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Conversation with a hater of Jews

Conversation with a hater of Jews

This is a fairly typical conversation with a hater of Jews. Since he posted this publicly on Facebook, I was going to use his name and photo. However, after seeing his page, I don’t have the heart to do that to him. He’s a very angry, lonely, bitter young man who wants to get on the Jew-haters’ bandwagon in the hopes that it’ll make him more popular.

In order for you to have a mental picture, draw on this.


I was a target of psychopaths my entire youth. You could say that I was the Israel of every school I went to.


If Saint Michael the Archangel had come to me and said, “The torment will stop if you torment others,” I would’ve refused. Don’t get me wrong; I did torment others. It was a tradition that began in Luxembourg several centuries ago.

I believe that when we die, there’s a period of readjustment in which you can do what you want and go wherever you want. At some point you’re given the option of sitting in a room with someone who has a laptop computer with your life on it.

In order to advance, you must account for each of your sins. When my time comes, I’ll say, “Yes, I did that, and I have no excuses. What can I do to atone?”

Although the tormenting I did was volitional—which makes me entirely responsible—it couldn’t have been any other way. I won’t be more specific. Let’s just say I attended boot camp.

As soon as I understood the misery I was causing, I stopped. So I’m confident that if the proposition had been put to me that my own suffering would cease if I made others suffer, I would’ve refused. I’m not afraid of being held accountable for my tormenting. This is how it has to be. I must make amends. It’s the only way for me to improve.

Jew-haters aren’t interested in improvement.

A proud and loud hater of Jews

Jew-Hater (JH): Hi! You must be pretty fucking stupid thinking that Israel does not kill civilians. Is this some kind of joke? I find it hard to believe that you serve the public the most transparent lie there is, and that you are actually serious about it. Here is something for your (perhaps nonexistent) conscience:

TW: What is it about you Norwegians and Jews? Your fake moral outrage doesn’t impress me. You don’t give a damn about dead Arab children. All you care about is attacking Jews.

Showing me al-Jazeera propaganda is pretty moronic, considering I’ve deconstructed the entire operation.

Why were there no corpses in the sand when ABC News and al-Jazeera filmed the area where the dead bodies were later “found”?

Why did the severe wounds of the boys not bleed?

Why are there no impact craters on the beach?

Why didn’t a single photographer or videographer at the al-Deira Hotel film the four males running toward them?

Why does the NBC News footage show no explosion even though we hear the sound of one?

[Editorial input.]


Why doesn’t a single “eyewitness” story match any others?

Why do the “surviving boys” all tell radically different stories?

If you want to swallow a blatantly false story because you’re predisposed to hate Jews, be my guest. My posts aren’t written for idiots. I assume a certain intelligence in the reader.

Obviously you’re not capable of thinking, so don’t bother reading my posts.

JH: Don’t jump to conclusions now, I am also 1/4 palestinian, so i care a whole lot about “dead arab children”, children killed by IDF. How can you honestly think children aren’t civilians? Are you really that retarded? You honestly think that 6-7 year old children running to take shelter are any threat to Israel?

JH: The Al-Jazeera clip is just one among numerous examples of IDF killing children and civilians.

Maybe there were no bodies because they were carried away, AS THEY MENTIONED?

Instead of trying to defend a state of terror and theft you should try to use your brain and try to figure out that the people you are supporting are murderers and thieves. People wouldn’t hate jews if they didn’t make us hate them so badly. I am now referring to the hatred of their actions, not them as a people.

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Ugly _French_Anuses

JH: I am the one incapable of thinking, when it is YOU that legitimize the killing of civilians? HAHA! I stumbled across your blog when i was trying to find out how many civilians were killed by the IDF, and your stupidity was too overwhelming to ignore. I could also tell people that Hitler wasn’t responsible for the the deaths of millions of people, but it would be a lie just as ridiculous as the one you posted about the IDF “didn’t kill any civilians.” You should really seek some help.

TW: A Palestinian Norwegian. Perfect. Irrationality to the power of ten.

“People wouldn’t hate jews if they didn’t make us hate them so badly.”

The Third Reich couldn’t have put it better. Thank you. And I notice you refuse to capitalize the word “Jew,” which is a trademark of the classic, medieval-minded Jew-hater.

[Editorial input.]


My blog posts aren’t for you. As I said, they’re for people who can think. You’re just another throbbing pile of emotion, so there’s no chance we could ever communicate. You obviously didn’t even read my posts, and you can’t answer any of the questions I asked.

As I get older, I waste less time. You, my dear Norwegian-Palestinian, are a gigantic waste of time. Rest easy that most of the world thinks like you do, so you’ve got lots of company.

I’m interested in reaching a select audience, not the steaming, heaving, bellowing, mooing masses.

You can go away now. You had your tantrum, and now you can go take a nap.


* * *

Like all Jew-haters, the Norwegian—who clearly isn’t a quarter Palestinian—is indifferent of the fate of Arabs. He’s made no comment on the Syrian Civil War or the savagery of the Islamic State. He also doesn’t care about Egypt’s actions in regard to his beloved Gaza.

International Solidarity Movement, Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International—they’re all silent about what the Egyptians are doing. That tells you all you need to know.

David Duke is the face of Jew-hate.


That’s what the soul of every Jew-hater looks like.

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