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Everything you’re hearing is wrong

Everything you’re hearing is wrong

Most of what I post is based on conjecture. However, I’ve studied military matters—specifically weapons, munitions, tactics, and strategies—for forty years. Therefore I make guesses that are generally proven correct. The best armed forces in the world don’t advertise their capabilities or operations, so nobody is confirming anything to me. But I can tell you that everything you’re hearing about the war against jihadist terrorism is wrong.

People want fans. I, on the other hand, am no longer trying to sell books. After my disastrous attempt to make a documentary about the war crimes that Hamas commits, I’m no longer interested in being interviewed. In the coming months I’m going to rejigger my Website to include an image library of World War I assault troops. Other writers and historians will be able to download high-resolution jpegs for a flat fee of probably $20, to use however they wish. They’ll have to put “From the collection of Thomas Wictor” in the caption, but that’ll be the only “restriction.” Then I’ll officially be a blogger, a postcard collector, and a cat weirdo, nothing more.

Not caring about fans or fame or publicity gives me the freedom to make wild predictions and interpretations. And I’m always right. Watch.

A forum of people who claim to be military experts fell for Houthi propaganda. “They” in the image below refers to Houthis who attack Saudi border towns.


Here are where the links from “InvaderNat” go.



Since these claims were made by Houthis and then picked up by the Iranian media, I knew they were lies. Besides, I recognized the first photo from Iraq.


The AH-64 Apache gunship is like a flying tank. It’s almost impossible to shoot down, so I can identify most of the photos showing an Apache lost in combat.

Although I hadn’t seen the second photo, I figured it was from Iraq. Also, I knew that it didn’t represent what we were told. How did I know? Because the four rotors have been removed. Yemenis wouldn’t remove the rotors after shooting down an Apache, and if all four rotors came off in flight, the helicopter would’ve flown like a grand piano. It would be nothing but tiny fragments, each the size of a coin.

And I was right again, of course.



“4/3rd ACR” means “4th Squadron, 3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment.” In 2004, the 4th Squadron was the regimental aviation element, called the “Longknife Squadron.” On November 16, 2011, the 3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment adopted the M1126 Stryker infantry carrying vehicle (ICV).


With this change, the 3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment became the 3rd Cavalry Regiment, the Longknife Squadron now used for reconnaissance.

In the uncropped photo, you can see what the “Saudi” helicopter really is.


Rule of thumb: Don’t believe anything from any group associated with the Iranian mullahs. The Iranians once built a full-sized mockup of an American aircraft carrier.


Since it was basically a real ship, it cost them tens of millions of dollars. Then they sank it in a childish military exercise staged for their slavish media.


The exercise bore no resemblance to actual combat. If the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps tried those tactics on a real American carrier strike group, the end result would be thousands of Persian widows.

I understand that people are angry at the current president. I don’t support him. But someone sent me this, which although a very good read is about as realistic as the Iranian naval exercise.

What Defeating ISIS Would Look Like

The ISIS fighters, some veterans of the Iraqi insurgency, were confident that they could again bleed the Americans dry with hit-and-run tactics and IEDs, and that they would own everything outside of the wire around the Americans’ forward operating bases. But [CENTCOM commander] the Wildman was not fighting a counterinsurgency war. He was fighting a high-intensity conventional war, and the bullies and punks of ISIS did not remember what it was like to be on the receiving end of that tsunami back in 1991 during Operation Desert Storm.

The Wildman’s Commander’s Intent statement said nothing about winning hearts and minds: “You will attack aggressively in order to destroy all ISIS forces in Iraq and Syria. You will kill all ISIS fighters who do not surrender. Your priority is the destruction of ISIS forces. The safety of civilians is secondary.”

The jihadis initially attempted to dig in, believing the Americans would pause to root them out of the urban areas. Instead, the Americans leveled the towns, often using the napalm that had just been reintroduced into the American arsenal, and followed up with infantry.

Intentionally carpet bombing civilian populations and using napalm on them are unambiguous war crimes. The French did worse in Algeria; they leveled towns with air strikes and artillery, executed hostages in reprisal, carried out mass shootings of civilians, and tortured hostages to death. They still lost the war, along with 26,000 of their own men.

Also, if you’re burning out jihadists, you’ll have to napalm London, Paris, Brussels, Berlin, and Barcelona, because those cities are where massive numbers of Islamic State terrorists are operating.

The fight against the Islamic State is—like it or not—an “asymmetric war”: conventional forces versus a terrorist insurgency. While it’s true that the Islamic State has tanks, artillery, and light armored vehicles, here’s the real danger of this movement.

The former wife of Paris bomber Ibrahim Abdeslam has broken her silence to say he was a jobless layabout who smoked cannabis ‘all day every day’, never went to the mosque and had spent time in prison.

Ibrahim, 31, blew himself up outside the Comptoir Voltaire cafe during Friday’s terrorist massacre in Paris, injuring three people, but only killing himself.

In an exclusive interview his wife Niama told how during their ill-fated two-year marriage the trained electrician did just one day of work, often smoking three or four joints a day.

He did not follow current affairs and had no gripe against the west.

‘We didn’t keep up with the news - we didn’t even have a TV,’ she said.

He was on welfare, which paid for his pot. The French cops say he had a premature detonation with his suicide vest, the reason that he didn’t kill anyone. Well, the footage I’ve seen may indicate that he wore his vest inside out.

That would explain why the vest is virtually intact, and there’s almost zero damage at the scene. All the ball bearings went into Ibrahim Abdeslam instead of innocent Parisians. He became a terrorist even though he wasn’t a radical Muslim. His stupid exit from the planet shows that he was still a heavy pot smoker; clearly he joined the Islamic State because of all the unwarranted praise heaped on them by the press. It was a desire to feel significant.

Not one government on earth is taking the time to counter the glamour and mystique of the Islamic State. Not one.

Here’s a concept that I want you to try and wrap your minds around: If you show tolerance to radical Muslims, and you hate Jews, that will make you a target of Muslim terrorists. Why? It’s simple.

Muslim terrorists don’t want the non-Muslim world to be tolerant of any Muslims. What feeds jihadism is the notion that non-Muslims are at war with Islam. By acceding to even the most outrageous demands from Muslim radicals, you undermine the main jihadist propaganda tool. Appeasing Muslims will result in MORE terrorism, not less.

Jew-hate is the second motivation for jihadist terrorism. When the world vandalizes synagogues and Jewish graveyards, takes part in BDS, labels Israeli products, and jabbers about Jewish conspiracies, it steals the thunder of Muslim terrorists. The west becomes a more attractive place for Jew-hating Muslims, and the terrorists can’t have that. Thus jihadists attack western, non-Muslim Jew-haters.

The war against jihadism will be long. However, it’s not necessary to level cities. You need to study how MUSLIMS are fighting jihadism in Yemen and Iraq. Guess who trained, armed, and equipped those Muslims?


Don’t get me wrong: This was not a case of the Arab League crawling to Israel. What happened was that the Arab League decided that enough was enough, and it was time for a change. Luckily the Jewish people have a cultural quirk that compels them to forgive and offer endless second chances. The current clandestine alliances in the Middle East show the wisdom of that policy.

I was wrong in being frustrated by how many second chances Jewish culture offers. What happened was that enlightened leaders finally arrived on the scene in the Middle East, and Israel buried the hatchet.

And I’m not making this up. It isn’t wishful thinking on my part. Again, go back to what Prime Minister Netanyahu said at the UN.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Israel is working closely with our Arab peace partners to address our common security challenges from Iran and also the security challenges from ISIS and from others. We are also working with other states in the Middle East as well as countries in Africa, in Asia and beyond. Many in our region know that both Iran and ISIS are our common enemies. And when your enemies fight each other, don’t strengthen either one – weaken both.

When you study troop movements, you see that Pakistan, Turkey, Malaysia, Japan, South Korea, Eritrea, and Mauritania have sent special operators to the Middle East. Hey, look at this! Chinese troops in uniforms with digital desert camouflage.



They have the knee and elbow pads of special operators. The Chinese government says they were training in the Chengdu Military Region. Well, there are no deserts in the Chengdu Military Region. And units in the Region wear the 07 Universal Camouflage uniform. See the green in it?



Desert pattern is called 07 Arid Camouflage. This is what it’s supposed to look like.


Notice how the soldiers in the two desert photos and those below look dusty.


That’s because they’re wearing a special low-visibility version of the 07 Arid Camouflage. Officially, this uniform doesn’t exist. It’s sure much more effective than the original brightly colored pattern, isn’t it? It’s almost as if they tested it. Call me crazy, but the photos of the desert look like the American Southwest.

And I figured out why China and Russia would help Israel. It’s because Israel is helping them with military technology. But wait! Wouldn’t that jeopardize the safety of the US and our allies?

No. Israel is helping the US with better technology. The Chinese and Russians know that. They don’t actually want to go to war with the US. What they want is armed forces that will impress the hell out of their own people and make the average Chinese and Russian swell with national pride. That way, there’s less of a risk of uprisings. I wondered why the Japanese would get involved in a war with Iran. The answer? A defense cooperation agreement with Israel. The Japanese are worried about the Chinese; like Israel, Japan also understands that the US is currently unreliable.

For the last four years, each Japanese defense budget has been the largest ever.


The 2016 budget will continue that trend. But now the Japanese are being given Israeli technology. That’s why these guys were quietly sent to Djibouti.


It’s a question of honor. Regardless of what the Japanese public thinks, the Japanese government will back its new ally to the hilt.

Israel has done what I thought was impossible: She’s made everyone want to protect her. Being a pragmatic culture, Israelis keep the best military technology for themselves. The US, the Arab League, India, Japan, Europe, and select nations that we’ll never know about get technology almost as good as what the IDF uses. China and Russia are given the third-tier technology that’s beyond their wildest dreams but doesn’t threaten Israel’s allies.

So: Here’s how to win the war against jihadism.

1. Target only combatants.
2. Inflict massive and repeated military defeats on them.
3. Show videos of terrorists being effortlessly killed by superior warriors.


4. Stop describing jihadist terrorists as sexy ninja-rebels.
5. Start treating Muslims as the hardy people they are.
6. When Muslims complain about being offended, say, “So what?”
7. End welfare for able-bodied people.
8. Stop hating Jews.

The last one is a no-brainer. You can’t beat the Jews, so give up. You’re simply not in their league. Let them live in peace, and the jihadists will lose.

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