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Undisclosed versus covert versus clandestine

Undisclosed versus covert versus clandestine

Military operations are classified as open, clandestine, covert, and undisclosed. Desert Storm and Iraqi Freedom were open operations. A clandestine operation was Neptune Spear, the killing of Osama bin Laden by US Navy SEALs of DEVGRU. Though secret at the time, we admitted to it when it was over. Covert operations are actions that everyone knows happened, but the sponsor is concealed or given plausible deniability.

Undisclosed operations are the ones that are never discussed and are usually not discovered. I freely admit that everything I write about is supposition, but I always provide unambiguous evidence. This blog is for laypersons, not military experts. All of us can see that new weapons are being used in Syria. The soldier below took a direct hit from a BGM-71 TOW antitank guided missile, a weapon used to cut through thick steel armor.

That was a canvas tent. The TOW missile weighs 18 kilos and travels at 320 meters per second. Below is the formula for calculating the impact force, even before the explosion.

m = mass

v = velocity

t = time

If we put in 0.3 seconds as the impact time, we get a force of 38,400 Newtons. That’s the equivalent of 8633 pounds (3916 kilos) hitting the soldier.

But he gets up and walks away.

Therefore neither the missile nor a blast wave nor metal fragments struck this man. And that means a new weapon. I found a patent for a munition made up of two parts: 1) a warhead that produces nonnuclear electromagnetic pulses (EMPs); and 2) fuel-air explosives (FAE). There are also patents for methods of directing the force of FAE. Videos prove that these concepts have become undisclosed reality.

Jaysh al-Thuwar is nominally a Syrian Arab militia, but they’re clearly Arab professional strategic special operators. Despite having no outside support, they’re superb infantrymen who possess EMPFAE munitions, artillery, armor, and aircraft.

This is the signature of an EMPFAE munition.





The explosive vapor is ejected upward and detonated; the force is then directed downward, creating the flat smoke cloud.

And now we have proof that EMPFAE munitions are being used in Iraq.

Undisclosed relationships

Everybody knows about the Arab-Israeli conflict, but the mutual Sunni-Shi’ite hatred has cost far more lives. For the first time ever, we have inarguable evidence that Sunni commandos are fighting on behalf of Iraqi Arab Shi’ites. I’ll show you that evidence in a moment.

The people transforming—saving—the Middle East are the Saudis. I always knew that the bulk of the accusations made against the Saudis were lies. However, I’m truly stunned at Saudi commitment to peace. Israelis and Jewish people ask me, “How do we know they’re sincere? What if this is a trap?”

It’s not. There’s no reason in the world for the Saudis to risk blood and treasure in defense of Shi’ites—unless the Saudis are sincere in their desire for peace.

I thought that the new Saudi and Sunni Arab military power would lead to rapid, destructive conflicts, but I was wrong. The Saudis and their allies are waging far more intelligent and humane wars than I thought possible. Virtually all of the fighting is undisclosed and will remain so.

As a guy who sees ghost cats, I can write about this without jeopardizing anything. My motivation is to show YOU that there’s nothing whatsoever to fear. The Saudis are displaying a level of selflessness that I didn’t know existed.

Maybe it never did. Maybe the Saudis are pioneering it.

Undisclosed assistance

Writer Peter Clifford makes an important point.

A recent poll run by a company in Iraq which asked citizens in Islamic State controlled towns and cities who they most feared being liberated by, indicated that 74% of the 120 interviewed Sunnis living in Mosul feared being liberated by the Iraqi Army, and 100% feared liberation by the Kurds or Shia militia.

The Iraqi army has collapsed so many times that the people you see fighting are mostly Shi’ite militiamen. It’s incomprehensible that these men have allowed Sunni Arab League commandos to embed with them. But we have the evidence.

First, let me quote US Army Colonel Steve Warren, spokesman for Combined Joint Task Force Operation Inherent Resolve.

There’s an Iraqi army M-1 Abrams tank, a single tank that’s operating inside the city of Hit. And frankly, it has been handing it to the enemy regularly now for several days. They push continuously along the front lines of the CTS [Counter Terrorism Service] troops. So this is a great example of the Iraqi army interacting with and working together in a combined-arms fashion with the counterterrorist service.

And so this M-1 tank has been driving all around Hit, crazy, and blasting IEDs, punching holes in enemy defenses, and maneuvering between multiple engagements and allowing the CTS and other Iraqi army ground forces, you know, to clear and help evacuate civilians.

So this tank has been so successful, this one tank crew, that the American advisers who actually watch this tank in action have, have given it the hero-of-the-day award for, like, several days running. And our guys will sit in the op center there and will track this tank. And in fact, at one point, they thought there were multiple tanks, and we actually had to reach into the unit and discover it was just one tank that was tearing up Hit all by itself.

And so then this tank has become a little bit of a folk hero here in Iraq. If you check the social media feeds here, they’ve nicknamed it—”they” being I guess the social—the Twitter people, the tweets, the twits. They’ve nicknamed this tank “the Beast.” So now all of a sudden, the Beast has become a thing here in this part of Iraq.

About 90 percent of the people in Hit are Sunni. Most of the Iraqi fighters who liberated Hit are Shi’ites.

Below is 55 seconds of video on a loop. Watch from 0:46 to 1:41.

This is the Beast.

The first weapon used was a Russian 9M133 Kornet antitank guided missile (ATGM). A member of the Iraqi Counter Terrorism Forces (CTF) fired it. He was in an armored Humvee with a turret for the missile launcher.

Kornet ATGMs are optically guided. The missile has a white incandescent bulb on the tail. An operator has to look through the sight and keep a cross hair on the target. It’s very difficult to do, especially if your adrenaline is rushing.

We can see that the Kornet missed the Islamic State truck bomb.

Next, an EMPFAE munition was used. The signature is unmistakable.

What would be a foolproof way of convincing someone that you’re on his side?

Give him your deadliest weapons. I’ve developed a sense of how the Saudis operate. They’ve been training the Iraqis to use EMPFAE ordnance. The munition in the video missed because the Iraqis don’t yet have the experience that Arab League strategic special operators have. But to demonstrate that they have no intention to dominate Iraq, the Saudi operators gave the Iraqis the new weapons.

Undisclosed weapon disclosed

After two misses, the Islamic State truck bomb was destroyed.

We know it wasn’t hit with a round from the M1 tank the Beast; the trajectory doesn’t match up to the gun barrel.

No, that munition was fired by the Arab League commandos attached to the Iraqi units.

It’s a missile, the engine of which registers as a single line of light. In that video, there are 24 frames per second. The missile hit the truck bomb in one frame, or 1/24th of a second. A Kornet flies at 671 miles per hour (1080 kilometers per hour); it took 2.5 seconds to hit the target area.

The unidentified missile and the Kornet traveled about the same distance. I’ll triple the time of the unidentified missile to 0.12 seconds, which is 4.8 percent of 2.5 seconds. If I’m correct, the missile was going 13,979 miles per hour (22,497 kilometers per hour) or Mach 18.

That’s why in the video below, the Syrian Democratic Forces (QSD) didn’t film the missiles hitting an Islamic State truck bomb: These are secret weapons. Listen for two sonic booms, one at 0:22 and the other at 0:27.

First smoke and debris shoot across the ground as the witnesses whistle and gasp in shock at the destructive power.

Only after the truck bomb explodes does the camera pull back.

The utterly motionless guy below is an Arab League strategic special operator.

So was the cameraman. He knew what to film and what to avoid.

Now the Arab League is lifting the veil a little. Iran and Russia are being warned. And as Colonel Steve Warren pointed out, we’re finally being sensible.

We believe that the way to defeat this enemy in such a way that the defeat will stick—so, in other words beat them so that they stay beat—we believe the key to that is for it to happen through the use of indigenous forces.

Yes. Indigenous forces armed with Israeli missiles that fly at Mach 18.

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