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It’s all right to be suspicious

It’s all right to be suspicious

A lot of people are suspicious that the Saudi-led coalition fighting the Houthis in Yemen might turn against Israel. I don’t think that will happen. Before I explain why, let me say that I’m not critical of people who don’t trust the Coalition. When I began defending Israel in June of 2014, I was assaulted by the most unhinged, hate-filled lunatics I’ve ever come across. The worst are Irish. Though I thought I could imagine what Jews endure daily, I was wrong. The hate is like nothing I’ve ever encountered.

Here’s an example directed at me today.


Duncan the Preening Moralistic Cro-Magnon.


He’s angry at me because I know that Salem Shemaly was not shot to death by an Israeli sniper. For one thing, Shemaly had no wounds on the front of his body.



Also, his family first identified his body in a hospital morgue for NBC News.


The family said he rotted in the sun for a week, but they recognized his green shirt. In the morgue, his jeans had changed to gray sweatpants, but maybe a homeless Palestinian had found Salem’s body and switched trousers with him.

After identifying Salem’s body for NBC News, the family told comedian Max Blumenthal a totally different story.

When Salem’s family finally retrieved his body, they found it badly burned, almost unrecognizable, and tossed dozens of meters from the location where he had been killed by subsequent bombardments.

Although Max is a professional writer, he doesn’t know where to put prepositional phrases in his sentences. The above says that after Salem was killed, he was killed again by subsequent bombardments. This is how the Shemaly family’s lie should’ve been written.

When Salem’s family finally retrieved his body, they found it badly burned, almost unrecognizable, and tossed by subsequent bombardments dozens of meters from the location where he had been killed.

Salem Shemaly was not killed by the IDF. There’s no doubt.

As for Ismail Bakr, Mohammed Bakr, Ahed Bakr, and Zakaria Bakr, they weren’t killed by the IDF either. I bought the raw footage from the Palestinian videographers on the beach. It proves without question that Hamas killed the boys as part of an elaborate military deception (MILDEC) operation.

Here’s the steel rubbish bin behind the Avenue Restaurant and Coffee Shop, where the bodies of Mohammed, Ahed, and Zakaria were placed, along with an improvised explosive device (IED).


The IED failed to go off and throw the boys’ bodies into the sand, where reporters were supposed to discover them.

This is how quickly the press arrived.


After the reporters were cleared off the beach, there was a third explosion, behind the Avenue Restaurant and Coffee Shop.


Now the three dead boys were on the beach, and the rubbish bin looked like this.


A piece of black rubber or cloth was hanging over the edge (red arrow), and there was a very large bag of trash in the sand (green arrow). That’s because the Hamas bomber sent to defuse the failed IED accidentally blew himself up, tossing rubbish and the boys’ bodies out of the bin.

Here’s what’s left of the bomber, wearing an armored vest that saved just his torso.


So when Irish Cro-Magnons slobber about how I’m “defending the murder of children,” it just makes me laugh. Even if the IDF had killed the children, it wouldn’t be murder. It would be an accident.

You know who was murdered?

Graham Barker, 36; John Heritage, 29; Robert Livingston, 31; John McKnight, 30; George Mesure, 19; Keith Powell, 24; and Laurence Smith, 19.

They were bandsmen of the Royal Green Jackets, killed while playing songs from Oliver! in a bandstand in Regent’s Park, London, on July 20, 1982. I was there. My brother Paul and I turned left instead of right and survived uninjured. We felt the pressure wave from the Irish Republican Army nail bomb. The sound was incredible, an earsplitting crash like millions of glass-fronted knickknack cabinets being smashed with sledgehammers.

That near miss left me with a permanent fear of loud noises. I also hated the Irish for well over twenty years. Eventually I put aside my hate. When Irish mental patients began attacking me on social media in June of 2014, it was hard to not begin hating again.

So I understand why many Jewish people don’t trust the Arab Coalition fighting in Yemen. I struggle daily against not hating the Irish again, given the disgraceful conduct and primitive, tribal, loathsome behavior. But even in my darkest moments, I know that not all Irish people are monsters. There are good, kind, and heroic Irish men and women.

To Israelis and Jews suspicious of Arab motivations, let me tell you why I personally don’t think you have anything to worry about.

The precision of the Coalition air strikes could’ve come from only one place: Israel. Neither the US nor Europe is capable of what you see in the photo below.


A weapons cache inside this house in Sana’a, Yemen, was hit. The force of the explosion was directed away from the buildings in the background and into the empty street. Obviously—like the IDF—the Coalition has the ability to see inside structures. The only way to do that is with synthetic aperture radar (SAR) mounted on unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

Either the IDF is doing the targeting for the Coalition, or Israel provided the Coalition with the equipment and training to do it themselves. My guess is that Israel trained the Coalition pilots. In order to achieve “interoperability,” you have to learn your military partner’s secrets. The two forces have to be able to function as one, so that means that each side must learn about the weapons, equipment, capabilities, training, communications, command structure—everything.


Israel is unique in that she always keeps some capabilities in shadow. History has taught Jews that it doesn’t hurt to have some secrets up your sleeve. Every ally of Israel accepts that, because in exchange for the alliance, we get Israeli goodies. When you become an ally of Israel, she learns about all of your weaponry, but you don’t learn about everything she has.

And when the Israelis learn about your weaponry, the very first thing they do is figure out how to defeat it. In the case of the Arab Coalition, they use many of the same weapons as Israel, so the Israelis already know how to overcome them.

I perfectly understand mistrust. But you need to understand that by allying themselves with Israel, the Arab nations have put themselves at a disadvantage. This alliance is a gigantic leap of faith on the part of the Coalition. Now the Israelis know how to defeat every nation in the region.

When people make themselves that vulnerable, it means that they have no nefarious intentions. I believe that the Middle East is sick of conflict. The war in Yemen is being fought to rid the country of intractable troublemakers. Coalition ground forces are making great progress on the Marib Front.


The many years of intensive training have paid off. After the Houthis give up, these troublemakers will fall in this order: Hezbollah, Bashar al-Assad, Iran, al-Qaeda, and the Islamic State.

A lasting peace is finally within grasp. I think we’ll see it fairly soon.


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