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Had to temporarily retract the post. Sorry

Had to temporarily retract the post. Sorry

I’ve had to temporarily retract the post I wrote last night. We’re all operating under too much stress, so there was a miscommunication.

Keep in mind that I’m a former music journalist and failed novelist. I’m not cut out for this kind of work.

The post will go up again in a few days. I may be able to explain why I had to retract it.

Have no fear. Everything is all right in terms of the project. It’s just that I jumped the gun in posting about it. There was no damage done, and nobody’s angry at me. There are about ten native languages involved here, and I don’t speak any of them fluently. Not even English.

In the meantime, enjoy the shot of the 100-lb (45-kg) eucalyptus branch that fell from the top of the tree—the height of a four-story building—and missed me by a flea’s whisker as I walked to my car.


Now I’ve got the Islamic State, eighty-two-year-old Nazis, and nature trying to kill me.

And this feral kitten. I’ve named him Clovis.


He circles me when I go outside, growling and hissing. I started feeding him when his mother abandoned him too; she’s the same walking uterus that produced Brother Cat and Lyle Cat. Clovis is their brother, since his father is Man-Bear-Pig-Cat, the deformed monstrosity whose head is the size of a cabbage.

Clovis became super aggressive a few weeks ago. He follows me from house to house, sounding like the love child of a wolf and a cobra. That’s how he demands to be fed: Rrrrrrroawwwwwrrrrrr-ssssssssssssssssss! Ahhhh-oooooo-ssssssssssss!

Guess what, Clovis? I don’t respond well to abuse. Unless you can figure out how to use a gun, all your threats are meaningless.

Stow away on a freighter to Syria so you can join the Islamic State. We’re done, you and I.

On my mother’s birthday—February 28—there was a great storm. She loved storms, and I felt her nearby. I went out to take a photo of the clouds.


That spot of light on the lower left is called an “orb.” Some people say they’re just dust motes, but there were none in any of the other photos I took of the clouds and church.

Hi, Mom! Check out this sunset from tonight.


That was you too, wasn’t it?

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