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Even the wolves are sheep

Even the wolves are sheep

Almost everybody is really ordinary, now more than ever. In this Golden Age of Mediocrity, even the wolves are sheep. You see it everywhere.

There’s no “ruling elite” that gets together to conspire against us. Almost all of the human race finds talent and excellence to be alienating. You know what the “one percenters” do when they assemble? They get drunk, eat fatty foods, gossip, repeat fairy tales that they read on social media, and swap spouses.

On my nightly walk, I go up a hill that has increasingly more expensive houses the higher I go. At the very top are dwellings worth several million dollars. Inside these homes are swine who have screaming matches and play ear-splitting music. Most people are interested only in sensual pleasures and melodrama. We’re at the point now that almost everybody rejects reality and substitutes cheesy fantasy.

Arab Coalition Bombs Yemen’s Capital, Killing Dozens

SANA, Yemen — A Saudi-led military coalition bombarded government buildings and residential neighborhoods in Sana, the Yemeni capital, overnight on Saturday, killing more than two dozen people, officials and witnesses said, and destroying homes in Sana’s Old City, a Unesco World Heritage site…

The airstrikes hit the headquarters of the Interior Ministry and a military honor guard, killing at least 17 security and military personnel, according to government officials and witnesses. But several of the targets appeared to have no military value, witnesses said.

Here’s the one photo that accompanies the piece.


That’s not a body. I mean, it’s a body in the sense that it’s a flesh-and-blood chassis housing a soul, but it’s not a corpse. That man is alive. He’s holding up his right hand. And since he’s also wearing a belt made of webbing, that means he’s a Houthi or Revolutionary Committee or Saleh militiaman. I have eyes; I can see for myself that once again the New York Times is lying.

I think the sixties were the worst thing to happen to humanity, apart from world wars and pandemics such as the Black Plague. All the intractable stupidity, denial, negativity, dishonesty, sleaziness, and baseness that characterizes most societies can be traced back to the sixties.

The best book about the ethos that wants to destroy everything good is The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test, by Tom Wolfe. It’s the story of Ken Kesey and the Merry Pranksters, the people who popularized LSD at parties known as “acid tests.”

Kesey wrote an absolutely brilliant novel, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. I don’t recommend the film starring Jack Nicholson; it’s a dumbed-down version of the spectacular book. In this story of mental patients confined to a state hospital, Kesey’s use of language is absolutely unique. Chief Bromden is a Native American, the narrator.

Except the sun, on these three strangers, is all of a sudden way the hell brighter than usual and I can see the…seams where they’re put together. And, almost, see the apparatus inside them take the words I just said and try to fit the words in here and there, this place and that, and when they find the words don’t have any place ready-made where they’ll fit, the machinery disposes of the words like they weren’t even spoken.

Unbelievable. Kesey could’ve produced timeless art for decades. But he chose instead to rot his brain by soaking it in LSD. He also surrounded himself with adoring youngsters, scum of the earth such as the Hell’s Angels, and leftovers of the Beat Generation. Below is a photo of Kesey and Neal Cassady tripping on LSD.


Kesey and the Merry Pranksters had all sorts of glib rationales for why they did what they did, but what everybody is terrified to admit is that the only people who self-medicate or alter themselves to such a nightmarish degree are those who are trying to blot out something. And when drug users become evangelical about their substances, they’re not trying to liberate your mind or help you. They’re angry. They want to smash everything.

One of the greatest singers of all time is Grace Slick of Jefferson Airplane.

No training at all. She was a purely natural talent. Not only that, she’s spectacularly intelligent and funny, and she was beautiful. So what did she do? She ruined herself on all levels. Drank and smoked and took drugs and slept around until she was a carcass.

The sixties enshrined the whole idea of self-generated entropy, the gradual decline into disorder. If you have a gift, you debauch it. You erode yourself and whatever has value. The inevitable end to the sixties mindset is this.


Physically distorted beyond all recognition, completely negative, implacably destructive.

I spent ten years as music journalist in Los Angeles. One of my job requirements was to go to parties. The stories about Michael Moore were legion. What he loves to do most of all is to put menials through hell. Screams at waiters, screams at hotel staff, screams at book clerks. He screams with his mouth full of chewed-up donuts. A spoiled, self-indulgent, miserably unhappy glutton, he lives to hate.

This is how most of the so-called elite behave. They’re perfectly ordinary people who just happen to have a lot of money and power. What do they do with it?

They go to really bad cosmetic surgeons.


They play.


They zoom around on their private jets, eating cake.


Wolves? Not even close. No imagination or predatory grace.

The thing about the mediocre is that they can be easily defeated by the tiny handful of the extraordinary. This is why fifteen Emirati Presidential Guard were able to fight 40,000 Houthis, Saleh loyalists, and Revolutionary Committee militias in Aden for nine weeks. Every member of the UAE Presidential Guard is an exceptional person. If you spoke to those fifteen men, you’d discover that each one is completely individual, with a wide array of interests. They’d be able to talk about any subject.

Everything is turned on its head right now. The ruling classes are morons, journalists are infantile liars, and “human rights” groups fight to ensure that suffering continues. Things are out of kilter, but they won’t be for much longer. A shock to the system is coming. Some social-media bonehead recently told me, “Stick to studying World War I.”

What’s funny is that my study of World War I is what allows me to confidently predict what’s coming. For almost seventy years, the Middle East has been in a stalemate analogous to trench warfare. However, new weapons have been created, and new tactics have replaced the old. The breakout is nearly upon us. Years of training and months of rehearsals have guaranteed the outcome.

Mainly, however, it’s the drive to improve that will be decisive. The true elite always want to make things better.


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