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Saudi “airliner” lands in Israel to move furniture

Saudi “airliner” lands in Israel to move furniture

I have no contact with any intelligence agencies. The FBI knows about me, but that’s only because of the death threats. Nobody has ever written to me or called me and said, “Hi! I work for the Mossad! How are you doing?” What I know about counterterrorism comes from open sources. That means I read it all in books, newspapers, and on the Internet. One thing I’ve seen over and over is that before the Israelis take drastic action, they warn you. Many times. One alleged method of warning you is to move furniture. You come home, and your entire house is rearranged.

Today a Saudia Airlines Airbus A330-300 landed at Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv.


You need to understand that officially, there’s no mechanism for allowing this to happen. Saudi Arabia doesn’t even recognize the existence of Israel. It would not have been possible unless the two governments agreed that this would take place. Also, it’s absolutely clear that the two governments wanted everyone to see it take place.

So far I’ve counted three different stories explaining what went on.


Then there was this.

In what is an unbelievably rare, if not unprecedented occasion, a Saudi Airlines Airbus A330 landed at Israel’s Ben Gurion Airport today for technical reasons. The aircraft was empty, on a return trip from Brussels and it remains unclear if the stop was actually planned or part of an in-flight emergency.

The final version of the event.

The arrival of jumbo jet with the logo “Saudia” to Ben-Gurion Airport overnight Tuesday generated a stir in the Israeli media on Wednesday after surprised airport workers spotted the plane.

The plane in question, an Airbus A330-300 devoid of passengers, arrived from Brussels to Tel Aviv for routine maintenance work with the Bedek Aviation Company, a subsidiary of Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI), officials said. A European client that works with Bedek for plane maintenance happens to lease its jets to various corporations, including Saudia, they explained.

“IAI confirmed that the Airbus came to IAI facilities in order to have maintenance work done due to an agreement that IAI has with a European company that leases the plane to Saudi Arabia,” a spokeswoman for IAI told The Jerusalem Post.

What about the “move furniture” part?

Well, remember that there was a massive explosion on a Yemeni missile base, April 20, 2015.


I believe that a new bomb was used, a massive ordnance penetrator (MOP) that uses rocket fuel in order to crack open underground facilities and incinerate their contents. Most military “experts” claimed that Israel couldn’t destroy Iran’s subterranean nuclear installations because the IDF lacked both the munitions and the strategic bomber to drop them. This was pure stupidity on the part of the experts. I always knew that Israel would develop a means of protecting herself from Iranian nuclear weapons.

The Israelis have formal military alliances, but their mindset is that in the end, they’re on their own. History has taught them that. So I knew that without any doubt whatsoever, the Israelis would develop the capabilities to destroy the Iranian nuclear program.

A few years ago, the Saudis said that if Iran acquires nuclear weapons, it would mean everyone in the region would follow suit. The Saudis said that a nuclear arms race in the Middle East would end in catastrophe. So I knew then that the Saudis would ally themselves with Israel.

Now let’s look at this Saudi “airliner” that landed in Israel today.

The reporting is incoherent, but from what I gather, Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) said that the aircraft registration for this Airbus A330-300 is CS-TMT. If true, it means that this is the aircraft.


Hi Fly is a Portuguese airline that specializes in leasing its aircraft. The photo of the “Saudia” airliner is too blurry for me to read the registration, but the first two letters don’t look like “CS” to me.


Here’s the registration after a lot of enhancement.


The first two letters look like “EP.”

Guess which country’s civil aircraft registration begins with “EP”?


Is that significant? Beats me. I’m just telling you what I see.

I don’t know why the Saudis would lease an airliner. They have no problem buying them.

Saudi Arabian Airlines (Saudia) intends to purchase 50 new aircraft [in 2014] as it looks to expand its global reach, an official at the airline has revealed.

The Saudi national carrier is being upgraded as part of its privatisation process and plans to expand its fleet to meet pent-up demand in the kingdom.

Abdul Rahman Altayeb, vice president for maintenance, said the airline was in talks with plane makers Boeing and Airbus to buy new jets before the end of the year.

“We have a requirement of about 50 planes and are in talks with manufacturers about this,” he said.

But Saudia has indeed leased Airbus A330-300 CS-TMT from Hi Fly.


The Saudis leased the aircraft on December 23, 2014.

This is the livery (paint scheme) of Saudia Airlines.



The A330-300 that landed at Ben Gurion is completely white. It’s missing the dark-blue paint on the vertical and horizontal tail units; and the national emblem of palm tree, crossed swords, and crescent moon is not present on the engine nacelles.

My brother Tim is an authority on civil aviation. He tells me that airlines often don’t paint a leased aircraft with the full livery. This is because the airline doesn’t plan on keeping the aircraft for very long. Tim also said that the only reason the Saudis would lease an A330 would be so that they wouldn’t own it. Ownership brings liability.

Finally, let’s look at the “routine maintenance” that Israel Aerospace Industries said Bedek Aviation Group was going to do on the Saudi A330-300. Saudia Airlines obviously has its own maintenance service, since we just read that Abdul Rahman Altayeb is the department’s vice president. While it’s true that Bedek is famous for maintenance, the company is LEGENDARY for another service they offer.

Military Programs including Conversion & Upgrade of Special Missions Aircraft

As I always say, I could be dead wrong about everything here. But there’s one more factor that hit me today. I believe that the Israelis, Saudis, and Emiratis are moving the furniture. This Saudia Airlines Airbus could’ve landed in Azerbaijan or Jordan or any number of places. It landed in Israel to inform the world that a new era has begun. And I think another message—a dire warning—was sent to the nation that continually threatens to wipe Israel off the map. Let’s be serious: That means to exterminate the Jews.

Another nation tried that, after which the survivors said, “Never again.” The attack on the missile base in Yemen may have showcased previously unknown capabilities. Is it a coincidence that the apparent warning to Jew-haters was sent on April 20, which just happens to be the birthday of this man?


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