the top of the ammunition bunker at the back of the turret and above the engine. If there’s an explosion in those areas, the panels fly off, allowing the force of the detonation to escape without killing the crew or doing catastrophic damage to the tank.

This is called “cooking off.”


M1 tanks simply don’t cook off. The Houthis took the vehicle from an empty Saudi base in Jizan, filled it with remotely detonated explosives, fired an ATGM at it, and created propaganda for morons.

Here’s additional propaganda for morons.

Saudi-led coalition air strike kills 36 Yemeni civilians: residents

An air strike by warplanes from a Saudi-led coalition, which said it targeted a bomb-making factory, killed 36 civilians working at a bottling plant in the northern Yemeni province of Hajjah on Sunday, residents said.

In another air raid on the capital Sanaa, residents said four civilians were killed when a bomb hit their house near a military base in the south of the city…

“The process of recovering the bodies is finished now. The corpses of 36 workers, many of them burnt or in pieces, were pulled out after an air strike hit the plant this morning,” resident Issa Ahmed told Reuters by phone from the site in Hajjah.

That’s a lie. There are no photos or videos of the dead bodies, so we know that the factory had to be a military target. And it was.

Coalition spokesman Brigadier General Ahmed Asseri denied the strike had hit a civilian target, saying it was a location used by the Houthis to make improvised explosive devices and to train African migrants whom they had forced to take up arms.

“We got very accurate information about this position and attacked it. It is not a bottling factory,” he said.

Here’s the photo of the damage done by the air strike in Sana’a.


The crater is on the right, in the middle of the street. No house was hit. The Houthis are lying.

They lied again for this story, and reporter Iona Craig lied too.

Yemen’s Hidden War: How the Saudi-Led Coalition Is Killing Civilians

From visiting some 20 sites of airstrikes and interviews with more than a dozen witnesses, survivors and relatives of those killed in eight of these strikes in southern Yemen, this reporter discovered evidence of a pattern of Saudi-coalition airstrikes that show indiscriminate bombing of civilians and rescuers, adding further weight to claims made by human rights organizations that some Saudi-led strikes may amount to war crimes and raising vital questions over the U.S. and Britain’s role in Saudi Arabia’s war in Yemen.

She offers no evidence whatsoever for this claim. There are no photos, no videos, no bomb fragments—nothing. Craig says that this man was burned to death on a bus targeted by a Saudi fighter.


He clearly wasn’t burned, because his hair and clothing are intact. That’s not ash; it’s concrete dust. We have no idea who this man was. The only thing we know for sure is that the Saudis aren’t indiscriminately bombing civilians. This is the same lowbrow lie told about the Israeli assault on Gaza. There’s isn’t enough damage, and there aren’t enough bodies to indicate a campaign of indiscriminate attacks on civilians.

Craig says that this bus was hit by an air strike.


No it wasn’t. It has no holes in it from fragments, there’s no glass on the ground from the broken windows, and there’s no trace of the burned rubber tires. It’s just some roadside junker that’s been rusting away for years.

Yemen is the nadir of reporting and accusations by “human-rights” groups. The press and every NGO have completely lost all credibility. As far as I’m concerned, they’re now arms of the Islamic State. Nothing they say is true.

Finally, a word about non-Muslims who think they’re being exquisitely kind to fragile baby-people by making the following assertion.


I didn’t read her stupid blog post, because she’s wrong. So is British Prime Minister David Cameron.

“I wish the BBC would stop calling it Islamic State because it’s not an Islamic State; what it is is an appalling, barbarous regime,” Mr Cameron said.

“It is a perversion of the religion of Islam and many Muslims listening to this programme will recoil every time they hear the words ‘Islamic State.'”

That’s not the problem of non-Muslims. The Islamic State calls itself the Islamic State. If many Muslims recoil every time they hear that, too bad. I don’t care. They need to get over their desire to be coddled.

Al-Azhar refuses to consider the Islamic State an apostate

Egypt’s Al-Azhar issued a statement Dec. 11, 2014, refusing to declare the Islamic State (IS) apostates. “No believer can be declared an apostate, regardless of his sins,” it read.

Ahmed al-Tayeb—sheik of Al-Azhar University—is considered the final authority of Sunni Islam. But I didn’t need him to tell me that the Islamic State is Muslim.

Anyone with even a rudimentary grasp of Islam knows that the only way a person can become an apostate is if they renounce Islam in favor of another religion or atheism, if they deny the divinity of Allah or that Mohammad is his prophet, if they mock Allah, if they worship idols, if they reject Sharia law, or if they knowingly follow an interpretation of Sharia contrary to the consensus of the Islamic community.

Muslim terrorists are Muslim. Deal with it. Like these guys deal with it.


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