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Fake story and fake photos

Fake story and fake photos

“How Many Bombs Has Israel Dropped on Gaza?” by Ali Abunimah, may be the dumbest fake story to come out of Operation Protective Edge.

A few days before he was killed trying to disarm an unexploded Israeli missile, Hazem Abu Murad, the head of Gaza’s bomb squad, estimated that Israel had dropped between eighteen to twenty thousand tons of explosives on Gaza since 7 July.

So the late head of Gaza’s explosive-ordnance disposal (EOD) unit said the Israelis dropped between 18,000 and 20,000 tons of explosives on Gaza up to August 19, 2014.

On August 31, 2014, the IDF released a graphic showing how many targets they hit.


It’s a total of 5226. Let’s have a little fun with the liars out there.

The largest munition in the Israeli arsenal is the MK-84 2000-lb (907 kg) bomb. Although the Israelis have the 5000-lb (2268 kg) GBU-28 “bunker buster,” it holds far less explosives, so we’ll go for the much heavier MK-84.


Of the one-ton weight, 945 lb (429 kg) are Tritonal high explosive. So, just to be crazy, let’s pretend that Israel dropped an MK-84 on every single target. That means we’re saying the IDF dropped 5226 MK-84s. And to put Israel in a worse light, let’s round up the weight of the explosives to 1000 lb (453 kg). That means #Zionazi #Nazisrael dropped half a ton of explosives on each target. To get the full tonnage, we cut the total number of targets in half, since half a ton was dropped on each.

That gives us a total of 2613 tons. So, even if Israel dropped an MK-84 on every target, the Palestinian figure of 20,000 tons is an exaggeration by a factor of eight, or 800 percent.

In the real world, Israel fired AGM-114 Hellfire missiles at rocket launchers. The M107 155mm artillery shell was used on launchers and in firefights as well. The Hellfire warhead weighs 20 lb (9 kg), and the M107 shell has 15 lb (6 kg) of explosive in it.


In addition, the IDF shot lots of miniature Mikholit missiles instead of Hellfires, and the Artillery Corps undoubtedly employed the Spike NLOS (non-line of sight) missile, which has a warhead of about 20 lb (9 kg). Let’s round up the weight of explosives in the M107 artillery shell from 15 lb to 20 lb, just so it’ll match the Hellfire and make Israel more bloodthirsty.

The IDF fired about 34,000 artillery shells in Operation Protective Edge. Of these half—17000—were illumination and high explosive. We’ll overstate the number and declare that 8500 were high explosive, added to the approximately 2000 Hellfires fired. When we multiply 8500 times twenty, we get 170,000 lb (77,110 kg), or 85 tons. Multiply 2000 by twenty, and you get 40,000 lb (18,143 kg), or 20 tons.

Thus the missiles and artillery add up to 105 tons of explosives.

Remember that instead of using the 20 lb (9 kg) warheads to get our figure of 2613 tons, we made every single Israeli munition into an MK-84 2000-lb (907 kg) bomb. When we accept the FACT that most of the munitions carried far, FAR less than half a ton of explosives, and then we add in the FACT that Israel dropped many INERT bombs filled with cement instead of explosives, I estimate that the IDF used a MAXIMUM of 1000 tons of high explosives.

Therefore the Palestinians exaggerated by a factor of twenty, or 2000 percent. Unbelievably pathetic. They’re like kindergartners.

Fake photos

If I were an Israeli, I wouldn’t be able to sit still. Do your leaders understand the magnitude of the fraud being perpetrated against Israel? Fake stories and fake photos are the norm. This won’t change unless every Israel and every Jew in the world makes a huge stink. I already attempted to expose fake photos; only one Jewish Website responded, and that was just to ask me if Reuters, the Associated Press, United Press International or Getty Images had answered my allegations.

So stop asking me to tell the world. I have, and almost nobody cares. It’s because I’m just one person, and I write other things that allow “reputable” news organizations to dismiss me as a crank. If Jews and Israelis want things to be different, you have have to bombard your leaders with complaints. You must be proactive, not passive.

I’m now convinced that most of the explosion photos that came out of Operation Protective Edge were faked. It makes sense, because most of the photographers were Palestinian or sympathetic to Hamas. What Jews and Israelis need to do is demand of their government that specific news organizations be banned in Israel unless they fire these photographers and publicly admit to the fraud.

Nothing will change unless YOU make phone calls and pound desktops. Don’t contact me and ask me who I’ve told about this. YOU must tell people about this. Make this information go viral.

Beginning with the header on that Electric Intifada page.

This is a composite image. It’s fake. Every mushroom cloud is exactly on the horizon or behind a building. The city is completely undisturbed, and in the white building on the right, you can see daylight through the windows where there should be smoke or flames.

Also, if it were real, it would show thirteen 2000-lb bombs being dropped simultaneously. That would require seven F-16 fighters. The Israeli bombing of Iraq’s Osirak nuclear reactor was carried out by eight F-16s that dropped sixteen 2000-lb bombs. Why would Israel bomb Gaza with almost as many munitions? It’s what an idiot would think.

Another faked photo.

How do I know? Because here are the same smoke clouds with a different fireball.

Going back to the first version, the green arrows show where the smoke has been created with a “cloning tool”; you can see repeated patterns in it. The violet arrow marks a delta shape that shouldn’t be there, and under the yellow arrow is a bumpy little cloud that looks like a stone carving. I think this version was the first attempt, done by a circus clown, and then someone with marginally more skill took over and tried to fix it.

The red arrow marks the front of a building. See any battle damage? Well, I have a very high-resolution of the second image. Note the building now.

Pockmarked with a Jew-cannon! And here’s a closeup of the fireball.

The brightest part of the flames is perfectly delineated, and look at the edges of the building. Both flame and smoke are superimposed. I confirmed it by darkening the image.

Though his job was to fix the work of the circus clown, this “photographer” was impatient, so he used a huge cloning tool that left very wide strokes in the sky and around the superimposed clouds.

Here’s a very popular explosion. The New York Daily News used it.

The Associated Press used the same explosion, but it was moved one city block to the left.

Note the date. This explosion has been continuing for four years now.

Reuters too used this photogenic explosion, which has now scampered off to a completely different location.

And now the most amateurish superimposition yet.

No debris in the air, and the edges are as sharp as pencil lines. It looks exactly like what it is—a cutout.

We go from no debris to really stupid debris, this time from the Associated Press.

Are those a flock of pterodactyls, spooked into flight? Or did the IDF invent a munition that blows things into gigantic chunks, not small bits? Each of those slabs of…whatever is the size of a house. Who believes this junk?

Finally, we have an attempt to add realistic debris, but the brown part of the mushroom cloud reveals how the whole thing was painted. See how it stands out from the background? At the top of the mushroom cloud, there’s a cat curled up, taking a nap.

The smoke was obviously added with photo-editing software, and like in all the other images, there’s no damage whatsoever.

Here’s what a genuine explosion from an aerial munition looks like. The photo was taken in Afghanistan.

Look at all the many-sized pieces of debris and how the bases of the mushroom clouds aren’t hidden behind buildings. I challenge you to find me one such image from Gaza.

How much longer will Israelis and Jews tolerate this? Journalists aren’t even trying to hide their dishonesty. They’re laughing at you, because you refuse to make them pay a price.

Tell your government to yank all press credentials until the lying media outlets publicly acknowledge these fakes and apologize.

Instead of letting them make fools of you, do something about it.


Someone just sent me ANOTHER photo of the same business district of Gaza City being fake-bombed again with more giant fireballs and clouds of smoke.

It’s a Reuters image, and it’s as fake as Piltdown Man.

To illustrate what you’re up against, here are the results of a Google image search.

In the top row, the fourth, fifth, and sixth images from the left incorporate the same mushroom cloud. It’s repeated in the first image of the second row.

The use of recycled corpse-pictures from Lebanon, Syria, and Iraq proves that the IDF didn’t kill as many Palestinian civilians as is claimed. Similarly, the faking of explosion photos proves that the IDF didn’t do as much bombing in Gaza as is claimed.

It’s one thing for drunken Irish Jew-haters to post fraudulent images on Twitter to smear Israel. But these FAKED explosion photos were published by all the major news outlets of the world.

Why are you allowing them to do this? What purpose does it serve to let despicable monstrosities with no redeeming features tear down what you’ve built through almost unceasing sacrifice? Look at the contributions you’ve made to humankind, and compare them to the perversions being peddled by Reuters, the Associated Press, United Press International, et al.

I returned to the US in 1991, and let me tell you: It’s possible to lose it all. We’ve bent over backwards to be accommodating and kind to everybody here, regardless of their own behavior, and the only result is the debasement of everything we once valued.


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