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No, I don’t contact the media

No, I don’t contact the media

Not a day goes by without someone asking me if I contact the media about my Pallywood posts or the posts on Operation Four Little Martyrs, my name for the Hamas deception on the beach in Gaza, July 16, 2014. There are lots of reasons why I don’t reach out to the press. However, that shouldn’t prevent you from trying to the spread the word.

The main reason I don’t contact the press is that I was a journalist myself for ten years. I wrote a book about it—Ghosts and Ballyhoo: Memoirs of a Failed L.A. Music Journalist. My career failed because journalists, editors, and publishers are competitive, insecure, bitter, and pathologically envious. I just wanted to produce good interviews, but by doing so, I pressed buttons without being aware of it. This scene from the Marx Brothers’ movie Duck Soup is a brilliant illustration of how most people behave.

They react to things you never did or said. Not only that, they work themselves into a frenzy over things you never did or said. My career in music journalism was destroyed because I dared to think that I could do things differently. It wasn’t a comment on how others did things; it was just my own approach. I thought it would be welcomed, but in fact it made people furious.

The same thing happened when I published books about World War I. Because I have no pedigree, my different ideas were met with giant, heaping, steaming, triple portions of scorn and derision.


At the beginning of Operation Protective Edge, I contacted every pro-Israeli and Jewish blog, media outlet, organization, and advocacy group, explaining that virtually everything coming out of Gaza was a lie.

I got three responses. One person wrote a piece portraying me as a lunatic, and the other two media organizations never even ran the interviews.

You need to understand something: The only reason I reached out was to try and warn those who claim to care about Israel. I’m not interested in fame, success, recognition, etc. Some of my individual posts have over 40,000 views each. There’s absolutely no reason that this information hasn’t become mainstream by now.

I’m done groveling. Please stop asking me to contact this or that person or group. I already did, and nothing happened. But I continue to post. BECAUSE YOU ASKED ME TO, REMEMBER? The evidence of the lies is here. It’s up to readers to get off their dead butts and make a change.

Another reason I don’t contact the press is because it’s corrupt. Look at this, from the Daily Mail. These two photos are presented one on top of the other in the same article.



It’s the same vehicle. Obviously the bottom photo was taken first, and then they splattered it with blood. Palestinians are like vampires. They have emergency containers of blood with them wherever they go. This is the guy in charge.

I’m sick of dishonesty, so I’m not going to go hat in hand to news organizations that are terrorist sympathizers if not co-conspirators.

Here’s CNN: “In Gaza, Attack on Hospital Delivers Devastation and Grief.”

In the violent bedlam that has engulfed Gaza, not even the hospitals are immune from attack.

Such an attack happened Monday afternoon to the Shuhada al-Aqsa hospital in central Gaza, where several artillery shells slammed into buildings there…

Despite the risks, Eloise Bollack, a freelance French journalist, made her way to the hospital.

“At one point, when we arrived near the hospital … a bomb fell 50 meters away from us.”

“We started walking around to the other floors to see the damage. One side of the third floor was bombed several times; we saw a lot of impact hits from tank shells on the walls,” she said.

Artillery, bombs, and tanks shells. Well, except that none of those hit the hospital. I knew the second I saw this photo that it was phony.

Whattaya know! Same room, different guy, and everything’s been rearranged.

In preparation for the war, the hospital purchased one Dispirited Young Palestinian Male™, a mannequin manufactured somewhere in Norway, I heard.




The real story, of course, is that Hamas caused the damage.

None of those holes were made by Israeli aerial munitions, artillery, or tank shells. They’re entirely consistent with Hamas rockets that use ball bearings as shrapnel. Also, the trajectories punch horizontally through the third floor. The Israelis don’t have flying tanks.


These are said to be visitors killed by the Israeli attack.

Another lie. They’re Hamas fighters. The one on top has livor mortis, and he’s in a shroud. They brought him out of storage and put him on top of an older fighter whose bloodstains separated into clots and serum hours ago, and then they dumped fresh gore on the tiles. They’re covering his face to conceal his identity from the Israelis. He was a big fish. Now he’s a dead fish.

The hospital staff just tossed their used latex gloves on him, a gesture of hostility that pretty much proves my theory.

When you ask me to contact the media, you want me to get into bed with liars and clowns. This AFP video is hilarious.

The bombs are supposed to be 1000-lb (460-kg) GBU-32 high-explosive joint direct attack munitions (JDAMs). They have a blast radius of tens of yards-meters, and a lethal fragmentation radius of about 200 yards (183 meters). Look at this Islamic State fighter.

Completely unfazed by either blast or fragmentation. He just shrugged it all off. How? Because it’s computer graphics, just like 90 percent of the explosion photos and videos that came out of Gaza. Nobody cares. Journalism keeled over and gave up the ghost on February 27, 1968, when Walter Cronkite of CBS News took the catastrophic defeat of the North Vietnamese in the Tet Offensive and turned it into a “stalemate” that demanded “real give-and-take negotiations.”

Check out the abysmal quality of the smoke effects in the next part. Someone has a bomb-fetish too.

Fourteen 1000-lb bombs in one second, to take out two Islamic State fighters. Never mind that you hear and see only four explosions. Because JEWS!

In the lower left is a totally jaded or stone-deaf cow.

That AFP video is propaganda meant to convince the world that the US is using “disproportionate force.” You want me to contact the people putting these despicable lies out there?

Do it yourself. Samir and I are cut from the same cloth.