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Deconstructing “Shujayea: Massacre at Dawn”

Deconstructing “Shujayea: Massacre at Dawn”

The Al Jazeera network has produced a piece of shoddy propaganda titled Shujayea: Massacre at Dawn, by Amjad Almalki and Ahmad Ashour. It’s a genuinely terrible film that gives me the opportunity to expose more Palestinian lies. The twenty-two minutes and forty-two seconds seem like hours, but if you want to watch the whole thing, be my guest.

It begins with a lie.

The explosions are from two Hamas mortar squads firing from that building. There’s no doubt. You can see and hear debris rain down from the concussions.

Hey! Here’s a familiar face!

Dead civilians?

No, that’s Salah Abu Hassanein, a commander of Palestinian Islamic Jihad. No idea if his sons were actually twelve and fifteen. Palestinians have been caught turning dead adult terrorists into little boys.

Then we read that Israel began Operation Protective Edge on July 8, 2014. They show this image.

The IDF didn’t send tanks into Gaza until July 20, and that was only to rescue infantrymen in Shijaiyah. Everything you’ve been told about Shijaiyah from the global press and the Palestinians is a lie. The 188th Armored Brigade was not deployed until July 20. All the stories about massacres and excessive force are fabrications. The Israelis warned the residents of Shijaiyah four days in advance that a ground assault was coming.


These warning were ignored, or the civilians were prevented by Hamas from leaving. However, Hamas and Islamic Jihad used the four days to set up ambushes. The Israelis entered Shihaiyah in the early hours of July 20, 2014. Because the population of 100,000 had not left, the IDF did not use artillery preparation. The result of this restraint was that Hamas and Islamic Jihad opened up on the infantrymen of the Golani Brigade with a massive barrage of mortar shells, rocket-propelled grenades, antitank guided missiles, and heavy machine guns.

Only then did the IDF respond with artillery and aerial munitions, and they also sent in tanks. About 600 artillery shells were fired, and 100 Mk-84 2000-lb (907 kg) bombs were dropped. I believe these were inert cement BDU-56 bombs, because Haaretz reported that they were dropped within 820 feet (250 meters) of the troops. The lethal fragmentation radius of the MK-84 is 1200 feet (366 meters); I don’t think the IDF would take such a huge risk with the lives of their men.

Also, the most devastated area of Shijaiyah has almost no fragmentation damage.


It appears to have been battered to pieces, by both cement bombs and pressure waves from Hamas IEDs. Shijaiyah was a fortress.

Hamas launched its ambush at 1:00 a.m., and the fighting continued for seven hours, terrorists shooting from every window.

Back to the Al Jazeera propaganda film. It spends a long time showing Palestinian civilians screaming as two Hamas mortar squads keep up a steady fire from the building overhead.

Then we see the Iron Dome intercepting a Hamas rocket.

That was the reason for the entire operation, Al Jazeera. Thanks for justifying the assault on Shijaiyah.

Massive secondary explosion.

That’s a tunnel being hit. You don’t get that much dirt going airborne unless there were explosives underground.

A vehicle burns, a man runs for his life, a woman shrieks, “My son is gone!” and four guys…just stand there watching. One has his hands in his pockets.

From the same clip, a kid with a badly broken leg tries to get away, while the man filming offers no assistance whatsoever.

It’s almost as though the cameraman is interested only in getting images he can use for propaganda. Or something.

The dead people shown next are victims of a Hamas rocket that went off course. It exploded in the street and killed them with flying shards of metal.

You can see scorch marks on the wall from burning fuel, and the fragmentation pattern is too irregular to come from any Israeli munition.

Then we see a destroyed ambulance. It’s a war crime!

No. The green arrow marks one of the Qassam rocket warheads they were transporting. Note that the front of the vehicle has no fragmentation damage. My guess is that it was a “work accident,” and they blew themselves up. A tragedy.

This man is a shameless liar.

He’s a disgrace to all first responders because he puts his politico-religious obsessions ahead of human life. The IDF agreed to multiple humanitarian ceasefires.



Guess who didn’t stop fighting during the ceasefires?


Hey buddy! What are you hiding behind your back?

You and your pals are what are known as “military-age males.” Been pumping iron, haven’t you?

“Don’t mind me! Just passing through! Ignore my giant arms and shaved head! I’m an innocent civilian. Doot-doo-doo, deet-dee-dee. Nice day, isn’t it?”

Another innocent civilian with Herculean muscles, just out for a walk.

Now this is an interesting statement.

It can be taken in many different ways.

This man, on the other hand, illustrates why the Palestinians are hopeless.

He’s like the demented Jew-haters on Twitter who tell me that the western press is blindly pro-Israel.

Another man loses control.

The Sabra and Shatila Massacres took place on September 16-17, 1982, when Israeli troops allowed Lebanese Christian militiamen to enter refugee camps in Beirut to engage an estimated 200 terrorists holed up in bunkers. As many as 800 people were killed.

During the Battle of Shijaiyah, the total number of Palestinian casualties incurred was seventy dead and 300 wounded. You can’t ask for a more bloodless operation, considering the amount of firepower leveled at the Israelis. Since the Palestinians routinely lie about casualty figures, it’s a sure thing that 60 percent of the dead were terrorists. I also believe that the majority of civilian deaths were caused by Hamas, both accidentally and deliberately.

Right beside the ten demolished buildings are apartments with the glass still intact in their windows.


You Jew-haters can’t dispute that. It was an anti-massacre. The IDF fired with total discrimination.

No Palestinian production would be complete without the obligatory use of a dead child as a movie prop. I’ve pixilated out the remains of the head.

Notice how carefully the “paramedics” display the body for the cameras.

Since people are reluctant to say this, I will: Palestinians don’t care about their children. They let them throw rocks at armed soldiers, they let them run errands for terrorists, they let them be killed by terrorists, and they let their horribly mutilated corpses be used by soulless ghouls in order to further an evil agenda.

Al Jazeera lied. This little girl didn’t say that the Israelis bombed her house.

She said, “The Jews.” Like every “anti-Zionist” and BDS nutter, Palestinians make no distinction between Israelis and Jews.

Finally, we see brave Hamas terrorists running away under a white flag.

They’re way too fit to be civilians. The green arrow marks a hole almost certainly made by a Hamas antitank guided missile, since that damage serves no purpose. The Israelis didn’t shoot a tank shell into a blank wall, so I’m guessing it was a Hamas missile that was part of the 1:00 a.m. ambush on July 20, 2014. Maybe these two guys fired it.

Hamas had its face ground into the dirt. It was utterly defeated. That’s why Al Jazeera made this pathetic, weepy, cartoon of a “documentary.” Wahabbist terrorists and their sympathizers have entered the pouting phase.

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