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If so, where’s the morality?

If so, where’s the morality?

My sources tell me that the Israeli Military Advocate General (MAG) Corps has reached a decision on the Gaza beach incident of July 16, 2014. That ruling—whether or not members of the IDF are criminally culpable in the deaths of Ismail, Mohammed, Ahed, and Zakaria Bakr—will be announced shortly. I don’t know what the MAG has concluded, but my guess is that the IDF will take responsibility and say it was a tragic accident, a case of mistaken identity. If this is the decision, where’s the morality in it?

Of the mountain of evidence that many anonymous Israelis and I compiled that the July 16 event was a Hamas deception operation, only a tiny handful of points made it into the Pierre Rehov film. The presentation leaves the case open to interpretation. I understand why this was done, but I’d like to remind everyone that there’s absolutely no chance whatsoever that the IDF either accidentally or deliberately killed the Bakr boys.

All the MAG needed to study were the following two photos.



They’re fake. In the image below, the shipping container isn’t burning.


There isn’t even any smoke from the munition that exploded. Stephanie Dekker of al-Jazeera took this photo seconds after the Israeli air-to-surface missile hit the container.


If the 24 Media Production Company image were real, you’d see smoke coming from the shipping container. There’s no smoke because the photo was taken sometime between July 10 and July 15, 2014. The photos were released on July 16, 2014. They’re composites that took days to create, and that alone proves that the incident was a meticulously planned deception.

Even 24 Media Production Company couldn’t keep the story straight: They said the boys were killed beside the al-Deira Hotel.


Their own fake photos show that the “explosion” took place behind the Avenue Restaurant and Coffee Shop, 328 yards (300 meters) from the al-Deira. They confused the dead boys with the “survivors,” who ran to the al-Deira.

This image of the shipping container was without question taken on July 16, 2014.


The red arrow shows a sheet of steel that’s absent in the 24 Media Production Company photos.


Also, this is the entry hole of the Israeli air-to-surface missile.


Even in the low-resolution 24 Media Production Company photo, that hole should be visible as a bright dot.


It’s not there, because it had not yet been made.

As for this image, it shows the impact of a projectile in the sand behind the Avenue Restaurant and Coffee Shop.


There was no crater anywhere on the beach, even though the photo above clearly shows a ground impact and not an air burst. There should be a very large crater within the red box below.


We’ll overlook the fact that THERE ARE NO BODIES IN THE SAND; I thought the screen grab below proved conclusively that the corpses of Mohammed, Ahed, and Zakaria Bakr were placed in the sand after the foreign journalists were cleared from the beach.


However, a deeply evil British man on Twitter said that the ABC News footage may have been taken in a different place on a different day.

So, we’re supposed to believe that Alex Marquardt of ABC News had himself filmed running to the breakwater the day before the Bakr boys were killed, or the day after. Or he found a beach somewhere in the Middle East that’s identical to one in Gaza and, what, hired a bunch of actors to pretend to be other reporters? The British “doctor” doesn’t even believe that himself.

Another view. No crater.


Also, there were no missile fragments recovered. An air-to-surface missile doesn’t evaporate. The tail fins and other parts always survive.


If the Palestinians had found any evidence of an Israeli missile, do you think we would’ve seen photos or video? Take a wild guess.

Well, I’m sick of the whole thing. Here’s what Alex Marquardt said about July 16, 2023.

Hearing two Israeli airstrikes right by their hotel one day while covering Israel’s Operation Protective Edge, the Georgetown alumnus and his producer grabbed a camera and ran across the beach with the paramedics toward the site of the first strike.

“Digging through the still-burning wreckage of a shipping container, the medics yelled ‘Allahu akhbar’ (God is great) as they uncovered the body of one of the young boys,” Marquardt recalls.

Marquardt lied. His own video shows that there were no paramedics anywhere in sight when he ran to the breakwater. The paramedics arrived later, guided to a stop by the Hamas commander of the deception operation. He’s on the right, wearing the purple shirt.


The three paramedics ran to the beach by themselves.


Marquardt lied because he has his own private narrative. One of the reporters on the beach agreed to talk to a contact of mine, but he said that he couldn’t serve as an eyewitness to what happened because what he told the world is his own private narrative. Every person on the beach has his or her private narrative, and each is equally valid. There’s no truth that I can uncover by talking to people who were there, because the events are fluid. They change according to the perceptions of the person exposed to them.

This claptrap is how all journalists think now, and it’s how they rationalize their lies.

At any rate, several people who still know right from wrong helped me expose this deception. If the IDF takes responsibility for the deaths of the Bakr boys, they’ll be doing so out of wishful thinking. The rationale will be that by taking responsibility and saying it was a tragic accident, the whole thing will go away, and the world will admire Israel for its honesty. Both are pipe dreams. If the IDF takes responsibility for this deception, the next war will involve a whole busload of children being murdered, or an entire school and its students will be blown up.

But to be fair, I myself am covering up a crime. I was asked to do so by my father. It wasn’t a violent crime. My father knew me too well, because after he died, I discovered that he’d destroyed the evidence. There’s no statute of limitations on a certain aspect of this crime, so my father destroyed the evidence to keep me from turning in the guilty parties.


He missed one letter. Here’s how it starts.


It goes on to describe the crime in detail, naming those who committed it. This and several other documents are in the hands of my lawyer, in a sealed envelope marked, “TO BE OPENED IN THE EVENT OF THOMAS WICTOR’S DEATH.”

The crime that my father and I covered up hurt a lot of people, but my father was adamant that I do nothing about it.

He didn’t tell my lawyer to do nothing about it.

A whole bunch of people had better hope that I live a long, peaceful life, because I’m extremely vengeful. I’ll be even more vengeful after I’m dead.

And whatever the Israeli MAG Corps decides, you who read these posts know the real story. If you’re religious, say a prayer for the souls of Ismail Bakr, Mohammed Bakr, Ahed Bakr, and Zakaria Bakr. Very few people seem to care about what was done to them.

Or the sweet murder
After long guard
Unto the martyr
Smiling at God;

To me was that smile,
Faint as a wan, worn myth,
Faint and exceeding small,
On a boy’s murdered mouth.

—Wilfred Owen

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