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A letter from a Yemeni

A letter from a Yemeni

This is a letter from a Yemeni. I’ll break it up into segments so that we can better grasp how amazing it is. The letter shows that I was right: “Social-justice warriors” have fallen deeply in love with another group of depraved terrorists. In this case it’s Ansar Allah (“Supporters of God”), the Iran-backed Shi’ite rebels of Yemen known as the Houthis. They’re a Zaidi sect of Shia Islam, meaning their belief system is very close to that of Sunni Muslims.

The followers of Ansar Allah are called Houthis because their founder was either Mohammed al-Houthi or his brother Hussein al-Houthi. One of them started the movement in 1992. The current leader of Ansar Allah is Abdul-Malik Badreddin al-Houthi.


Ansar Allah is based in Sa’dah, Yemen, in the north.


The present iteration of the Yemeni Civil War began on March 19, 2015, when troops loyal to president Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi battled rebels who’d declared their allegiance to General Abdul-Hafez al-Saqqaf, a commander in the Special Security Forces. Though this is all very murky, the claim is that al-Saqqaf was loyal to former dictator Ali Abdullah Saleh and the Houthis, both of whom accused Hadi of being a stooge of Saudi Arabia and a supporter of al-Qaeda.

Saleh had stepped down on June 4, 2011, after being seriously injured in an assassination attempt. Though Saleh was treated in Saudi Arabia, he’s rabidly anti-Saudi and supports the Houthi insurgency that began in 2004.

So on March 19, 2015, troops loyal to Hadi defeated Saleh’s men in the fight for Aden International Airport. In response Houthi jet fighters bombed President Hadi’s compound in Aden.

On March 20, 2015, the Islamic State carried out four suicide bombings at mosques in Sana’a, killing 142 people. See, while the Houthis have been waging their own insurgency against the government since 2004, both the Islamic State and al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) have been fighting each other, the Houthis, the government, Saudi Arabia, and the Southern Movement, the latter a secessionist insurgency.

The Southern Movement—like the Houthis—is supported by Iran, but the Southern Movement is also fighting the Houthis. Thus as is the case everywhere in the Middle East, Iran arms, trains, and funds all sides in the war.

This is who controls Yemen right now.


Green is the Houthis and Iran, pink is the Hadi government and the troops of the Saudi-led Coalition, and gray is AQAP and the Islamic State. The latter are frenemies who cooperate and murder each other.

A letter from a Yemeni

Houthiwood and the NGOs. This is who is silencing us in South and Middle Yemen.

If you see the tag #YemenCrisis, you will see regular South & Central Yemenis say one thing, and the aid agencies lying for the Houthis. When my friend caught them lying for the Houthis and discredited Human Rights Watch, they sent a Houthi kidnapper. Now he is kidnapped for a month. Houthis use a lot of the dissidents they kidnap as human shields.

The same is happening in Ukraine. Russians have the same system, except Ukrainians know Russians and are good at counter-propaganda, so it ends up Russians being the ones who look bad. In South and Central Yemen, we need all the help we can get.

Houthis also are racist Nazis. They are actually more racist than Nazis; they take the bloodline and Aryan race crap more seriously. So anything is kosher if you are from the Royal bloodline, and if you aren’t, they have the same standards as ISIS.

You can see the satire of them here. It’s the best way to understand Houthiwood.

That’s fascinating because many Yemenis call Houthis Cave Nazis. They are cave Neanderthals who got Hezbollah propaganda help. Not a good thing.

Houthi and Hezbollah propaganda is nearly identical. Both Ansar Allah and Hezbollah are utterly secretive about their casualties, and both lie about their great victories. This video shows Houthis blowing up empty Saudi M1 Abrams tanks that they stole from a temporarily vacated border post in Jizan.

Here’s a page claiming that the Houthis ambushed a Saudi column.


What’s missing from those photos?

Dead soldiers. Are the Saudis the greatest bullet-dodgers in history? Are they wearing body armor from head to toe?

Or do these photos show equipment that the Saudis abandoned because it wasn’t worth sacrificing lives to protect an area that the Houthis would soon vacate?

Back to the letter from the Yemeni.

So they persecute people for looking gay, persecute homosexuality far more intensely than it was before. I might not agree with gay parades, but like most educated Yemenis, I don’t believe in killing someone for being gay. Houthis behave like ISIS, burning down churches, chopping off heads; western media doesn’t cover this. But Houthis allow their princesses to engage in all the radical lesbian Marxist feminism they want, especially the daughter of their preacher, and put it on the internet, showing her fancy lifestyle as a hipster princess.


They even brought Code Pink of the Walking Giant Vagina Costumes to the anti-Saudi Houthi protest, and one of the Houthi princesses, a radical Marxist lesbian feminist advocating changing the Koran to accommodate radical Marxist lesbian feminism, worked for Code Pink.

I found a message posted by the Houthis on July 14, 2015, after Yemeni troops and UAE special operators took back most of Aden.


The article says that the message is an admission of defeat at the hands of “foreign invaders,” mercenaries who brought with them “Saudi American Zionist aggression.” According to the statement, the “Garden of Eden” is having its crops and cattle decimated, and the mercenaries are “spreading corruption and immorality and homosexuality by means of Saudi Wahhabism.”

Aden shouts march to it to rid it of the Tatars coming from the sea and air to cover it with Yanks and Israelis. March to Aden with your mouths smiling, O militant Arabs and Knights of Islam, so as to not allow the tragedy of another Palestine be repeated… March to prove that God is great and the US and Israel are not more powerful.

This is a level of raving craziness that surpasses even that of Hamas and the Islamic State. “Tatars”? Those are Turkic Mongolian nomads who later settled in Russia. And Wahhabists are a lot things, but gay-friendly they’re not.

The Yemeni letter.

We had a revolution against the Houthis in 1962. They allowed medicine & music for the royal family and people of proper race and bloodline but banned them for everybody else.

Please follow South & Middle Yemenis on Twitter. I am from Taiz myself, a Middle Yemeni. North like Sana’a is geographically Shi’ite, so their elites are with Iran. Those who disagree are kidnapped and used as human shields, tied to missile sites and blown up. Houthis use child soldiers and take child brides.


We call the Houthi-Saleh forces Houffash (vampires). Saleh’s last name is Affash so that’s what dissidents call him.

Affashis have a sugar-poison technique to reel people in before they go for the kill. They start with what you want to hear, manipulating either your charity or your sense of responsibility, then they say why fight and cause strife?

Example: “Palestinians sometimes don’t know the suffering they cause in Sderot, the kids going to the kindergarten, just terrible.” (Sugar.)

“At the same time Israel used to bomb Gaza a lot.” (Poison.)

“Let’s not cause fighting and disagreement. Unity is always better. Hamas carelessness toward Sderot with their imprecise Qassam rockets is wrong.” (Sugar.) “But despite precision bombs, killing so many women and children by Israel is also wrong. Israel has hit so many more Palestinian schools and hospitals.” (Poison.)

Now if you say, “Hamas has tunnels like the Houthis in Aden, and Hezbollah is there from the tunnels in Lebanon and is probably instructing them to use civilians as human shields and store weapons in schools and hospitals like Houthi cavemen do in Sana’a“—you look like a douchebag. But if you say, “You are an Affashi, a deliberately manipulative snake using the sugar-poison tactic to promote the genocide of Sunni and Jew,” then they look like the douche.

The irony is Palestinians are Sunni. They hate Houthis and Bashar Assad, who trained Houthis in everything they know. Palestinians fought Assad in Syria in 2013.

Assad’s people have an Assadiwood too, and that’s where Houthis learned Houthiwood, and the Syrians also trained Palestinians in Pallywood. They have Russian propagandists and some old Nazi survivors teaching people in Damascus.

It originates from Bashar Assad—at least the Houthiwood does. Yet Palestinians are Sunnis who HATE Assad and Houthis!

My own research shows that the press, every single aid organization, every “human rights” group, and every NGO involved in Yemen is lying about what’s happening there. For whatever reason, the Houthis are the new Noble Savages whose barbarity must be excused. They’re honorary Palestinians. Here’s how too many American boneheads view Palestinian terrorists.


This “painter and writer” simply dismisses everything that doesn’t comport with his boneheaded view of the valiantly resisting Palestinians who defy the Nazi-like oppression of the Israelis. Since people are getting stupider, so are the lies told to them. Someone who prides himself on his “realism” sent me this.

SANAA, Yemen (AP) — Saudi-led coalition airstrikes hit a residential area in a quiet Red Sea town in Yemen, killing at least 120 people in the deadliest strike against civilians since the March offensive began, security and medical officials said.

“Nothing that bad happened even in Gaza!” Mr. Realist wailed.

Well, that’s because it didn’t happen. Not in Yemen nor in Gaza. There isn’t a single photo or video of the Yemen air strike. Believe me, I searched. The Houthis can’t provide images of dead civilians. What does that tell you about how careful the Saudi-led Coalition is being?

This is who’s behind all the trouble in the Middle East.


My guess is that by this time next year, they’ll have gone to their great reward, along with everyone they paid to shoot, behead, rape, and explode. Currently the west is in a state of cringing indecisiveness. Since we neither led nor followed, we’ve been pushed out of the way by men and women who don’t worry about what Code Pink says. And the Middle East will be saved because of it.


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