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Islamist video proves that “Syrian rebels” do not exist

Islamist video proves that “Syrian rebels” do not exist

The Islamist Fastaqim Kama Umirt has released a video. There is no chance that Syrian rebels are using the weapons shown. Such incredibly advanced ordnance requires extensive training. Only Arab League strategic special operators could have carried out the mission you’ll see. In addition, Fastaqim Kama Umirt is an ally of the Muslim Brotherhood. Therefore Saudi Arabia would never arm this group.

Almost all Syrian rebels are now actors who only pretend to fight.

Munitions never lie.

Islamist fighters

The definition of “Islamist” is a Muslim who wants to implement Islam in all spheres of life. It’s also called Political Islam. For example, the Justice and Development Party (PJD) of Morocco is Islamist.

It’s the same all over the world. Generally speaking, those who aggressively demand virtue are themselves never virtuous. In the new Middle East, the people with power have the following ethos.

“Live and let live, or you die.”

In spite of hundreds of millions embracing Political Islam, the Middle East has changed. Nobody—religious or secular—is permitted to impose their will on others.

We now have inarguable proof that the people transforming the Middle East do not have an expansionist agenda. By the end of this post, you’ll agree with me.

Islamist propaganda

While some Middle Easterners are being…persuaded to change their behavior, words don’t matter. As a result, Fastaqim Kama Umirt can release a video taking credit for something it didn’t do. As long as the group doesn’t oppress others, it’s free to say what it wants.

This is a terrific video. It’s titled “Very special: Scenes of aerial artillery shells secretly targeting Assad gangs near the Air Force Technical College.”

We see rebels firing 82mm mortars, but the munitions impacting the Syrian positions are like nothing I’ve ever seen. They are not 82mm mortar rounds.

Although this is an airburst munition, all the steel fragments went straight down.

In other words, this weapon produces almost no collateral damage. You could stand right next to that explosion, and you’d survive.

The new Arab League war doctrine calls for killing as few people—including combatants—as possible. War is waged on military objects, not human beings.

I’ll prove by the end of this post that you’re seeing precision-guided munitions (PGMs). That is to say, every shot deliberately avoided hitting men.

Not an Islamist ideal

It’s not in the Islamist playbook to spare lives of the enemy, especially if he is a Shia. The men under bombardment are Iranians, Lebanese, Iraqis, and Afghan Hazara. Yet it appears that nobody died. Therefore I am positive that professional soldiers fired these PGMs to chase the enemy from the battlefield, not kill him.

I have evidence.

A fighter works on some kind of armed vehicle, probably a “technical.” It’s in an excavated position.

The PGM detonates in the only place that affords the fighter protection from the steel fragments.

Moreover, the fragments completely avoided the men at the house above the emplaced vehicle. That would be impossible with a regular high-explosive mortar round.

First, the munition detonated in the earth, reducing the effects of the steel fragments.

Second, the spray of fragments went in only one direction. In other words, somebody directed the force of the munition away from the men at the house. Somebody consciously chose to spare their lives.

Would an Islamist do this?

Men are huddled in a trench. Somebody fires only munitions that detonate in the ground. In this case, an airburst munition would kill the men in the trench. Therefore the use of munitions that detonate in the earth means no intent to kill.

Nobody fires on the enemy as he removes his wounded.

The fact that the retreat was filmed is proof that an airburst munition could’ve been used. Those fighters were defenseless.

Somebody chose to not kill them.

Not an Islamist munition

The weapons are completely new technology. They produce ring-shaped smoke clouds.

No known munition has that signature. Somebody very carefully edited out all footage of the weapons in flight.

But the editor missed one.

And that footage proves that Arab League professional strategic special operators are the ones firing these mystery munitions. I’ll show you the video in a moment.

So, what causes the ring-shaped explosion? I have no idea. My guess is that the munition has a proximity fuse that determines where the warhead explodes, in relation to the target. It could be that the ring is the result of a warhead that creates a shock wave in the shape of a cone.

These men all survived a very close hit from the unidentified munition.

Thus we see that this battle was fought with new weapons designed to terrify and dissuade, not kill.

I think it’s fantastic.

Islamist mercy?

The enemy ran off as fast as he could.

Would Islamist fighters let Shia get away? Of course not.

Therefore it wasn’t Fastaqim Kama Umirt that carried out this operation. And I can prove it.

Pay close attention.

Did you see it? Here’s a closeup.

The filmmaker missed it, so he didn’t edit it out.

Can you can see it now?

That is not a mortar round. It’s a self-guided aerial munition with what look like flapping wings. Guess where else they’re being used?

Islamist plans are defunct

Here’s the same new weapon.

It has a strange, birdlike appearance. Keep your eyes on the right side of the screen below, about halfway up.

What the hell is it?

Something that the Arab League uses. To spare Shia lives and protect Shia in Iraq.

I’m not religious. Because of that, I can’t understand religious enmities. But my lack of understanding is moot. Very soon, all the religions and sects in the Middle East will be living together in peace.

Though they might not like each other, that isn’t important. I believe that everyone should be free to hate whomever they want.

However, if you act on it, you deserve to be killed.

It appears that the people liberating the Middle East agree with me.

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