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The church of the poisoned mind

The church of the poisoned mind

Before I began writing blog posts defending Israel, I had no contact with Jew-haters. Now, Jew-haters contact me. All the time. Because of their own words, I’ve come to believe that all opposition to Israel is based on Jew-hate. I didn’t think that before June of 2014. These people belong to the church of the poisoned mind.

(I never liked the song title. It should be poisoned.)

On December 17, 2014, I had to go to the emergency room due to the worst gastritis attack I ever had.


It was the result of being on the receiving end of tweets from about fifty Jew-haters on Twitter. I resolved to not engage them again.

Well, yesterday it happened again. The ringleader was this woman, a Canadian Muslim.


The last time this herd of ungulates appeared, she mocked me for having PTSD and for being upset at he deaths of my parents. She also taunted me for being old and ugly. When she showed up again yesterday, I unloaded on her in a way I’ve not done before. All I did was comment on her repulsive physical appearance.

Years ago I learned an important lesson from the late psychiatrist David Viscott. He said the way that people try to screw you is the key to screwing them back. Therefore if a person calls you ugly, you should insult their own looks.

It worked, of course. I began addressing her as “Miss Piggy,” and after much spluttering, she blocked me.

She and her passel of Jew-haters are obsessed with my Twitter photo.


I came right out and told Miss Piggy what I was doing, but she couldn’t grasp it. The photo is performance art. I grew a white beard and posed that way in order to create a specific effect. Everything I do publicly is contrived. That doesn’t mean it’s false; it means that I’m not putting myself out there in an earnest attempt to be liked, applauded, admired, or embraced. “Thomas Wictor” is a persona.

My name is Tom Wictor. Many of the Israeli and Jewish people with whom I correspond know that. They see how I sign my messages to them, and they understand because they’re intelligent. Performance art is often a Jewish way of life. Who can blame them?

After being forced to witness the depravity of Jew-hate, I certainly don’t begrudge any Jew his or her idiosyncratic way of coping. Hours after she blocked me, Miss Piggy and her friends were still talking about me. They read my Website now, so they were speculating on why the Cardinal Ghost drove me away.


After she blocked me, Miss Piggy changed her user name. This was what she called herself before.


That is one classy dame, I tell ya! And there’s no evidence whatsoever that six hundred Palestinian children were killed. The Palestinians listed adult terrorists as children.


And the Palestinians also listed teenaged terrorists as children.



But Jew-haters on Twitter have bigger fish to fry.


Matthew L. Kees is a photography teacher who for whatever reason claims that he was defrauded by grifter Amanda Movius and falsely imprisoned for rape, based only on her accusation.

This is Movius with (from left) actors Robert Downey Jr, Woody Harrelson, and Keanu Reeves on the set of A Scanner Darkly in 2006.


Here’s what Kees says happened.

One man who fell for her charms claims his life has been wrecked after she made false accusations against him that led to his arrest. Photographer Matthew Kees says Movius then raided his finances and sold his belongings.

While in jail he was attacked, today he pops Prozac and sees a psychiatrist to help him cope.

“I plan on bringing my own charges against the District Attorney, the police department, and maybe even the judge, who were aware of her fraud soon after I was locked up,” he says. “They allowed her to continue with her scams and caused me to lose my apartment in Hollywood, my business, my reputation and my sanity.

“Plus two teeth while being held in maximum security.”

There’s no arrest record for Matthew L. Kees in California. On Twitter he told me that his cellmates were murderers. After I pointed out his lack of an arrest record and the fact that date-rape suspects aren’t put in maximum security with violent felons, Kees then changed his story and said that he spent only one night in jail.

His story is bogus. Jew-haters are fabulists. Every single one of them.


This is a lie. The man who posted it claims—like most Jew-haters today—that he only hates Zionists, but that fake meme says nothing about Zionism. It says JEWS are Nazis.

In reality the figure of 150,000 refers to men categorized as Jews by the depraved and moronic Nuremburg Laws of 1935. Among those considered Jews were practicing Christians—”quarter-Jews.” The obsession with “Jewish blood” is all over social media. They jabber incessantly about Ashkenazis and Khazars, raving like Heinrich Himmler about what makes a “real Jew.”

I’m not surprised that someone with this particular mental illness would post lies about “Jewish Nazis.”


The “9/11 Truth Movement” is easily the stupidest conspiracy theory in world history. Two seconds of thought debunks it: How did Republican president George W. Bush get all the Democratic investigators of the New York City Police Department and New York City Fire Department to cover up the murder of hundreds of their brother and sister officers?

Conspiracy theorists casually slander people far better than themselves.

But we’re not talking rationality here.



Unlike my Jewish friend who thinks social media is one of the worst inventions ever, I want Jew-haters to keep posting their madness. It allows me know whose business to avoid—Matthew L. Kees’s, for example—and it lets these maniacs blow off steam. Suppressing their ability to fondle each other might lay the groundwork for another Oklahoma City bombing.

Jew-haters are deeply mediocre people, which is one reason they hate those who excel. Matthew L. Kees’s portfolio is just awful. All his images look like snapshots.

Say what you will about how they use their skills, Palestinian photographers tend to be incredible artists. This photo by Mohamad Torokman is sublime in its subject matter and composition.


That’s an image you’ll never forget.

Matthew L. Kees claims to support the Palestinians. He should stop wasting his life on social media, go to Gaza, and learn photography from the masters.

He won’t because he’s not real. The only thing genuine about him is his hatred of Jews. He projects all his loserdom onto me, because he’s too limited to perceive what I did.

There is someplace where your specialties can shine. Somewhere that difference can be expressed. It’s up to you to find it, and you can.

—David Viscott (May 24, 1938—October 10, 1996)

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