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Raqqa offensive is not even slightly what you think

Raqqa offensive is not even slightly what you think

The Syrian Democratic Forces (QSD) have launched an offensive on Raqqa in Syria, the Islamic State capital. Here’s the least-accurate interpretation of what’s happening.

Let’s count the ways in which this is wrong.

1. President Obama has checked out. He’s watching the clock, not taking huge gambles.

2. The US has no influence whatsoever when it comes to the QSD.

3. Arab League strategic special operators are helping the QSD.

4. The Raqqa offensive is a gigantic deception.

Yes, Raqqa is being attacked, but not in the way you think.

Raqqa will fall

Arab League strategic special operators excel at infiltration and using new weapons. The Islamic State terrorists below were killed with Israeli-Arab EMPFAE ordnance delivered by an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV).

The man filming is an Arab League strategic special operator. He infiltrated the unidentified Syrian city and called in the air strike. Since the new weapons don’t create steel fragments, they can be used on crowded streets. They kill by directed shock waves.

But there’s so much more. The Arab League has revealed something that was once a fantasy of science-fiction writers. Now it’s real. They’re using this weapon in both Iraq and Syria. I’ll show it to you in a moment.

Raqqa will be free

I don’t understand the mindset of those who cling to the old, dysfunctional ways of doing things. Kurds, Alawites, Shia, and secular Arabs have accepted help from Saudi Arabia. They don’t let sectarianism and pride dictate their actions. That makes them exceptional people.

While professional Arab League strategic special operators are attached to Syrian and Iraqi units, the Syrians and Iraqis are the ones who will get AND DESERVE the credit for defeating their enemies. The Saudis are not dictating to anyone. I know that for a fact. When the wars are over, the Syrians and Iraqis will have won them.

The Saudis and their allies have had the luxury of nonstop training for almost fifteen years now. It’s not reasonable to expect Syrians and Iraqis to do everything on their own, because they have neither the weapons nor the experience. Therefore it’s to their great credit that Syrians and Iraqis accept help from the Saudis.

Watch this video of QSD troops preparing for the Raqqa offensive.

This man (red arrow below) is a patriotic Syrian willing to fight for his country.

This man (red arrow below) is a Saudi professional strategic special operator who discreetly replaces the loaded rifle with an empty one.

The Syrian is exuberant, but he’s not had the opportunity to be trained. Look how gingerly the Saudi handles the rifle. The Syrian had his finger on the trigger. A tragedy may have been averted.

You’re just seen a Saudi protecting Syrians without making a self-aggrandizing production out of it. That’s how the Saudis are fighting in Yemen and Iraq too. Discreetly and with consideration. The SDF carries out certain missions, and the Arab League strategic special operators have different duties. Both groups are part of a whole.

Raqqa will not be destroyed

The new Israeli-Arab weapons are an order of magnitude more precise than anything ever used before.

That’s an Israeli-Arab EMPFAE munition. The flat smoke cloud is the signature. These weapons direct their force downward. They flatten.

If you turn up the volume on the Anha video, you can hear both propeller-driven UAVs and jet engines. An Arab air force dropped that munition. The US is helping, but this is an Arab League war.

Now for the science-fiction-made-real.

They’ll work in Raqqa too

Watch as an Islamic State vehicle-borne improvised explosive device (VBIED) or car bomb is destroyed in Zukhaikha, Anbar Province, Iraq.

The VBIED was targeted with new munitions. I have no idea what the launch platform is. My guess is that the munitions are autonomous. They fly around overhead and are programmed to attack targets that are not protected by identification codes.

These munitions appear out of nowhere. The sky above the oncoming VBIED is empty.

Suddenly, what look like stationary meteors are seen hovering above the VBIED.

There are two of them.

They hit the VBIED.

The red arrow shows a primary explosion; in other words, the munition itself is detonating.

Then the VBIED explodes.

The large smoke cloud is from the VBIED. Behind it is a smaller, dark-gray cloud (red arrow) from the munition that didn’t strike the VBIED.

Someone in that unit sent a “Go” signal to the munitions. These weapons react too quickly and are too accurate for humans to be piloting them, even remotely. I’m sure that specialists among the soldiers have screens on their sunglasses that show what the munitions see.

The specialists would have to be air force joint terminal attack controllers (JTACs). These are airman, but they’re attached to ground units to supervise close-air support (CAS). Arab League strategic special operators appear to be trained in all branches of the service. I’ve seen paratroopers commanding tanks and pilots who have combat frogman qualification badges.

You think I’m insane, right?

Well, here’s some footage of these munitions being used in Syria.

Raqqa is only part of the plan

The video was put out by the Syrian QSD. At the very end, we see…something. I looped it three times, and then slowed it down.

First there’s an ignition in the empty air.

It leaves a puff of smoke. This is the motor of a missile. I’m pretty sure that we’re seeing a kamikaze UAV. It flies around until it finds something to blow up, and then the high-speed rocket motor switches on. Again, a JTAC put it in “KILL” mode.

The missile flies straight down and hits a target on the ground.

Then one of the ubiquitous Flying Black Boxes of Death appears for exactly 1/30th of a second.

There are no dust particles or flies or birds in the video. That black thing took a peek after the missile hit, and then it flew off to its next assignment.

Raqqa will be fine

Most people don’t know anything about weapons. As a result, most people are easy to fool. Sunni Muslims are posting the video below, claiming that it shows Iraqi Shia and Iranians bombarding Fallujah, Iraq.

It’s fake. The munitions are exploding in midair; that means they’d be antiaircraft artillery (AAA or Triple-A) rounds with proximity fuses if they were real.

Here are genuine AAA rounds exploding as they shoot down incoming enemy rockets.

Nobody is bombarding Fallujah. The best soldiers in the world—Sunni Muslims—are going in to kill terrorists in close combat, using new weapons that were designed to virtually eliminate collateral damage.

People like this don’t help.

She’s Swiss.

In reality, the Sunni and Shia are healing their rift. Ten years from now, the most insane, dangerous Muslims will be European converts.

Every ethnic group and sect in the Middle East is returning to its roots of strength, character, and proficiency. This is the most important period in the region’s history. Middle Easterners are without question rising to the occasion.

Well done, everyone. You should all be very proud.

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