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Amateurs are never as good as the professionals

Amateurs are never as good as the professionals

For a long time, I didn’t watch videos from the Syrian civil war. Even though I know a lot about military issues, I hate to see suffering. The Syrian civil war seemed to be nothing but untrained fanatics slaughtering everyone they could. But one day I saw a video that seemed to show a new weapon. After much research, I determined that Israel and the Gulf Cooperation Council had jointly developed EMPFAE ordnance. The men who use these weapons in Syria aren’t amateurs; they’re professional strategic special operators.

Amateurs make mistakes

Many of the videos posted by Syrian rebel groups are real. They show actual rebels carrying out operations. The video below is genuine.

The Sham Legion (Faylaq Al-Sham) fired a 9M14 Malyutka—called the AT-3 Sagger by NATO—antitank guided missile (ATGM).

The red arrow shows that it’s a 9M14-2M, the variant with a tandem high-explosive antitank (HEAT) warhead used to defeat explosive reactive armor (ERA).

All the boxes attached to the tank above are filled with explosives. If an ATGM hits them, they detonate the missile’s warhead without allowing it to penetrate the armor. A tandem warhead uses the first charge to explode the reactive armor. Then the second warhead punctures the tank.

An ATGM is a “shaped charge.” Explosives inside the warhead melt a copper cone and produce a jet of metal that cuts through armor plate, killing the tank crew or setting off the ammunition.

So the amateurs of the Sham Legion fired a tandem-warhead ATGM at people.

Because the missile has an impact fuse and had to hit the ground in order to detonate, all the explosive force went into the earth. The steel fragments, the jet of molten copper, and the shock waves of the two warheads all burrowed into the dirt. That missile was wasted.

Amateurs showing off

The Sham Legion must have captured a Syrian stockpile of these ancient ATGMs. Here’s another video of an AT-3 Sagger being used on men.

As you can see, at least three of the five survived. The AT-3 Sagger simply isn’t a good weapon for use against soldiers.

Not amateurs

The Arab League professional strategic special operators in Syria use stand-ins who fire missiles for the camera. Then the footage of the missile launched by the professionals is spliced together with the shot of the stand-in firing at an empty building or whatever.

Below are terrorists of the al-Nusra Front meeting their makers. The ATGM is the American BGM-71 TOW.

The warhead of this missile is a fuel-air explosive (FAE), also called a thermobaric explosive. A cloud of vapor is ejected and detonated, creating a huge shock wave. This warhead doesn’t officially exist. It’s a joint Israeli-Arab secret weapon that nobody except for me has noticed.

With surveillance drones, the strategic special operators determined that the man below had a backpack full of explosives.

“You can run, but you’ll only die tired.”

This missile has a proximity fuse that uses radar to tell the warhead, “We have arrived at the target. Time for you to explode.” The missile is not required to hit anything in order to detonate.

A cloud of vapor is ejected and ignited. The unfortunate terrorists are still visible as the explosion begins.

Then the entire vapor cloud detonates, creating a gigantic shock wave that nobody survived.

Here’s how to tell the difference between fuel-air explosive and high explosive.

A fuel-air explosive creates a bright, uniform flash and only a small amount of light-gray smoke. A high explosive creates a yellow-orange flash with swirling convolutions of color and a lot of dark-gray or black smoke.

Amateurs and professionals

This video is said to show Fatah Aleppo using a Russian 9M133 Kornet ATGM to destroy the Syrian-Iranian war room at Tal Sheikh Yousef, Aleppo.

The problem is that a Kornet couldn’t create such an enormous explosion. It was an air strike.

I can’t tell if the Kornet fired at Tal Sheikh Yousef is a thermobaric 9M133F-1 or not.

However, this video shows what the explosion of a 9M133F-1 looks like.

See? Bright, uniform flash and light-gray smoke.

Here’s the explosion at Tal Sheikh Yousef.

Classic high-explosive aerial munition, probably the MK-84 2000-lb (946-kg) bomb.

What you see above is the “primary explosion,” caused by the Tritonal inside the casing of the munition. Then we have a series of “secondary explosions.”

We’re told that these are Grad rockets exploding, but that’s not true. The Grad uses a solid propellant. What happened here is that the casings of some rockets were broken open by the primary explosion, the liquid fuel spilled out, and then it ignited. There was a twelve-second gap between the primary explosion and the first secondary explosions. It took that long because the liquid fuel was spreading on the ground.

Solid rocket propellant would’ve exploded either immediately or several minutes later, if the entire military base caught fire.

Also, Grad rockets are stored with the warhead attached. None of these rockets had warheads.

The rocket bodies flew in all directions as the fuel burned, but no warheads exploded. Whoever carried out the air strike had intelligence that the rockets were not yet fitted with warheads. The timing of the strike greatly reduced the chance of collateral damage.

That base was hit by professionals who gave the credit to amateurs. My guess is that those were Iranian ballistic missiles intended for use against Israel.

Amateurs masquerading as pros

The Russians were badly defeated in Syria, so they’re making as much trouble as they can.

Kurdish militias have retreated from a strategic neighborhood in the Syrian city of Aleppo after Al Nusra and Ahram al-Sham militants launched a heavy offensive across the embattled city, Russian military say.

“Following heavy shelling and unceasing attacks on Kurdish positions by fighters from Jabhat Al Nusra and Ahram al-Sham terror groups, the Kurdish militias left their positions in the district of Sheikh Maqsoud in Aleppo and retreated,” a spokesman for the Russian Center for Reconciliation in Syria said in a statement on Saturday.

The Russian military stressed that the offensive operation was made possible by the halt in attacks on militant positions by Russian and Syrian warplanes at the US’s request, which allowed the terrorist to regroup and replenish their weapons stockpiles.

Only the Russians are reporting that the Kurds have fled Sheikh Maqsoud. It’s a childish lie. And from what I can tell, the al-Nusra Front is as amateurish as the Russians.

“SVBIED” means “suicide vehicle-borne improvised explosive device.”

There’s no evidence whatsoever of an explosion. The al-Nusra Front took sledgehammers to four trucks, and then eighty of them lay down in the dust to be filmed by the drone. Instant dead Iranians!

This, on the other hand, is real.

The man below is a Saudi professional strategic special operator.

He’s very thin, and his rifle has a safety release on the barrel.


Only Saudis have this device. I’ve been researching for days now, and I can’t find anything.

When the wars are over, could a Saudi please send me information about it?

Thank you.

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