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The most fake-bombed mosque in Gaza

The most fake-bombed mosque in Gaza

I tried to find out the name of this fake-bombed mosque in Gaza City, but none of the photo captions identify it. If you know, tell me the name, so I can try and find evidence of the terrible damage that all those Israeli aerial munitions caused.

My current estimate is that about 90 percent of the explosion-photos from Gaza are fake. These images that show the mosque under attack are all phony, some hilariously so.

First, the beautiful mosque, photographed at dawn on the beginning of Eid al-Fitr, the “breaking of the fast” after Ramadan.


But this mosque was the alleged target of countless air strikes with 2000-lb (907 kg) bombs. As a reminder, here’s what a 2000-lb bomb will do in real life.

That was one 2000-lb bomb, and all the rest were secondary explosions. So if we’re to believe the Gaza photos, there were explosives stored everywhere around the mosque.

The bombing begins in the distance.


Those are fake mushroom clouds. They’re exactly on the horizon, which is the giveaway. All faked explosions show the mushroom cloud on the horizon or behind buildings.

This next composite is a debacle. It shows five strikes with 2000-lb bombs, but the light-gray mushroom cloud in the center is an artillery strike enlarged to inconceivable proportions.


The big, fiery explosion is a dumb stew of clichés all slopped together, and the skinny cloud next to it is from a bomb dropped in dirt. Notice that there’s no concrete dust anywhere.

Rich, brown earth roaring up from the middle of paved-over Gaza City.


I always hoped I’d find what’s in this photo, and I finally did.


Yes, the red arrow shows a man with his hands in his jacket pockets, gazing out across the city, thinking, I wonder what’s for breakfast? as 2000-lb bombs land in the street behind him.

They’re not easily intimidated, those Palestinians!

Now we have a huge fireball. The yellow of the flame on the left is as hard edged as a slice of candied lemon.


And here’s a different photo of the same explosion, captured by a different cameraman from a different place, yet he pressed his shutter button at the same nanosecond as the first photographer. Precision photography! The edge of the flame on the left is orange instead of yellow. Which do you prefer, yellow or orange?


Suddenly the explosion is exactly duplicated a block away from the mosque.

Man, that Israeli quality control is phenomenal! They build bombs so precisely that they produce identical explosions.

A gargantuan secondary. Look at those enormous hair ribbons flying around.


Did they blow up a crowd of giant little girls? No. It’s exactly the same photo as before. Click to see.


Look carefully at that horseshoe-shaped ribbon in the center of the bright fireball. You can see it in the other photo. It’s a piece of debris frozen in midair, forever.

This one’s great because they used the same general template for the fireball and smoke clouds, but everything is slightly different from the other pictures.


Compare it with a nearly identical image. The picture above is on the top, and the one beneath it is a different image based on the same template.


No, they weren’t taken seconds apart. They’re both FAKE. Look at the left edge of the fireball. The explosions are superimposed. People took a course in Artistic Explosionology.

They nuked Gaza! Those bastards!


Actually, it’s just the same photo of the mosque again, but with a cataclysmic, histrionic, debris-free mushroom cloud.

What’s this supposed to represent?


No known munition makes a smoke cloud like that. Maybe it’s a sandstorm birthed by the Sirocco. Whatever it is, you can see that despite all the hits with 2000-lb bombs, there’s no damage to the city whatsoever. Anywhere.

Palestinian and mainstream media bogosity knows no end. A confederation of corrupt, evil comedians.

Honorable mention

To Agence France Presse for this ludicrous composite image.


The caption said, “Palestinians watch an Israeli air strike.”

All the ham-actor men are superimposed, the fireballs are superimposed, the leaves of the palm trees aren’t even microscopically disturbed by the blast effect, there’s no flying debris, no deadly fragmentation, and the explosion is neatly packed into one lot.

I know the Israelis have perfected precision-guided bombing, but precision-guided explosions?

We shouldn’t laugh. By this time next year, they’ll have that capability.

And a shout-out to the Daily Telegraph for their ability to tell a gripping bedtime story.

Once upon a time there was a beautiful mosque in Rafah. Suddenly…!


The Jew-bombs hit! Did you know that explosions played peek-a-boo?


That is the worst fake explosion ever.


It’s like something from Sharknado.


Those hunched, creepy fireballs grow up into a virile mushroom cloud.


Yeah, that’s very impressive. Those bombs must’ve caused a lot of destruc—


WHOA! Where’d the mushroom cloud go? It instantly winked out of existence. But that new fireball looks totally real, doesn’t it?

Like a yellow blobfish.


The Jews have blobfish bombs!


What the hell? The entire bomb impact moved a whole city block to the left.

I would never want to go to war against Israel. From these photos we see that they have precision-guided explosions, they can duplicate explosions exactly, they can cause explosions that go on for hours at a time, they can create explosions that hide, they can make explosions slide on over to wherever they’re needed, and they have blobfish bombs.

You know what they’re going to do next, don’t you? Make non-lethal explosions. They’ll blow up Hamas without hurting a single person, but the terrorists will get tired of cartwheeling through the sky, projectile vomiting. So they’ll give up.

The end.

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