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The self-slaughter of tribalism

The self-slaughter of tribalism

Every day I read comments by atheists or “secular humanists” ridiculing the religious. And yet those who belittle the notion of “an invisible, bearded old man in the sky” tend to have a fanatically religious reverence for government. Yes, people come to my door trying to convert me to their religion. But at least they ask politely and go away if I decline. The people who believe in the holiness of government actually hate me for not joining their tribe. The reasons I don’t join are many, but tribalism always demands self-slaughter. I won’t do that for any group.

I fully accept the need for taxes, regulations, and laws. But what’s happening in our country is what often happens in religion: The clerics of government—politicians and bureaucrats—are abusing the parishioners, and the hierarchy is covering it up.

There’s a theft ring in Sort Facility ISC New York NY (USPS). “ISC” stands for “International Service Center,” and of course “USPS” is the United States Postal Service. The address of the theft ring is this.

John F. Kennedy Airport Mail Center
US Postal Service
John F. Kennedy International Airport
Building 250
Jamaica, NY 11430-9998

Once I identify who’s in charge, the next step will be to make the creature’s life miserable. I put the con artist Mike Albee out of business, so I’m pretty good at making people pay for the crimes they commit against me.

Today I received a postcard from Germany. Here’s the date I paid for it.


This is the condition of the envelope when it arrived.


What you can’t see from the side is the fact that the envelope was slit open with a razor.


The thief who works at Sort Facility ISC New York NY (USPS) opened my letter and took a photo of the card with a cell phone. Then the “person” sent the photo around to the equally criminal buyers who pay the fat, sweaty, smelly hogs of the USPS to steal valuable military postcards from Germany.

Postal workers tell me that registered mail can’t be stolen because someone has to sign for it each step of the way. Someone at Sort Facility ISC New York NY (USPS) signed for this letter. But the union negotiated rules that the foreign postal service has to investigate the theft. So the Germans would send an e-mail to Sort Facility ISC New York NY (USPS).

Guten Tag. What happened to Thomas Wictor’s postcard, tracking number 123456789?”

“Dunno,” would come the reply.

And that’s that. I get a form letter saying they’ve investigated the loss and concluded that the letter is lost.

This time the card arrived because it’s a relatively common commercial image. The reason I wanted it so badly was that it was cropped in such a way that it showed things none of the other versions show.

Here are the relevant dates.


It was sent from Germany on June 2, 2023 and finally left New York on July 11, 2014. The professional thief at Sort Facility ISC New York NY (USPS) had a month to try and sell it, but as I said, it’s a relatively common image. So the greedy turd—who I’m sure already has peripheral artery disease but doesn’t know it—sent my postcard on its way without bothering to reseal the envelope. It’s a “Fuck you!” to me.

But his temper tantrum wasn’t over. Angry that he couldn’t find a buyer, the porker deliberately crumpled the cardboard that the dealer used to protect the card.


This was the condition of the card when I bought it. Essentially pristine.


And here’s how it looks now, since it was inside the cardboard sleeve when it got crumpled.


You can get a better idea of its condition by looking at the back. It’s ruined, damaged beyond salvation.


This is just a postcard. Someday I may find a replacement. But all you lovers of government, how do you replace human lives?

Vials of morphine were systemically stolen from a Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Medical Center and replaced with water and saline so that dying veterans got the wrong treatments, a longtime VA nurse told The Daily Caller.

“A nurse taking care of hospice patients over the past year had been diverting vials of morphine,” said Valerie Riviello, a 28-year veteran nurse at the Albany Stratton VA Medical Center in Albany, New York. “Those patients that were dying in hospice were not getting their intended pain medication.”

Management became aware of the recurring theft without reporting it to higher levels of governance within the VA system, said Riviello, a Florence Nightingale Award winner for nursing.

This is what’s coming to your health care. The same people who steal or destroy my mail and who steal morphine from dying veterans are going to be in charge of your well being and that of your family. Since they all belong to the same tribe—the people who believe not in an invisible old man in the sky but in a collective that controls us from the cradle to the grave—nothing will be done to stop the crimes. The criminals will be protected.


People who try to draw our attention to the crimes are attacked.

Kristen Ruell, an authorization quality services representative at the VBA, claimed that some employees at the Philadelphia Regional Office staff were motivated to manipulate data so they’d get better performance reviews and higher bonuses.

“Instead of solving problems, I was retaliated against,” Ruell testified. “VA’s problems are the result of morally bankrupt managers.”

Ruell told lawmakers her car was dented and covered with coffee one morning and she suspects the culprits were vindictive VBA managers from the Philadelphia office. “If something doesn’t change soon, I don’t know if there’s going to be any good workers left in the VA,” she said.

The tribe cares only about itself. Look at my postcard. The entire United States Postal Service is indifferent to how I get screwed time and time and time again. They feel no empathy and no shame, because I’m not a member of the tribe.

What happened to my postcard is being done to our veterans, the IRS is doing it to conservatives, and soon government health-care workers will be doing it to you. You’re going to trust your life to people who steal medication from the dying? And yet you have the nerve to call the religious stupid.

Don’t say you weren’t warned.


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