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Someone on Twitter thinks I hate Muslims because I support Israel. She call Jews “big-noses,” so her analysis of world affairs is coming from a different direction as mine.


Twitter invited me to follow Life Loving Zo. I’ve declined. After Zo told me that Muslims aren’t killing each other in Iraq and Syria, she then brought up a salient point.

I told another Twitter user who butted in that he needed to grow up and admit that the Doctrine of the Abrogator and the Abrogated (al-Nasikh wal-Mansoukh) means that the violent verses of the Koran abrogate or replace the peaceful ones because the violent ones were written later. This is fact. Complain about it to Mohammed, not me. Life Loving Zo responded.

As a forensic pathologist of sorts—I had to be in order to find out why I was a failure at everything—I’ve developed a pretty decent intuitive sense. I also love playing with photos and revealing secrets. Here’s Life Loving Zo as she really looks, after I worked my enhancement talents on her.


You know, I can’t tell how old people are anymore. I’d look at that face and think forty or so, but that’s just a guess. I do know this: The aging process is incredibly traumatic for her.

Hey Zo: “Each hour wounds; the last one kills.” So cheer up. You’ve got a terminal disease. We all do.

On another Website run by an old fuck my age, he did a cutesy fake link that was supposed to be something else but took me to this person.

I had no bloody idea who it was, so I put her into Google Images and came up with Anna Faith Carlson. Who’s she? Well, she’s an eighteen-year-old…entertainer who is said to “eerily resemble” Elsa in the Disney animated movie Frozen.

I’ve never seen a single computer-animated cartoon movie. The Disney films are all nightmarish on so many levels that I can’t even begin to describe my revulsion. What’s weird about Anna Faith Carlson is she’s trying to have it both ways. She’s trying to appeal to little kids and be a sexbomb. To me she looks a lot older than eighteen, and her breasts are just bizarre. Is that a special bikini top that crams her breasts together, or does she have implants? She has no cleavage. You couldn’t slip a piece of paper between her breasts.

It’s embarrassing that a guy my age knew who she is and thinks she’s hot. We’re heading into really dangerous territory with the cartoon-kids-giant-boobs-bikini-robot-girl stuff.

Now, here’s a Boeing 777 sitting outside at Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv. It’s a former Malaysia Airlines jet that was bought by GA Telesis.

People are asking, “Are the Israelis planning another 9/11?” Meaning, are the Israelis going to crash this jet into a building and trick the world into thinking Muslims did it, thus fooling us into another war? This would be known as a “false-flag operation”: One group “flies the flag” of another in order to blame that innocent group.

Well, of course this is an Israeli false-flag operation! That’s why they parked the plane OUT IN THE OPEN WHERE EVERYONE COULD SEE IT AND PHOTOGRAPH IT.

If we believed all defense attorneys, nobody ever commits crimes, and if we believed all conspiracy theorists, there’s no such thing as Islamic terrorism.

Something that’s not a conspiracy is the genuine patent for the new Airbus airliner seat.

You don’t actually sit. Instead, you sort of crouch. For eleven hours. Since you’re almost vertical, no leg room at all is necessary. They can triple the number of passengers on an airliner. Airbus promises that it patented this seat just for fun and has no plans to install it.

Once again I thank God for Meniere’s disease, which prevents me from flying for the rest of my life. After I’m dead you can prop my corpse on one of those seats. Look at the passenger’s hands in that drawing. He’s already got rigor mortis.

This is the caliber of person to whom Vladimir Putin is giving surface-to-air missiles.

Keep that in mind the next time someone tells you that Putin is a geopolitical genius, masterfully playing the world for fools.

Do you think she’s really over fifty?

There’s something oddly alluring about her, even though she looks synthetic. I’m over fifty and single; however, I’m not on the market. Still, it’s fun to look. That’s a nice face. She and the man are probably both wearing aging-makeup. Maybe they’re computer generated, like Elsa in Frozen.

If you told me to sing the song from Frozen or you’d shoot me with an atomic cannon, I’d end up a big ol’ mushroom cloud racing to the heavens. I’ve heard the song a few times, but it left no trace whatsoever. This tune stayed in my head forever after just one listening.

Finally, I don’t think this is a pill.

And I didn’t know they got moldy.

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