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Gradual unveiling of the new Middle East is taking place

Gradual unveiling of the new Middle East is taking place

Several months ago I began theorizing about what was happening in the Middle East. Now, the people changing the region have decided to reveal the new reality: Israel and the Arab League are allies, and Arab strategic special operators are possibly the best soldiers in human history. I came to my conclusions in a gradual way. This is because the evidence has been emerging in a gradual way.

The ramifications of the new Middle East can’t be calculated.

This wasn’t gradual

I knew immediately that the video below was fake.

The Air Force Building wasn’t destroyed with a tunnel bomb. That explosion is computer-generated imagery (CGI).

Thanks to Russia, we can see that precision aerial munitions were used.

The structures all around the former Air Force Building are totally unscathed.

Something or someone was targeted. What you’re seeing above is more science-fiction made real. Normally it takes months to prepare a multi-story building for a controlled demolition. Those who destroyed the Air Force Building in Aleppo did it with such skill that people could’ve stayed home next door and watched.

It had to have been the Arab League. My guess? A new ballistic missile.

This wasn’t gradual either

The video below is said to be a panicked retreat of Bashar al-Assad’s allies the Palestinian al-Quds Brigades, hightailing it out of Handarat Camp, north of Aleppo, on May 12, 2016.

In reality it’s an assault by Arab League professional strategic special operators.

Over 100 heavily armed, heavily armored men breached a rock wall on the left and carried out an orderly assault in two minutes and thirty seconds. They used a unique tactic to insert themselves into the battlefield. I’m not going to talk about it.

Every video I’ve seen shows that the al-Quds Brigades have no training whatsoever, and they aren’t equipped with the Level IV body armor that the men above are wearing.

Can any members of the al-Quds Brigades run as fast as the men in the “retreating” video above?

The men in the “retreating” video are some of the best soldiers I’ve ever seen. Under heavy fire, they appeared on the battlefield and broke through to the enemy rear in two minutes and thirty seconds. They took three casualties.

Imagine 10,000 men like that attacking everyone in Syria who needs to be defeated.

Well, imagine no longer. That’s exactly what’s happening.

A gradual dawning

I believe that there are almost no real Syrian rebel groups. They exist, but they don’t actually fight. Arab League and allied strategic special operators are the ones winning the war.

The group credited with filming the “retreat from Handarat” video is the Harakat Nour al-Din al-Zenki (Nour al-Din al-Zenki Movement). They put out a video that I won’t embed because I despise these brutal clowns who filmed themselves playing with the corpse of an old man conscripted into the al-Quds Brigades. All you need to know is that the video is completely phony.

There’s a grand total of twelve men in the entire city. Here’s the star.

Nobody’s actually shooting at them, but if this were a real firefight, these guys would last three seconds.

Let’s see a show of hands: Why is it suicidal to line up along a wall when advancing down an alley?

Exactly! A wall is a perfect highway for bullets. All the enemy has to do is lay his gun along the wall, and he can mow down everyone lined up like targets in a shooting gallery.

Above, I called these people “men.” I was being generous.

Another European or Australian convert, no doubt. Luckily for him, this is all playacting for the camera.

I’ve literally never seen a video that shows any Syrian rebels with military skills. When the Syrian Democratic Forces (QSD) and Jaysh al-Thuwar suddenly began mopping the earth with their enemies, I knew that professional special operators had to be involved.

Gradual implosion

The Syrian rebel videos are getting worse. I think that since the professionals are doing the hardest fighting, the stand-ins aren’t even being trained anymore. They’re just handed weapons and told to fire them.

In the Harakat Nour al-Din al-Zenki video above, a guy almost kills everybody with a rocket-propelled grenade (RPG). He stands out in the open, proving that nobody is shooting at him.

While the Paleolithic time traveler scratches his beard-fleas, someone takes the safety cap off of the RPG round.

Then the idiot shoots…

…right into a building.

He’s violently pelted with chunks of brick and cement.

The RPG round skimmed the roof of this structure.

A tad bit lower, and everyone would be dead.

Gradual cleansing

Speaking of dead, this fellow is very much so.

Mustafa Baddredine, the highest-ranking military commander of Hezbollah. Guess what did him in?

Al-Akhbar reported that Badreddine had just concluded a meeting with other commanders near the Damascus airport on Thursday night when the explosion occurred. The weapon used to kill him, the paper said, was a highly advanced one.

The newspaper claimed a guided missile exploded several meters from Badreddine. It said the majority of his injuries were internal, caused by the blast shock wave, and that only tiny amounts of shrapnel were found in his body.

Interesting! A lethal shock wave. Made by weapons that I and I alone claim exist, based on videos and patents.

But Israel did something pretty much unprecedented.

It was Arab League commandos. Come on! They’re the best infiltrators who ever lived.

Below is what Mustafa Baddredine experienced. These are al-Nusra Front terrorists, not Syrian Arab Army. Don’t feel bad for them.

That was a BGM-71 TOW antitank guided missile (ATGM) with a fuel-air explosive (FAE) warhead, a weapon not officially in any inventory. You can clearly see the cloud of vapor.

Professional commandos fired it. That was an astonishing shot. The operator honed in on the man carrying explosives in his backpack. Hitting a moving target with a TOW is incredibly difficult.

Someone asked me today what the sound of an FAE missile would make as it came toward you. I don’t think people react because they hear it.

Either they see the smoke trail, or a sixth sense tells them that their lives are about to end. Check it out: Someone fired a fuel-air explosive at those rebels.

It was a warning for them to get with the program.

Lay down your arms, everybody. It’s over. The peacemakers don’t care why you do what you do.

Stop it or die.

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