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Propaganda will eventually kill your own loved ones

Propaganda will eventually kill your own loved ones

In June of 2014, I began publicly defending Israel against the propaganda being spread all over the world. I did this because Israelis are innocent of the charges made against them. Then in March of 2015, I began defending the Arab League against the propaganda being spread about the Yemen war. I did so because the Sunni Arabs are innocent of the charges made against them. Now I find myself defending the Shia Arabs of Iraq, because they’re innocent of the charges made against them.

My purpose is to debunk all lies. In the future, the entire Middle East will be a region of peace, stability, and prosperity. By debunking propaganda, I can help—in a very small way—hasten this process.

The only ideology I follow is improvement.

Propaganda easily debunked

This video has been posted multiple times on Twitter.

It’s actually Syria, not Iraq.

Iraqi soldiers and Shia militia wear copies of the American M81 Battle Dress Uniform (BDU) with Velcro patches for a name tag, branch of service tag, and shoulder patches on the jacket.



The Iranian, Syrian Arab Army (SAA), and Hezbollah copies of the M81 BDU have no Velcro patches.





We can see that the uniformed man in the video is not wearing an Iraqi M81 BDU. It has no Velcro patches.

I’m positive that he’s an Iranian, because he wears a large, gaudy silver ring.

This is a fashion statement made by high-ranking members of the Iranian military.

General Farzad Esmayeeli

ahmad reza pourdastan


Iraqi Shia leaders almost never wear such rings.

The beating in the video took place years ago, and it didn’t happen in Iraq. I’m sure of it.

Propaganda even easier to debunk

This is another video that got posted a lot today.

It’s a complete fabrication. Those are men of the Counter Terrorism Service (CTS), and they’re 100 percent innocent of the accusation being made. Watch for yourself.

They’re firing into the entrance of a tunnel under the house. This is an explosive-ordnance disposal (EOD) team. First we see one man standing next to the opening of the tunnel shaft. At his feet, a technician wearing very heavy body armor (red arrow) examines the tunnel.

The kneeling man is equipped with a demining vest that has a very thick, high collar.

A puff of smoke or dust envelopes the kneeling man.

He gets up and backs away, and then another man shoots down into the tunnel shaft to make sure that no terrorists are hiding there.

Here’s a clear view of the tunnel opening.

While another EOD technician indulges in gallows humor, the others check the walls for explosives.

I’m neither Sunni nor Shia, so I can say that these are very, VERY brave men who don’t deserve to be accused of murder. Their probability of survival is extremely low, but they laugh in the face of death.

This is BAD propaganda

We’re told that these are Sunni civilian prisoners about to be murdered by the “Shia militiaman” taking the selfie.

Come on. This man is model, not a member of a militia.

Look at his carefully sculpted eyebrows, his neck shaved down to his chest, and his glued-on beard. It’s Iranian propaganda. The mullahs are trying to inflame Sunni Arabs so that the Iraqi government will have no choice but to ask Iran for help in pacifying the population.

Well, the Iranian strategy will fail. There are now leaders in the Middle East who don’t do things purely in the interests of their sect, tribe, or nation. And these leaders have soldiers who can accomplish anything.

The key to peace in the Middle East was creating armed forces that are invincible and altruistic. I know: It’s hard for just about everyone to believe what I just wrote, but it’s true.

Not propaganda

This one of my favorite examples of the new Arab invincibility and altruism.

A group of gunmen attacked on Saturday a convoy for militants of the Islamic State (ISIS) in Syria’s eastern Deir ez-Zor province.

“An ISIS convoy, consisting of two cars and seven militants, was carrying an ISIS Emir (prince) in Deir ez-Zor, before being attacked by an anonymous group of gunmen,” a member of the “Deir ez-Zor Is Being Slaughtered Silently” campaign told ARA News, speaking on condition of anonymity.

Five ISIS militants were killed in the attack, including the jihadi Emir, while two others were injured before the gunmen escaped the Ghassan Aboud square, where the incident took place on Saturday evening.

“The gunmen, who have crossed the ISIS security checkpoints and infiltrated into the city of Deir ez-Zor, are most likely members of the local Arab al-Sheitaat tribe,” the source reported.

No. The killers were Arab League professional strategic special operators. They avoided the Syrian Arab Army blockade of the city and made it through multiple Islamic State checkpoints.

This is where they carried out the ambush.

There’s no cover anywhere. These men killed an Islamic State emir in the heart of a city controlled by the Islamic State, and then the gunmen got away.

As you saw above, I don’t care who the person is: If he’s brave and honorable, I’ll debunk propaganda that besmirches him.

It’s not propaganda to tell you that the Arab League will bring about peace in the Middle East, with your help or without it. I’m convinced that there’s no ulterior motive behind the Saudi effort to stop the wars.

Saudi Arabia is acting in its own national interests, of course, but those interests are the same as those of everyone else in the region. It’s a new era. These are NOT American helicopters below.

That was an Arab League air assault. Strategic special forces carried out a mission. The Pentagon is very clear that Americans are not fighting in Iraq.

In September of 2015, 1000 Qatari special forces, 30 Qatari AH-64 Apache gunships, and 200 Qatari armored vehicles disappeared. In December of 2015, a battalion of Kuwaiti artillerymen disappeared. Senegalese, Pakistani, Malaysian, Mauritanian, Eritrean, Egyptian, and Emirati special-operations forces went to Saudi Arabia and vanished. We don’t even know what kinds of weapons they use.


All I can tell you is that soon everyone in the Middle East will be free to determine the directions of their own lives. The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.

And armed forces that can’t be defeated.

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