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Sunni Muslim military advisers during the Battle of Fallujah

Sunni Muslim military advisers during the Battle of Fallujah

Sunni Muslim military advisers are in Iraq, helping the majority Shia security forces defeat the Islamic State. An Iraqi judicial councilman confirmed this.

In addition, the Saudis are training and equipping Shia fighters.

Below are Yemenis who the Saudis trained and equipped.

And these are men of Moqtada al-Sadr’s Peace Brigades.

The old ways are dying out.

Sunni advisers from…?

This man is not an Iraqi.

My best guess is that he’s a member of the Eritrean 525th Commando Division. He would be a lieutenant or captain. I saw video that showed him at the front line in the Third Battle of Fallujah. However, it turns out he did much more than advise.

Today I watched a video that prompted me to try and piece together what happened when the Iraqis took back the concrete bridge that runs through Fallujah. Iraqi security forces (ISF) have renamed it Martyr Mustafa al-Athari Bridge, after a Shia soldier who the Islamic State hanged there.

Here’s the video I saw that made me study the battle.

I’ve never seen such an angry display among Muslim fighters in the middle of a battle.

The young man with the green headscarf is not Iraqi. Circumstantial evidence indicates that there were Eritrean, Mauritanian, and Pakistani military advisers and strategic special operators in Fallujah. The young man with the green headscarf is furious with the Iraqis. And I’ve figured out why.

The important thing to remember is that despite a very spirited argument, nobody took it personally, the battle went on, and the Iraqis won.

Sunni advisers apparently warned

After entering the city of Fallujah, the Iraqis headed for the highway overpass on June 16, 2016.

This is not an Iraqi.

He’s an African commando, probably a Mauritanian.

The scouts gave the okay for the armored vehicles to advance. However, at that point the Islamic State carried out a very effective ambush, destroying a Humvee.

The terrorists had buried gigantic improvised explosive devices (IEDs) in the street.

They totally demolished the Humvee.

I’m sure that the terrorists also fired antitank guided missiles (ATGMs) and rocket-propelled grenades (RPGs).

That’s what the Sunni adviser was angry about. He gestured at the smoke.

The argument took place one street over from the ambush site.

Sunni advisers devised a plan

All the Iraqi armored vehicles on the side street backed up after the ambush. Then a four-man fire team attacked the Islamic State terrorists who’d detonated the IEDs. The terrorists had emerged from hiding and taken up a position behind the rubble that the IEDs created.

A rocket-propelled grenade (RPG) gunner and assistant, a machine gunner, and a rifleman comprised the fire team.

The RPG gunner is incredibly fit. He ran as fast as a cheetah.

He’s a professional soldier, and he’s also not Iraqi.

His weapon is the RPG-7AP, an antipersonnel airburst munition manufactured only in Pakistan. The warhead is full of steel balls.

Below is the Fallujah RPG gunner’s assistant. He’s definitely carrying a Pakistani RPG-7AP.

The gunner fired.

And the airburst munition exploded over the terrorists, killing them.

After killing the terrorists, the Iraqis salvaged the heavy machine gun from the turret of the wrecked Humvee.

However, there was still much fighting ahead.

Sunni advisers explain

Although on a side street, the Iraqis came under heavy sniper fire. A vehicle armed with a light cannon went out to kill the sniper.

Look who was firing the cannon.

And now the cause of the argument. Since the terrorists had destroyed a Humvee, the Sunni advisers brought in a T-72 main battle tank. However, the Iraqis didn’t want to deploy it.

Here’s the guy in the green headscarf.

And this is the reason he lost his temper.

The Iraqis didn’t want to risk their tank. Because foreign Sunni strategic special operators would serve as the temporary crew, there was an endless debate. The Iraqis called in several high-ranking officers.

Finally the Iraqis agreed to send in the tank.

Sunni advisers were right

The Sunni advisers turned the tank around and attacked.

Due to the tank’s firepower and the skill of the foreign crew, the Iraqis were able leave the side street and go back on the offensive.

Even after the breakout, the Eritrean commando did not stop supervising.

Another professional soldier with a sense of duty.

A Sunni who gave his life for Shia

At least one adviser died. An Islamic State sniper shot him in the forehead.

He went into battle unarmed. I don’t know why. It could be that the Sunni advisers feel that they must prove their lack of hostile intent to the Shia. A weapon would not have saved this man anyway. He appears to be another Eritrean commando.

So, now you’ve seen history being made. Sunni and Shia can fight on the same side and have a major disagreement without it leading to disaster. I believe that all the men below are Sunni Muslim advisers and strategic special operators from multiple countries.

Getting along is hard. And it’s harder to disagree civilly. Furthermore it’s exponentially harder when two groups have a long history of not being able to even live together.

What you witnessed above is very important. It shows the incredible progress that’s been made.

Therefore ignore the doomsayers. Everything will be fine.

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