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The IDF conclusion on the Bakr boys

The IDF conclusion on the Bakr boys

Today the Israeli Defense Forces released the results of their investigation into the deaths of the four Bakr boys on the Gaza Beach, July 16, 2014. You can read the statement that spokesman Lieutenant-Colonel Peter Lerner made on his Facebook page.

Let me say right away that I’m not going to argue with the IDF. I know for a fact that the investigators looked at all the same video and photo evidence I did, and they had access to footage from unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). Here’s the relevant part of Lerner’s statement.

The Military Advocate General found that the professional discretion exercised by all the commanders involved in the incident had not been unreasonable under the circumstances. However, it became clear after the fact that the identification of the figures as militants from Hamas’s Naval Forces, was in error. Nonetheless, the tragic outcome of the incident does not affect the legality of the attack ex post facto.

Accordingly, the Military Advocate General ordered that the investigation file be closed without any further legal proceedings – criminal or disciplinary – to be taken against those involved in the incident. Nonetheless, inter alia as a result of this incident, the IDF has been working to improve a number of its operational capabilities, including technological capabilities, in order to minimize the risk of the recurrence of tragic incidents of this kind.

LTC Lerner once asked me to not read anything into his statements. But that was on Twitter! On my blog, I can say anything I want.

So, here are my own conclusions.

1. The IDF has rightly determined that the people who observed terrorists preparing for an attack made the correct decision in trying to stop them. No criminal or disciplinary actions will be taken.

2. The IDF rightly places the blame for this incident on Hamas, which used children in a way that would guarantee that they were targeted.

3. The IDF rightly avoids even a whiff of connection to my ideas in any way. Every time I talk about Pallywood, someone sends me excerpts from the pieces by Ali Gharib and Michael Shaw. Both men did a stellar job of presenting me as insane, even though they had to lie to do it.

So I have no criticism of the IDF conclusions. Israel is under international pressure like no country in the history of “civilization.” I, on the other hand, have no responsibilities, except to myself and my siblings. Whatever I say or write, the repercussions will be nonexistent.

Now, as I mentioned above, LTC Lerner once asked me to not read anything into his words. However, I am going to defiantly defy that request right this very second by interpreting part of his statement.

Nonetheless, inter alia as a result of this incident, the IDF has been working to improve a number of its operational capabilities, including technological capabilities, in order to minimize the risk of the recurrence of tragic incidents of this kind.

I take that to mean that the IDF won’t be fooled again. In Pierre Rehov’s upcoming film War Crimes in Gaza, Colonel Richard Kemp says that Palestinian terrorists have often lured the IDF into firing, and they did so during Operation Protective Edge. My greatest fear was that if the IDF took responsibility for the deaths of Ismail, Mohammed, Ahed, and Zakaria Bakr that the next deception would entail Hamas murdering an entire busload or school full of children and blaming it on the IDF.

My interpretation of LTC Lerner’s words is that this won’t happen. Hamas won’t be able to pull off the sort of operation that it did on July 16, 2014. It was confirmed to me that the Military Police read all my posts on this case. The modus operandi of this deception is now known to the IDF.

As you probably expected, my opinion of what happened that day hasn’t changed. It couldn’t, because the evidence hasn’t changed.







I’m a blogger, not a nation-state under assault by virtually the entire world. Although people worry about my solitary lifestyle, it gives me complete freedom. What I write can be taken seriously or dismissed as the ravings of a madman.

Israel simply cannot align itself with someone who confesses to having post-traumatic stress disorder with secondary psychotic features, who suffers from depression and anxiety, and who’s failed at everything he’s done.

In the near future I’ll release a twenty-minute documentary on what I call Operation Four Little Martyrs. The movie will be made available for free and will be subtitled in several languages.

When Operation Four Little Martyrs: A Hamas Deception that Fooled the World comes out, my preference is that you don’t use it to confront the Israeli Defense Forces, particularly LTC Peter Lerner. The harsh realities of our world can’t be brushed aside. Let me tell you about a choice I made concerning information I uncovered on the incident of July 16, 2014.

What I’ve become—without either knowing it or planning for it—is an investigative reporter. I use what are known as open sources, meaning everything that I study is available on the Internet. This is something anyone can do. All it takes is patience.

As awful as the story of Ismail Bakr, Mohammed Bakr, Ahed Bakr, and Zakaria Bakr seems, the reality is much worse. I’ve got all the evidence, because the people with the rabid mental illness of Jew-hate got careless. However, I’ve been asked to not reveal what I’ve discovered. Although the fanatical pursuer of justice in me is enraged by the notion of hiding incontrovertible proof, I realize that doing so would pit me against the global press. What I know would be immediately discredited because I “believe in ghost cats,” and Israel would be tarred by association.

See, here’s where the lies come in. First, I took two photos of a cat that sat on my porch, meowing until I came out.



Then I wrote this.

Maybe I got a message of support…

Syd, if that was you, thanks. But please-please-please don’t come back for good until Tim and I are settled in Texas, okay?

That’s a good puss-puss.

The black cat with glowing eyes reminded me of my late Syd the Second, whom I loved. So I wrote a little note to him full of disclaimers. That became, “Ah-hee-hee-hee! Lookie! He done believed in ghost cats! Hyuck-hyuck-hyuck!

You know, it could be that you’re just too much of a blockhead to perceive what I can. Ever thought about that? You’re just too coarse, runty, and ordinary to see things that are readily apparent to non-swine.

I have slipped the surly bonds of earth…
and done a hundred things
You have not dreamed of

—John Gillespie McGee Jr

The normal, healthy, and humane among us can pray for the souls of Ismail Bakr, Mohammed Bakr, Ahed Bakr, and Zakaria Bakr. As I told you, I’ll sit on the material I gathered about them, because releasing it would do more harm than good. My secret is one thing that’s going on behind the scenes.

I’m sure that there are many others. My guess is that we’ll never know how this story actually ends.

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