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Arab and allied troops training in the US again?

Arab and allied troops training in the US again?

Yesterday I wrote about seeing a massive number of military jet transports flying to and from US Air Force bases here in Southern California. I just heard a very lame cover story on the radio, so my conclusion is that Arab and allied special forces are conducting more exercises in preparation for the destruction of Hezbollah and the overthrow of the mullahs in Iran.

Arab and Israeli Exercise Fabius I

Exercise Fabius was the largest Allied rehearsal for D-Day, the invasion of Europe on June 6, 1944. In the summer of 2015, my brother Tim and I began to see Air France Airbus A380 jets flying over our house.


This is the route they took.

It’s the US Air Force JANET Airlines route to the Las Vegas National Security Site. Every evening, a Boeing 737 flies defense contractors from Long Beach to the Las Vegas National Security Site.

Only military aircraft are allowed on that route. Those Airbus A380s obviously came from somewhere else—not Long Beach—and vectored onto the JANET flight path over the ocean. I’m sure that they landed at Edwards Air Force Base. There’s no reason for an airliner to go to the Las Vegas National Security Site. However, Edwards is close to the US Army’s Fort Irwin National Training Center.

From July to September of 2015, at least four massive nocturnal aerial assaults were rehearsed in Apple Valley, California; Cheyenne Mountain, Colorado; Las Vegas, Nevada; and Killeen, Texas. All four of these exercises were confirmed to me by eyewitnesses, three of whom were active-duty US military. One witness is a helicopter gunship armorer, and he said that these weren’t American aircraft.

The Las Vegas witness—a US Marine—was told that the exercises were “Israel and someone else.”

All four locations have identical terrain: mountainous deserts. They also have something else in common.


Hundreds of abandoned hard-rock mines that go down far into the earth and are reinforced with concrete.

The Arab-Israeli Exercise Fabius I coincided with Exercise Jade Helm 15, a nationwide US Special Forces drill that I think was meant as a distraction. The nation went as insane over Jade Helm 15 as it’s currently going over transsexuals in bathrooms.


Fine with me. It lets the serious people train in peace.

Arab and Israeli Exercise Fabius II

Yesterday and today I’ve seen at least 100 large military jet transports fly in from the Pacific and head to either Vandenberg Air Force Base or Edwards Air Force Base. Many transports have also flown from Vandenberg to Edwards.

There’s no way to tell the origins of these aircraft. They could’ve come from anywhere. I’m sure that they flew in from the Pacific because those are predetermined military flight paths. They would also disguise the transports’ starting points.

The radio said that this was a “US military disaster-preparedness exercise.”

Baloney. I can’t find a single mention of it anywhere on the Internet, and the sheer number of aircraft indicates as many as 10,000 soldiers.

Jade Helm 15 was the largest US military exercise ever held on US soil. It comprised 1200 troops.

Below is the normal route of airliners that fly past my house to Los Angeles International Airport (LAX).

For most of today, the airliners were rerouted far to the south.

And the sky was filled with contrails.

The transports are coming in from the Pacific and landing at Vandenberg, and then they’re flying on to Edwards.

Arab fear of domination

The main reason that these exercises are taking place in the US is that the Middle East isn’t yet ready for the new reality. Recently Egypt turned two uninhabited islands back over to Saudi Arabia. Guess what happened?

Thousands of Egyptian protesters angered by President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi’s decision to hand over two islands to Saudi Arabia called on Friday for the downfall of the government, chanting a powerful slogan used in a 2011 uprising.

Sisi, who once enjoyed widespread support, has faced mounting criticism in recent months, including over his management of the economy

“The people want the downfall of the regime,” the protesters yelled outside the Cairo press syndicate, using the same phrase heard during the 2011 revolt against president Hosni Mubarak who later stepped down.

They also chanted: “Sisi Mubarak”, “We don’t want you, leave” and “We own the land and you are agents who sold our land.”

See? Most Middle Easterners are stuck in the ninth century.

These are uninhabited islands that belonged to Saudi Arabia in the first place, but Egyptians are ready to kill. Or mass rape. Over dirt. Their sense of honor requires that they murder over dirt.

It’s not possible for reasonable Arab leaders to do the sorts of things that we in the west take for granted. Centuries of tradition currently prevent it. Too many Arab opinion makers believe that the Saudis are acting in bad faith, as part of a plan to force Wahhabism on the Middle East. This fear is misplaced, although I grudgingly understand it.

I’m not a patient person. If something is as clear as day to me, I find it extremely annoying when others can’t see it.

The only people who should fear the Saudis are terrorists and the Iranian mullahs.

Not just Arab unease

English is the lingua franca of people who study military issues. I get lots of information from Arab discussion forums, Israeli discussion forums, Pakistani discussion forums, European discussion forums, Indian discussion forums, Thai discussion forums, Japanese discussion forums, Chinese discussion forums, and Russian discussion forums. Everybody fights everybody else.

Kurds and Turks post demented lies and propaganda, while Kurds seem to be loyal only to political parties. And then to top it all off, mentally ill western groupies choose sides and fanatically love or hate complete strangers.

Global lunacy.

That’s why Israel, the Arab League, and their allies have to train in the US. This is the only place on the planet where nobody with an agenda will disrupt the vital fine-tuning of the war machine that is defeating…

Forget the mainstream press. Check out these dueling headlines.

Putin has sent ground troops to help the Kurds defeat Russia’s ally Syria?

If you read reports from the region, 98 percent of it is hearsay. Almost nobody provides evidence for their claims.

Look at my post above. It’s full of photos explaining why I believe what I believe.

And here’s something else quite amazing. These guys below? They’re not Syrians.

For one thing, they can fight. That means they’re not Iranian, Iranian proxies, or Russians either. They’re not uniformed as Syrians, they advance in very open formations, they know how to conduct combined-arms assaults with air power and armor, and they’re using new weapons.

This is a main battle tank (MBT).

It fires a round.

The round almost immediately explodes in the air over an underground target.

All the force from the explosion is directed downward. The vehicles nearby are untouched.

No known tank round has this capability. You’re seeing another Israeli secret weapon.

The force from the explosion completely destroys the underground position.

This is only one of the ways that the Islamic State is being defeated, despite its tunnels.

Below is an Arab League commando in an Islamic State tunnel under of the town of Kharbardan, northern Nineveh province, Iraq.

He has night-vision goggles, a silenced rifle, a pistol in his right hand, a trench knife on his left hip, and some very important equipment essential for the Arab League approach to tunnel warfare.

Men just like the one above are collapsing tunnels in Gaza. During the 2014 war, the IDF destroyed 32 attack tunnels. Since January of 2016, fourteen have been collapsed; more importantly, men of the Hamas Nukhbah unit—the infiltrators who use the attack tunnels—are being killed as they train.

And yesterday and today, at least 10,000 Israeli, Arab League, and allied special operators began rehearsing in the US again.

Three aircraft flew the JANET route this afternoon. The final one was another Boeing C-32B.

Remember what it’s used for?

United States Air Force Special Operations Command (AFSOC) operates a small number of Boeing C-32B passenger jet aircraft, providing global airlift for U.S. government crisis response activities. These may include U.S. State Department Foreign Emergency Support Teams (FEST), which deploy in response to terrorism incidents around the world. They may also fly in support of CIA Special Activities.

This time around, the Israelis, Arab League, and their allies are training some of our people.

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