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Theater in the Middle East is impossible to decipher

Theater in the Middle East is impossible to decipher

As art forms, I prefer film to theater. I’ve attended only four plays in my life. However, the Arab League theater in the Middle East is incredibly entertaining. I’ve figured out some of it, but most will remain hidden forever.

All I can say for sure is that this is not happening.

I’ve traced direct Arab League involvement in Syria to 2012. There was a video that showed a brief glimpse of a Saudi special operator embedded with an armed group. What’s clear to me now is that there were multiple levels to the Arab League plan.

a) Level One - What the Arab league told the world
b) Level Two - What the Arab League privately told the west
c) Level Three - What the Arab League privately told the press anonymously
d) Level Four - What the Arab League told armed groups in Syria and Iraq
e) Level Five - What the Arab League told regional governments
f) Level Six - What the Arab League told its combatant allies

The most secret information is Level Six. Only combatant allies know the real story.

Theater for us to enjoy

I debated whether or not to post this. Then I realized that we’re supposed to see it. As you know, there is currently a “rebel offensive” underway in Syria, to break the siege of Aleppo. In a moment I’ll post a full rebel video that shows the utter incompetence of these fighters. They have no training whatsoever.

Below, however, is something very interesting. I took it from a video of Islamist amateurs boasting of their prowess and having trouble with their weapons. Forgive me for muting it. I can’t stand the hectoring.

I believe that this is theater.

First, note that this man is wearing eyepieces that are connected to a power source.

The wire.

And the battery pack.

There are multiple glasses that allow wearers to fire rifles more accurately by using a display screen. However, the eyepieces above are much more complicated. I think they’re used for calling in air strikes. Essentially, an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) sees what the soldiers sees.

This fighter has some kind of headpiece under his balaclava.

Here is a tactical assault ladder from Telesteps, a Swedish company.

Almost every man in this group has a three-point tactical sling on his rifle.

Using such a sling requires extensive training. In a gun battle, you can easily tangle yourself up in it and die.

Boring theater

This guy is unique in videos of Islamist fighters.

He’s bored and a bit disgusted. His body language is unmistakable.

What happened here?

It appears to me that he’s teasing his comrade in a deadpan, military way. They call it “breaking your balls.” He grips the cloth fly front of the other man’s jacket and then rubs his his fingers together.

Greasy, he seems to be indicating.

I think he did it to break the tension and make fun of the preacher.

But even that is theater. The preacher is wearing an incredibly intricate face piece under his balaclava.

I can’t tell you what the preacher is hiding. After two hours of research, I came up empty. My best guess is that it’s a communication device that uses facial muscles. That way the fighter can contact UAVs without being heard. These men are equipped for close-quarters combat (CQC). I’ll show their other gear in a moment.

First, send in the clowns!

Theater of the absurd

The men below have no skills at all. They almost killed each other multiple times. The tank is a T-72, in the hands of Jaysh al-Islam.

At least four tanks blasted targets at point-blank range.

Since the tanks have no infantry support, they would all have been destroyed if actually facing an enemy. In reality they were shooting at nothing. There’s no return fire in the entire video. The tight tank formation and close range are suicidal. It was sheer luck that nobody blew up his buddy or himself.

Hello, parrot!

Bet you wish you’d stayed in Africa.


The idiot below dropped an entire belt of cartridges out of his machine gun. He had to bend over and pick it up off the ground.

Finally, the tank machine gunner nearly mowed down a squad of men from his own side. The red arrow shows the machine-gun strikes.

He’s just shooting into the dirt. Everything above is childish playacting.

Deadly theater

Next we have a video that is both fake and real.

The Mountain Falcons are buffoons. They’re mortifying in their incompetence.

This is a BGM-71E TOW 2A antitank guided missile (ATGM) with the precursor warhead removed.

The missile is inert. What follows is terrible computer-generated imagery (CGI).

Did you see the real strike?

Right before it hit, a rocket motor ignited. That little munition penetrated three concrete floors. You can see smoke coming from the real target area.

As I say: Munitions never lie. A BGM-71E TOW 2A could not make smoke come out of windows three floors down from the roof. Someone fired a nasty little cousin of this.


The missile hit an operations center.

Theater of…something

Back to the Syrian rebels in Aleppo.

First we see the utility of the three-point tactical rifle sling. The man below is a machine gunner, but he has an AK-47 as a personal weapon. He’s expertly secured the rifle to his body with the sling.

His use of the three-point sling and the way he carries his machine gun indicate that he’s highly trained.

The Swedish Telesteps tactical assault ladders.

This man has an extremely specialized tactical entry tool.

It’s a clamp with an angled head and a telescoping shaft. You’d use it to silently lift windows or open doors.

And last but not least, another pair of eyepieces.

Again, I believe that those are used to call in air strikes. The man has a battery pack strapped to his right thigh.

Are these rebels? The answer has to be “No.” They’re Arab League professional strategic special operators posing as Islamists. Rebels aren’t trained in dynamic entry. These men are preparing to capture or kill enemy commanders.

Award-winning theater

Somehow, the Arab League has attached special operators to all sides of the conflict in Syria, excluding the Islamic State, Russia, Iran, and their surrogates. Western “experts” are utterly blind to what’s happening. Little by little, the Arab League is de-radicalizing the Middle East. I’ve never seen anything more brilliant in my life.

That which was said to be impossible is already nearly finished.

It’s one of the greatest accomplishments in human history. A comparatively small group of people changed an entire region through sheer cleverness.

I’m grateful to have witnessed this astounding geo-strategy unfold.

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